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Dr. Nike Krajnc Slovenian forestry institute 9.3.2011.

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1 Dr. Nike Krajnc Slovenian forestry institute 9.3.2011

2 Is a country in Central Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. It covers an area of 20,273 square kilometres (7,827 sq mi) and has a population of 2.05 million. The capital and largest city is Ljubljana.countryCentralEuropeAlps MediterraneanLjubljana

3 More than 60 % of land covered with forestsMixed forests prevailMore than 70 % of forests are private ownedAverage forest estate less than 2,5 haMore than 30 % of apartments heated with woodWood processing industry in decline

4 Forest biomass: 900.000 m 3 - 1.300.000 m 3 Non forest potentials: 300.000 m 3 Available and sustainable potential of WB Data from WISDOM (FAO project)

5 Yearly production of round wood is estimated around 4.000.000 m 3 Production should increase in next years Source of data: MAFF, SFI


7 After 2004 is increasingSawlogs – main market is AustriaWood fuel– main market is Italy Source of data: SORS, SFI)

8 After 2004 import of industrial roundwood decreasing, wood fuel increasing (from SEE countries) Source of data: SORS, SFI

9 Source of data: (SORS, SFI) Use of wood biomass in different sectors in Slovenia (2009)

10 Source of data: SORS, Number of households using wood for heating and number of households that produces wood biomass by them selfs

11 25 % of RES by 2020 At the moment 16 % of RES in final energy consumption


13 High investments and long pay – beck periods Supply chains Little development in public sector (no money for investments) Social aspects (forest owners dont like to work together or invest together) Low support from policy It is still not very clear where and how to get quality wood chips (transparent market)

14 Slovenian forestry institute

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