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Danube transfer center Bratislava FEI STU Ing. Peter Linhardt, PhD.,

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1 Danube transfer center Bratislava FEI STU Ing. Peter Linhardt, PhD.,
Development of the Danube Technology Transfer Centre Bratislava FEI STU as a flagship project of the Danube Strategy Danube transfer center Bratislava FEI STU Ing. Peter Linhardt, PhD.,

2 DTC Bratislava Established DTC BA Ltd at June 2013 as result of the letter of commitment, signed by Steinbeis Europa Center and FEI STU Bratislava , at November 2012, in Regensburg, Germany DTC BA stakeholders: STU Scientific s.r.o., daughter company of STU Employees of FEI STU Advisory board Faculty top management, ZEP Slovakia, Steinbeis Europa center, Stuttgart, FIIT STU, Scientific STU DTC Bratislava

3 New growth in industry through Business model innovation
Strategic Target New growth in industry through Business model innovation Business model management as an integrative approach Business model aligning the Danube strategy goals but not interfering existing university know how transfer methods and pathways 1. project DTC Bratislava

4 Business model innovation
Innovation is the invention of new ways doing business, aimed to provide new and increase the existing values for the customers, company and the stakeholders, DTC Bratislava

5 Importance of BM innovation
Forms major element of differentiation and sustainable competitive advantage Is fundamental to the subject performance Means to adapt to the rapidly changing environment and seize opportunities Key to the commercialization of new technologies DTC Bratislava

6 DTC Strategic direction
Universal coverage and working radius Unique value proposition Very high professional services Long term activity Potential of growth High recognition DTC Bratislava

7 Strategic goals Rapid change and improvement of project management culture Solution based on services without need of investment and care for infrastructure Service with solution coverage from SME’s up to the national large size projects Answer to the huge demand in all segments DTC Bratislava

8 Technology and know-how
Cloud based solution, high security Best of the bread on the market – MS Project on line on top of Share point, Smart sheet, My box - tools for team collaboration Services, fine tuned and tailored according the customer needs Solution, client for PM, partner organization, surveillance No need for |HW, SW, infrastrucutre DTC Bratislava

9 Roadmap Establishing the DTC Bratislava
Positioning and recognition, PIC, PR Consortium of strategic key partners, major players, experienced and proven : DTC Bratislava, leading universities of the capital, Microsoft Slovakia, BUPSTM, Slovak society for project management, IT Partners DTC Bratislava

10 Contribution of regions & authorities
Organizations, providing call for projects, should introduce in calls for proposal the conditions for the applicants: proof of experience and know how, references in project management (certification of PMs) Requirement and obligation to use the ICT tools for support of project management, project preparation, planning, monitoring, control and for the documentation storage Ministries, EU, regional and local governments - call initiators DTC Bratislava

11 Putting strategy in its place
DTC Bratislava

12 Cluster services Project planning User access & rights concept
Project managers coaching Risk, issue solving support Project planning and design, optimization Data storage concept Project progress entry Monitoring, reporting Optional outsourcing of PM DTC Bratislava

13 Benefits for DTC Bratislava
Recognition by proper PR Acknowledgment by partners Alliance with universities, industry, SMEs, government, regional structures Financial independence Partnership for future projects and know how transfer activities Mastering colaborative tools and PM DTC Bratislava

14 Benefits for partners Better and professional project preparation, resources planning, scheduling Effective project management Better chances to accomplish project in planned time, quality and outputs On line overview the project tasks, costs status, resources utilization Minimization of communication overhead among the project partners, authorities DTC Bratislava

15 Benefits for project team members
Effective collaboration of all members of a project team, clients, suppliers Team collaboration in preparation, editing, approval of project related documents Automated generation and management of task, termini, warnings DTC Bratislava

16 Summary DTC driven professional activity, targeted to improve the results, quality and results of project activity of project applicants, SMEs , University teams by introducing ICT tolls as service, professional support and collaborative environment Safe, cloud oriented, future proof, professional solution for project management & ITC support DTC Bratislava

17 Thank you for your time and attention
Peter Linhardt DTC Bratislava DTC Bratislava

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