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CNGrid: Progress, achievements, and prospects Prof. Qian Depei Director, Sino-German Joint Software Institute (JSI) Beihang University

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1 CNGrid: Progress, achievements, and prospects Prof. Qian Depei Director, Sino-German Joint Software Institute (JSI) Beihang University Beijing, June 21, 2005

2 Overview of CNGrid A key project supported by the National High-Tech R&D Program (the 863 program), continued effort to the previous HPCE project 4-year project 100 million fund from the Chinese government (MOST) Two to three times more associated funds from local governments, application organizations, and industry

3 Major tasks of the project Developing a test-bed for the new information infrastructure China National Grid (CNGrid) About 8 grid nodes across the country Interconnected by available networks Developing a 4TFlops high performance computer for the grid Developing a set of grid software to support grid applications and grid operation and management Developing several application grids Productive systems Demonstration of the future grid applications

4 Fund distribution Testbed: 10 million HPC: 40 million Software: 12 million Application: 27 million Strategic study and integration: 5 million Supporting center: 3 million Other: 3 million

5 Guidelines of the project Application driven The most important driving force to the research Technological leaping Emphasizing patents and standards

6 Guidelines and strategies of the project (con.) Multilateral cooperation Funds from 863 program Local government Application organizations Industry Cooperation of Research teams Application teams Management people Focus on the grid Complementary research efforts Integration into the grid testbed

7 The R&D supported 25 projects are supported so far The strategic and integration technology study testbed(9 teams) Grid software (1 team) Application grids (11 teams) High performance computers (2 teams) Testing of software and HPC (2 teams)

8 Task 1: Grid test-bed development Building the China National Grid (CDGrid) Eight nodes across the country CAS Network Center (Beijing, major node) Shanghai Supercomputer Center (Shanghai, major node Tsinghua University (Beijing) Institute of Applied Physics and computational science (Beijing) University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, Anhui) Xi an Jiaotong University (Xi an, Shaanxi) NUDT (Changsha) Hong Kong University (Hongkong) CNGrid operation and supporting center (CAS Network Center)

9 Resource Requirement Major nodes >1 Tflops Equipped with the HPC developed by the project Ordinary nodes >100GFlops Machines provided by the organization supporting the node

10 grid nodes across China Hefei Xian Beijing Changsha Shanghai Hong Kong

11 CNGrid operation & support center Based on the Computer Network & Information Center of CAS Major tasks Operational management of CNGrid User management Security management User training Technical support Software maintenance

12 Task 2: HPC development Two >4TFlops machines have been developed Dawning 4000 AMD 64-bit Opteron processor 11 Tflops peak performance Lenovo DeepComp 6800 Intel Itanium 2 processor 5.324 Tflops peak performance

13 Lenovo DeepComp 6800 Completed in Nov. 2003 2.6TB momory 81TB disks 4.183 Linpack performance (78.5% efficiency) Ranked at 14 in Top500 ranking Installed at CAS Network Center in Jan. 2004

14 Lenovo 6800

15 Dawning 4000A Completed in Apr. 2004 8TFlops Linpack performance (70% efficiency) Installed at the Shanghai Supercomputer Center in Nov. 2004

16 HPC measurement & evaluation center Based on Tsinghua University Major tasks Study of measurement methodology Benchmark development Services for system evaluation China Top 100 ranking jointly with another organization

17 Task 3: Grid software development Grid system software Interfacing to heterogeneous systems Basic resource management & scheduling Communication Grid application development environment Grid user environment Grid browser GSML

18 Grid software layer Comp Application System Resource Security service Job service User manage Data service Grid monitor Information service Grid resources (host, programs, instruments, file systems, database) wrapped as WS or GS Data Transact Grid S/W Grid manage User Envir. Other

19 Grid software deployment Version 1.0 in Feb. 2004 Starting deployment in March 2004 on the test-bed

20 Deployment of grid software 1.0

21 Major features of the CNGrid software v2 V 1.1V 2.0 Architect ure Simple virtualization Resource routing Advanced virtualization, grid proc, community Loosely coupled: easy to change Lower the appl. programming cost User man Life cycle man (reg., login, use, maintain, logout) Supporting roles Security man. Single login and authentication Supporting authorization (community- based multi-grain access control) Sys. Man.Monitoring, accountingMonitoring, accounting, log file Resourc e man. Virtual & physical resource man., dynamic deploy Effective, virtual resource management (strategy-based resource selection) Data man. Multi-point (not user transparent), physic view Unified virtual view, location independent, access control

22 CNGrid GOS Client API CNGrid GOS Core API Grid application logic Management tools for grid software, grid use environment Dynamic Deploymen t services Name services Data services PKI based grid security mechanis m Grid Application Grid address buses Grid resources Resource management Application servers (i.e. Tomcat...) Grid node hosts and storage resources Resources encapsulation Strategies and Access control engine Grid file management Resource schedule strategyAuthorize strategy Access control at service operational level Grid process container and grid process Security mechanism of grid App Access mechanism of general services Security mechanism of grid nodes Grid resources driver Grid router network User management Grid community Grid process container Community Service

