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Union of Slovak Clusters

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1 Union of Slovak Clusters
Union of Slovak Clusters benefits to Slovak clusters and cluster policy Daniel Ács

2 Some facts established in August 2010 10 members (3 bronze clusters)

3 Priorities 1) National cluster policy
to establish environment for clusters in Common Strategic Framework 2014 – (cluster as an eligible applicant of EU funds) 2) Networking and international partnerships support of clusters for international projects within Danube Strategy transfer of information and knowledge from EU cluster policies and projects support of cluster internationalisation a partnership development promotion of clusters and their projects in international networks

4 Projects Involved in 3 international projects:
ClusterPoliSEE – South-East Europe CluStrat – Central Europe NoGap – 7FP Applications: V4 clusters – Visegrad Fund PhotoClust4SME - 7FP

5 Activities Danube Strategy
SC member of Priority area 8 „Competitiveness and cluster development “ member of the National committee for Priority area 7 „Knowledge society“ Programming period member of working group „Partnership for Cohesion policy“

6 Other activities JRC initiative „Scientific support of the Danube Strategy“ S3 Database water, air. land and soil, bioenergy technology transfer ?? European Institute for Innovation and Technology – Knowledge and Innovation Communities European Innovation Partnership – clusters in RDP? Danube Programme

7 president of the Union of Slovak Clusters
... stay with us Daniel Ács president of the Union of Slovak Clusters

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