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3 Cities. Hanover, Germany Poznan, Poland Bristol, England.

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1 3 Cities

2 Hanover, Germany Poznan, Poland Bristol, England

3 45 Young People

4 1 Film


6 This project is an international Film Making Project incorporating 3 youth exchanges The project started in July 2008 and finishes with our final exchange in October 2009 The project has been funded by Youth in Action, Europeans for Peace, Bristol City Council, Bristol International Airport, Bristol Hanover Association Bristol City Council has worked in partnership with Calling the Shots and the City Academy

7 What do I wish I knew before I took the project on? Applications and Money Differences in legislation Peoples expectations Impact on work and family life

8 What would I change if I did a project like this again? Pass on some of my other work commitments Change the project to Multilateral Make someone an equal partner in Bristol Meet with partners to discuss their vision of the project

9 What have been the positive bits for young people? Working closely with each other and forming good relationships with staff and young people The chance to visit Germany and Poland The chance to really have their say in what happens in the project The chance to meet new people Trying to learn two new languages Making a Film

10 What have been the best bits for me? Developing international relationships Working with young people from different nationalities Expanding my application writing skills Learning how long it takes to make a film Visiting two beautiful cities Seeing the young people build strong and lasting friendships with each other Project Management

11 Has it all been worth it and would I do it again?

12 Yes – definitely

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