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Industrial Revolution Web quest

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1 Industrial Revolution Web quest
Answer Key

2 Horrors of the Workplace
Britain's invention of the power loom and spinning Jenny come to the US; the War of 1812 forces the US to make it’s own goods; Eli Whitney invents the cotton gin Many women and girls leave the farms to work in mills; the factory system spread; cities had problems of crime, pollution.

3 Child Labor Children began working between ages 7-12.
Women and children were hired before adults because they could be paid a lot less.

4 Life in the City Buildings that the poor lived in were called tenements. In cities, people threw their garbage and sewage into the streets.

5 The Players Cornelius Vanderbilt: made most of his money controlling the railroads. Andrew Carnegie: made his money in the steel industry. J.P. Morgan: made his money in banking. John D. Rockefeller: made his money in the oil industry.

6 The Players A trust is a group of corporations controlled by the same board of directors. Laissez faire means that the government does not get involved in business. Trusts and monopolies end competition; they give businesses no reason to keep prices low; huge trusts have too much economic and political power.

7 Labor The four main concerns of the Knights of labor were: an 8 hour work day; equal pay for equal work; child labor and the graduated income tax. The down side, is that they excluded workers who were immigrants, mainly Chinese, because they felt they needed to protect American workers and their jobs.

8 Working Conditions A typical work day was between 12-14 hours.
Workers who got hurt were fired.

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