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Library The Web of Science, Bibliometrics and Rankings 23 November 2011.

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1 Library The Web of Science, Bibliometrics and Rankings 23 November 2011

2 Library Web of Knowledge (Institute for Scientific Information) ISI Web of Science Web of Science top tab (default) –Reference guide (11 languages)Reference guide

3 Library Bibliography-building Searching & Citations Topic Author Cited references Breakout (eg. by year) Export Times cited Citation report h-Index Search history Alerts Mapping citations Scientific Web beta

4 Library Phrase definition & authors Phrase Searching eg. inflation targeting finds records containing this exact phrase Parentheses Use parentheses to group compound statements. For example: (Eurozone OR Euro) AND (inflation targeting) Author Name Enter the last name first, followed by a space and up to five initials. - Artis M* finds: Artis M, Artis JM, Artis Michael &c. - Artis finds all authors with the last name Artis

5 Library h-Index Developed by Jorge E. Hirsch 'An index to quantify an individuals scientific research output'An index to quantify an individuals scientific research output – Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 102 (46) November, 2005

6 Library Calculation H-index of 7 means there are 7 items that have 7 citations or more. "This metric is useful because it discounts the disproportionate weight of highly cited papers or papers that have not yet been cited."

7 Library Institutional Search Rankings Times Higher Education –2011 World University Rankings2011 World University Rankings Using 'Advanced Search' OG= Organisation

8 Library World University Rankings World University Rankings Times Higher Education, 6 October 2011 The Learning Environment (30%) Citations / Research Influence (30%) Research volume, income, reputation (30%) International outlook: people, research (7.5%) Industry Income: innovation (2.5%) pp.28-29, Times Higher Education rankings supplement, 6 October 2011

9 Library Some Caveats: international coverage The journal selection process –"Many excellent regional journals target a local, rather than an international, audience. Therefore, the emphasis on extensive international diversity is less than for internationally focused journals."

10 Library Caveats… Main articles sometimes mis-classified as reviews Language coverage – diacritic errors in citation 'Web of Science' does not correct/change metadata Abstracts only since 1992 Not all series are indexed – eg. NBER Author names – variations Citation because of controversial or bad science

11 Library Upgrades –Book Citation IndexBook Citation Index –Scientific Web Plus (beta) in development Top right of records' screen –More normalisation for disciplines –Collaboration indicators (geo/institutional)

12 Library Bibliometrics Data about publications Citation patterns Impact factors Quantitative analysis

13 Library Bibliometrics Usage Funding authorities University administrators Information science Scientific competitiveness –eg. UNESCO Science ReportUNESCO Science Report As indicators in core research Bibliometrics as a sub-discipline

14 Library Academic Communication Paper and Electronic Books & e-Books Journals & e-Journals – licensed/open access Advanced OA / Web dissemination Example of PLoS article (Nov. 2011)Example of PLoS article

15 Library A 'pre-print' book 2012 Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy by Kathleen FitzpatrickPlanned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy First: available for comment on Media CommonsMedia Commons For publication: January 2012January 2012

16 Library Bibliometrics – Google Scholar Google Scholar citation counts eg: October 2011 –Digital Impact Factors of Economics JournalsDigital Impact Factors of Economics Journals

17 Library Metrics for University Repositories? European University Institute Cadmus Federated Repositories Nereus Institutional Metrics ROAR

18 Library New kinds of metrics Webometrics of World's Universities –RankingsRankings –CCHSCCHS

19 Library Blog metrics August 2011: – David McKenzie and Berk Özler The Impact of Economic Blogs

20 Library Crowdsourced research impact Reader Meter –Based on data from MendeleyMendeley –Methodology at 'About' on homepagehomepage

21 Library The Debate LSE Impact of Social Sciences blogImpact of Social Sciences eg: Björn Brembs (Berlin) 9 Nov. 2011Björn Brembs

22 Library A Network Approach A network approach Science mapping Map of JSTOR database by discipline

23 Library The Web of Science, Bibliometrics and Rankings 23 November 2011

24 Library

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