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Sybille Schnehage, Katachel e. V.

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1 Sybille Schnehage, Katachel e. V.
In addition, climate change has led to increased desertification. Therefore, the lack of clean drinking water has become a serious problem. Wells fell dry, new wells were not built and the population resigned itself to fetch their drinking water from muddy and polluted rivers or irrigation ditches. Sybille Schnehage, Katachel e. V. Union for Humanitarian Aid in Afghanistan

2 Because of the war, there are lots of widows who need help in the region of Kunduz. They don't have the money to feed their children. We support them with sponsorships. German families pay 26 EUR a month, and that's enough for one widow to feed herself and her children. In this way, these children can also go to school We have more than 300 german sponsorships for widows and their children

3 The new lyceum-building with the computer center

4 Create sustainable jobs that build capacity of women and men
Shoe- and tent-factory Fish ponds Honey production Orthopedic center Soap-Factory Woolen blankets Knitt machine-project

5 We have qualified people who have crafted 150 tents to serve as schools and for wedding parties…

6 … and 2000 pairs of shoes per year, sales price 8 dollar per pair

7 3 fish ponds and a training programm for young men

8 20.000 fishes improve the nutrition situation

9 Cotton processing - oil and cotton

10 Soap production by women from locally grown cotton-oil, with our oil press, the cotton is used for matrasses

11 Woolen blankets for wintertime

12 Long term commitment is needed Development projects build trust
Lessons Learned Long term commitment is needed Development projects build trust Cooperation promotes peace initiatives Afghanistan needs Infrastructure projects Education programs Supporting measures to strengthen self-help A lot of patience

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