23 Grid community grid applications grid process container grid community services Forming Virtual organization Self-organizing and managing

24 Grid process runtime entity for accessing resources on behalf of users running in the grid process container. Simplifies client programming interface Hiding resource access details Result buffering Decouple grid applications from resources

25 Grid process container provides execution and management environment for grid process Dynamically deployable

26 Grid address bus Community is built upon grid address bus. Grid address implements the binding of community resources and grid resources The location change of the grid resources will not affect the grid community and grid applications

27 Grid use environment GSML is the application development language for the end user XML based Easy to use flexible, robust access to grid resources Interactive GSML page composed of information cells GSML runtime system GSML browser GSML editor Tools

28 Roadmap of grid software Compatible to v1.1: sys.interfaces, Hosting Environment Time table Feb. 2005: internal testing version May 2005: beta version, support demo applications June 2005: v2.0

29 Task 4: Application grids development Applications from selected areas Resource and Environment GSG, DFG, SeisGrid Research SDG, BioGrid, DDG, ChinaGrid Services MSG, ITG Manufacturing AviGrid, SimGrid

30 Geological Survey Grid Undertaken by China National Geologic Survey Bureau Nation-wide productive grid Data exchange and sharing Resource evaluation services Shorten the evaluation time from 3 years to 3 months Delivering achievements in North China ground water resources evaluation Mineral resources evaluation

31 Grid environment and resource deployment



34 Digital Forestry Grid Undertaken by the Institute of Forest Resources Information Support turning the farmland back to forests potential evaluation project planning project evaluation


36 Potential Analysis (major rivers and lakes

37 Buffer region analysis result(A)

38 Farmland, unused land, and mountain (B)

39 Overlap result: A+B C

40 Grade >25 D

41 Second overlap result B D E

42 The third time overlap: (C E

43 Meteorological Service Grid Undertaken by China National Meteorological Center Multiple sites to form the research platform for new weather forecasting model research Provide new weather forecast services (time and location-specific)

44 Application development platform · CA ·Myproxy ·MDS GIIS ·Globus 2.4 Node A Oscar cluster Node B Sunway cluster Node C Galuxy III Man node ·Globus 2.4 ·OpenPBS.GRIS · Globus 2.4 ·OpenPBS.GRIS · Globus 2.4 ·OpenPBS.GRIS Web server · CMAG Portal ·Tomcat, Java SOAP ·Globus, CoG ·Myproxy client Grid resource 32 dual CPU node16 dual CPU node

45 MM5 mode 5km : simulation of rainfall of 30-36h, simulation result is 12h later than reality.

46 GRAPES_MESO mode 6km rain belt, center, and time close to real situation!

47 Result from GRAPES for forecasting snow (rain) in Dec. 21, 2004 grid 30km

48 Scientific Data Grid Undertaken by the Network & Information Center of CAS Integration of more than 200 scientific databases from more than 40 institutes across the country by means of metadata management Virtual astronomical observatory

49 Software module structure

50 Scientific Data Grid Portal

51 General metadata management tool MDIS (LDAP) interim XML MD schema User page Process (Java bean) XML engine install & configure universal, extensible customizable -metadata is tree-like and more flexible than fix-column tables, difficult to deal with on web UI -use xml files to store interim results

52 New drug discovery grid Undertaken by Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica CAS Compound screening for new drug discovery Speed up the process by computer simulation Higher accuracy Using HPC in P2P mode New drug for diabetes is under development and will enter clinic testing by the end of 2005

53 New Drug Discovery Grid Platform Shanghai SCC PC PC 4 0 A Beijing Medical Institute Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica CAS

54 Three layers of the grid Internet Main server Sub-server term Internet CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN CNCN Sub-server

55 DDG Portal

56 Screening task allocation on different clusters

57 Bio-informatics Grid Undertaken by Genomics & Bioinformatics Institute, CAS Provide computing, data, and information grids for bio- information research in the country


59 Manufacturing Grid Undertaken by AVIC II of China Support distributed design, simulation, and manufacturing CAD software sharing Data exchange and sharing Computing resource sharing

60 628 Manufacturing Grid Aviation grid platform composed of three clusters in different locations

61 Manufacturing Grid Windows Linux Windows AIX Automatically locating resource when submitting jobs

62 WAN MultiCluster submit Licence pool Acquire Token GLB run Manufacturing Grid Software sharing

63 After optimization before optimization Added skinReduced skin Manufacturing Grid

64 How to judge the success of Grid? Application is the most important criteria Improves the quality? Increase the efficiency? Lower the cost? Reduce the complexity?

65 International Cooperation MoU with UK e-Science Planned connection with EGEE IBM and Platform participate CNGrid project Exchange research results with Globus team Looking forward to broad international cooperation

66 What is going on? CNGrid may become part of the CNGI effort National Network Research Environment will be built upon CNGrid The next five-year R&D plan is being designed. It is very possible that Grid will be one of the key issues. Grid applications are emerging. We need successful applications to show the feasibility of Grid technology New trends in Grid research is emerging Ubiquitous and pervasive Grid Mobile grid applications New operating systems, programming models, languages, and tools for Grid Business models and economical models for Grid services

67 Thank you!

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