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Case Studies - March 2011 1 Englefield House

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1 Case Studies - March 2011 1 Englefield House

2 Case Studies - March 2011 2 Englefield village

3 Case Studies - March 2011 3 Englefield (continued) Englefield House Polo stables

4 Case Studies - March 2011 4 Englefield (continued)

5 Case Studies - March 2011 5 Princes Risborough Development site owned by the SE Regional Development Agency

6 Case Studies - March 2011 6 Princes Risborough (continued) Ercol furniture factory Development site owned by the SE Regional Development Agency

7 Case Studies - March 2011 7 Hughenden Manor Former home of famous UK Prime Minister – Disraeli Now owned by the National Trust, open for public visits and their regional headquarters

8 Case Studies - March 2011 8 Hughenden Manor Potential for self supply Hughenden Manor Woodfuel Production site

9 Case Studies - March 2011 9 Hughenden Manor Boiler to be installed in former apple store

10 Case Studies - March 2011 10 Hughenden Manor – outcome: Boiler house converted from old apple store. New Chip bunker built alongside boiler house in local vernacular. Specification 220kW Froling boiler supplied and installed by Econergy. Fuel – G50 W30 45m3 fuel store – top loaded 4000l buffer tank 75mm diameter flow and return district heating pipes to mansion house (holding 1500l) Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger Kieback & Peter / Syxthsense BMS control system

11 Case Studies - March 2011 11 Hughenden Manor – outcome: Woodchip supply: Chip bunker designed to take advantage of the landform Delivery via tipper trailer or lorry with easy access from car park Easy open doors to chip bunker Delivery bunker protected by grill Bunker designed so that chips are dropped in the centre of the store allowing up to 80% of the 45m 3 capacity to be used easily Chips supplied from a converted barn on Small Dean farm on the estate. Chips currently bought in but harvesting, seasoning and chipping programme is proceeding to allow estate to supply its own fuel needs

12 Case Studies - March 2011 12 Hughenden Manor – supply chain:

13 Case Studies - March 2011 13 Hall Barn Estate

14 Case Studies - March 2011 14 Hall Barn Estate

15 Case Studies - March 2011 15 Hall Barn Estate

16 Case Studies - March 2011 16 Full sustainability? Mureck - Austria

17 Case Studies - March 2011 17 Woodwises tractor based harvester in Sussex, England Finnish technology introduced to England: (Valtra tractor, Botex 8m boom and Keto harvester head.) Versatile and well suited to small woods with high environmental sensitivity Compact harvester head with tracked rollers well suited broadleaf and even coppice

18 Case Studies - March 2011 18 Woodheat for the community Straden, Austria Local farmers sell woodheat to the villagers of Straden: Boiler house is built into the hillside Chip store takes advantage of the landform to allow easy delivery by tipping trailer; Large accumulator tank to optimise boiler efficiency; and Solar thermal panels provide heat in summer

19 Case Studies - March 2011 19 Woodheat for Schools St Margarethen, Austria Local farmers sell woodheat to local primary & secondary schools: Rent basement rooms and install: Fuel bunker, and Two woodfuel boilers (providing flexibility to address varied load while maintaining optimal boiler efficiency) Note: Farmers are not planning further developments as this system uses all the wood they produce from their own woods, if they had to buy woodfuel on the open market the business model would be less attractive Access to chip bunker Agitator arms to push woodchips to auger feed for boilers

20 Case Studies - March 2011 20 High technology woodchipping from Komptech, Austria Mobile high capacity woodchipping from Komptech System has both shute and elevator delivery of woodchips. Elevator is more energy efficient, quieter and could be fitted to a woodchip delivery vehicle to allow easy delivery to above ground chip stores

21 Case Studies - March 2011 21 And for that oversized log! If there is the odd large log which is no use as timber It can be made smaller to fit the chipper!

22 Case Studies - March 2011 22 Biomass Trade Centre Waldstein, Austria The concept of the Biomass Trade Centre is an effective way to store, dry and retail a range of woodfuel types Here wood is seasoned over a summer reducing moisture content from 50% to about 30% (by overall weight) in the open air and chipped (as illustrated in previous slides) by a contract chipper. Ventilating fan Ventilated floor of chip store If a lower moisture content is needed then ambient air can be blown through the woodchip store via a vented floor

23 Case Studies - March 2011 23 Biomass Trade Centre Hartberg, Austria Firewood is cut and seasoned in metal cages. Buyers pay on basis of energy value assessed by weight and moisture content (buyers select three logs from cage and these are tested using a moisture meter)

24 Case Studies - March 2011 24 Biomass Trade Centre Woodchip delivery Ideally woodchips will be delivered using a tipping trailer (as this keeps costs down). However, for those sites where access to the chip bunker is restricted woodchips can be delivered pnuematically. But this is noisy, time consuming and costly – so void if you can!

25 Case Studies - March 2011 25 A typical opportunity? Forestry Commission, Bedgebury, England

26 Case Studies - March 2011 26 Thank you

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