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1 BOB IN EUROPE PIETER DE NEVE Communications Department BIVV-IBSR


3 3 BOB CAMPAIGN: DEVELOPMENT IBSR and Arnoldus* have been joining efforts since 1995 to prevent accidents due to drink driving December 1995: birth of Bob = person (male or female) that does not drink when he/she has to drive * The Arnoldus Group was founded in 1992 at the initiative of the Confederation of Belgian Breweries (C.B.B.). Its purpose is to fight alcohol abuse and to promote the responsible use of alcohol.

4 4 BOB CAMPAIGN: DEVELOPMENT INNOVATIVE ELEMENTS: –For the first time, a name is used to indicate the designated driver (personification is stressed!) –No fear induction, but a positive approach; Bob is the hero of the evening –Bob offers a usable solution for people going out by car and wanting to drink

5 – 1997: Introduction of the Bob character 1998,1999: Positive endorsement 2000 – 2003: Creative allusions 2003 – 2007: Return to core values BOB CAMPAIGN: EVOLUTION

6 6 Even though the campaign strategy has been subject to evolution, some elements have remained unchanged since 1995: -Importance of choosing a Bob before the party starts -Taking turn: Bob can be anybody and should not always be the same person -Bob is not the looser of the evening (the one that cant drink) but the hero of the evening (the one that drives his friends home safely) BOB CAMPAIGN: EVOLUTION

7 7 ENFORCEMENT INTEGRATED APPROACH: AWARENESS RAISING and ENFORCEMENT Awareness raising: creativity, above and below (targeted actions) e.g. below: action in pubs, Bob van, Bob parties, … Enforcement: objective and subjective risk of being caught TARGET GROUP: especially young drivers (18+), male and female

8 8 It is of the utmost importance that the awareness campaign is backed by a sufficient amount of police checks, because Effectiveness = awareness raising + enforcement Obviously fewer controls campaign less successful To increase the campaigns credibility, a subjective and objective risk should exist that the driver gets caught. ENFORCEMENT

9 9 MAIN RESULTS Bob is very well known (96% of the population!) and has become a popular icon. Bob became the symbol of the fight against drink driving. The word Bob got through to everyday language (it is even mentionned in the Dutch dictionary!) Bob is active all year round and not only during the year- end period The initiative is highly appreciated: 96% considers the Bob concept to be a good or even excellent initiative Bob has certainly contributed to make drink-driving socially unacceptable (change of behaviour)


11 HISTORY 2000: a Bob-campaign is run in Zeeland, (NL, neighbouring province to B) inspired by the success of the concept in Belgium 2001: Bob is mentioned as best practice in the White Book on the European transport policy untill : first Euro-Bob campaign with co-funding by the European Commission in Belgium, France, Greece and The Netherlands

12 European countries with a designated driver campaign in 2001

13 European countries with a designated driver campaign in 2002

14 European countries with a designated driver campaign in 2003

15 European countries with a designated driver campaign in 2004

16 TO BOB OR NOT TO BOB? Use of the name Bob: Belgium and The Netherlands Other denominations: Greece (Not tonight) France (Capitaine de soirée) Portugal (100% cool) Denmark (Cab driver) UK (Des) Poland (Krzys) but concept is always: DESIGNATED DRIVER

17 GUIDELINES FOR IMPLEMENTING A BOB CAMPAIGN Protect Bob from use by commercial companies (Bob wants to stay clean, therefore no link between Bob and a commercial brand, Bob is a non-profit message and needs to remain as it is) Hold the legal rights (copy rights) Outlines the features of the concept (designated driver, taking turn, positive valorisation of the non-drinker, no fear induction)

18 18 GENERAL CONCLUSIONS Bob, as designated driver campaign, is a very effective and efficient awareness raising strategy: 97% knows what Bob stands for Bob has entered the every day language drinking and driving has become socially unacceptable Enforcement is an essential element to change drivers behaviour – importance of subjective risk of being caught.

19 19 GENERAL CONCLUSIONS Importance of evaluation tools: needed to measure effectiveness and to determine future strategy Important role of the European Commission (financing, harmonization, …)

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