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Case Studies - March 2011 1 CASE STUDIES.

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1 Case Studies - March 2011 1 CASE STUDIES

2 Case Studies - March 2011 2 The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. the European Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein

3 Case Studies - March 2011 3 Wood is a little like crude oil, it can be refined into different products, each of which suites a particular use – just like diesel or petrol Conventional logs Wood Chips Wood Pellets Woodfuel types:

4 Case Studies - March 2011 4 Conventional Logs Convenient as long as you dont mind loading the systems and superb if you have your own woodland

5 Case Studies - March 2011 5 Wood burning stoves: Many types and styles available Stove Industries Alliance: estimate that in the UK: 160,000 stoves were fitted last year, 140,000 the year before, and 186,000 the year before that!

6 Case Studies - March 2011 6 Flint cottage – courtesy Thames Valley Energy Following the loss of his thatched cottage to fire, Keith Richards, director of Thames Valley Energy applied the knowledge he has gained over many years to create an exemplar home heated with both woodfuel and solar panels. Solar voltaics also provide the electricity

7 Case Studies - March 2011 7 Flint cottage (continued) Wood fuel provides all hot water and space heating in winter A combination of wood fuel and solar thermal work in the spring and autumn Solar thermal provides all hot water in the summer

8 Case Studies - March 2011 8 Flint cottage (continued) A good thermal store is critical Solar thermal generates a third of hot water needed (5.1 kWth) Multifuel stove/ back boiler generates remaining space heat needs to a maximum of 19.2kWth 4kWe immersion heaters provide frostating and emergency back up

9 Case Studies - March 2011 9 Flint cottage (continued) Solar Voltaic PV generates 60 - 70% electricity needs (3.06kWp)

10 Case Studies - March 2011 10 Batch Boilers: Load once a day and draw heat from accumulator 30kW for 4 bed semi Installed for £7,000 Uses > 12 tonnes of wood per year Technology is ever more sophisticated – Austrian KWB batch boiler

11 Case Studies - March 2011 11 Rodmell Community Firewood Local people were frustrated by the poor quality and cost of woodfuel available locally. They are setting up their own community woodfuel scheme. WhS linked them to a local estate to supply cord wood for conversion into logs, seasoning and delivery by the woodfuel group

12 Case Studies - March 2011 12 Communal heating Bruderhof community in East Kent Whole community is involved in processing and seasoning the woodfuel and loading the boiler

13 Case Studies - March 2011 13 Wood pellets Offer the convenience of an oil fired boiler, require less space and cope well with varied loads – but the fuel costs more than logs or chips

14 Case Studies - March 2011 14 Wood Pellet systems: Many types available Technology is ever more sophisticated – Austrian KWB pellet boiler. System designed to pneumatically draw a batch of pellets from an external pellet store (similar to a heating oil tank in the garden)

15 Case Studies - March 2011 15 Woodchips Well suited to medium heat users but require space and easy access for the woodchip storage. Particularly well suited to farms and estates with their own woodland and farm equipment to facilitate self supply.

16 Case Studies - March 2011 16 Village scale woodheat: West Dean

17 Case Studies - March 2011 17 West Dean – district heating network

18 Case Studies - March 2011 18 Great Higham Farm Converted to holiday accommodation and heat provided by woodfuelled district heating system Woodheat on the farm: Torry Hill Estate Former buildings converted into holiday lets, swimming pool built and all linked to district heating system Boiler house located for ease of fuel delivery 350kW boiler with buffer tank to balance load and programmable computer control Fuel store located for ease of access; plenty of space adjacent to stack wood for drying and then chip directly into the hopper = minimises handling and maximises efficiency

19 Case Studies - March 2011 19 Community woodheat: Hoathly Hill Community Residential community of 27 homes and about 70 people Heating originally by Calor gas Set up their own woodfuelled district heating system in 2007 See their Blog:

20 Case Studies - March 2011 20 Lessons learnt by the community Invest in efficiency works first Invest in other renewables together e.g. electricity Beware of in-experienced M&E consultants Much cheaper for new build than retrofit Try to get more capital in up-front to reduce loan costs Insist on good post-commissioning support It will take a year bed-in, fine-tune and learn

21 Case Studies - March 2011 21 Boiler House Two 500kW Herz boilers squeezed into the old boiler room providing the base load for a district heating system for the whole site. Max load cover from another MW of oil Adj primary school which may be added to heat main in due course. Theres another off to the NE Chip store Beacon Community College, Crowborough, East Sussex

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