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Byzantium Becomes the New Rome

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1 Byzantium Becomes the New Rome


3 Western Rome EASTERN ROME Byzantine

4 Capital = Constantinople Continued as the New ROME
EASTERN ROME Capital = Constantinople Continued as the New ROME Kings saw themselves to still be considered ROMAN emperors


6 Constantinople Survived because it was far away from the Germanic tribe invasions It was the crossroads of trade so it was successful Preserved Greco-Roman culture

7 Justinian Justinian was a serious emperor who worked from dawn to midnight He helped rebuild and re-conquer Rome Had ABSOLUTE POWER = controlled both government and church


9 Byzantine Under Justinian
He wanted a re-conquest of the Roman territories that were lost through Germanic invasions

10 Justinian’s Accomplishments
Sent Best general Belisarius to take North Africa from the Vandals 2 Years later Belisarius took Rome back from the Ostrogoths Justinian won back nearly all the territory Rome used to rule.

11 Justinian Code Justinian set up a panel of legal experts to look through 400 years of Roman law. Some laws were outdated Justinian wanted to create a single, uniform code This became known as the Justinian Code that was used for 900 years after his death

12 Justinian Expands Trade
The main street that ran through Constantinople was called the MESE which means “Middle Way” It ran from the imperial palace to the outer walls

13 Justinian Expands Trade
There was a giant open-air market where shoppers could buy Tin from England Wine from France Cork from Spain Ivory and gold from Africa


15 Byzantium Preserves Learning
Families valued education Sent children to monastic or public schools Hired private tutors Greek and Latin grammar, philosophy and rhetoric They preserved Greek and Roman great works

16 Justinian’s Building Program
Launched the most ambitious public building program the Roman world had ever seen. City protected by a deep moat, and three walls that were 25 feet thick City coast was surrounded by a 14-mile stone wall

17 The Hagia Sophia Justinians’ most splendid building
Christian church later taken by the Muslims



20 In 1054 A.D., the Orthodox Christian
Church officially split from the Roman Catholic Church in the Great Schism

21 Byzantine Influence on Russia
The Byzantine Empire greatly influenced Russia. Byzantine missionaries established Orthodox Christian churches in Russia. Byzantine missionaries even created an alphabet, the Cyrillic alphabet, to write the Bible in Russian.

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