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Revolutionary Literature Persuasive Literature And The American Revolution.

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2 Revolutionary Literature Persuasive Literature And The American Revolution

3 Review Native American Lit- Pictographs & oral storytelling Stories were used to explain creation and natural events. Humans are equal with nature

4 Puritan Literature They want to follow the purity of the Bible. People had to follow many rules and obey church leaders. Literature- sermons, diary, journal Theocracy=government based on a religion Democracy=government by man

5 The American Revolution 1775-1783 American colonists revolt against unfair taxes and laws. Many want to break from British rule.

6 The American Revolution Cont... “Give me liberty or give me death!” Patrick Henry, the most famous orator (speaker) of the American Revolution, delivered a fiery speech to the Virginia delegates of the need fight England. “Speech in the Virginia Convention” led to The Declaration of Independence” and life and freedoms as we know it today.

7 The Political Pamphlet The most common and popular type of literature The most famous one was Thomas Paine’s Common Sense that sold over 100,000 copies in its first 3 months of publication.

8 Powerful Persuasion Most literature was persuasive trying to get people to understand –The wrongdoings of the British Government –How America was to rebuild after the Revolution

9 Important Revolutionary Literature The most important pieces of literature: “Speech in the Virginia Convention” by Patrick Henry “The Declaration of Independence” drafted by Thomas Jefferson “What is an American” by Michael-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur

10 What is an American? After the Revolutionary War, a definition of what the term “American” means was needed. We will read a section of “What is an American?” by Jean de Crevecoeur You will also write your own definition essay about your idea of what the term “American” means to you.

11 4 Rhetorical Techniques Used to Persuade an audience: Repetition of a phrase Parallelism or Parallel Structure Rhetorical Questions Appeals- Pathos- emotional – (It “feels” right.) Logos- logical – (It makes good business sense.) Ethos- ethical – (It is the fair and honest choice.)

12 Types of Appeal (persuasion) Ethos Ethical appeal Based on credibility of the speaker Sense of right and wrong Pathos Emotional Appeal, vivid language, appeals to your feelings Logos Logical appeal, statistics, facts, quotes A trusted doctor tells you that driving with sunglasses at night is safe. Every time you throw away unwanted food, three children die from starvation. 3 out of 4 parents choose Jiff peanut butter for their children.


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