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FIELD WORK REPORT. WHERE Field work carried out in Carpi (70.000) and Cesena (90.000) – same methodology.

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2 WHERE Field work carried out in Carpi (70.000) and Cesena (90.000) – same methodology

3 WHO CARERS – 12: 8 women – 4 men Average age: 60 years old Care duration: average 5,5 years (Carpi) – 9 years (Cesena) End of caring: 6 months – 4 years ASSOCIATIONS: 8 2 Alzheimer associations 6 Associations providing home care / transports etc. ENTERPRISES: 8 + 2 Job Center

4 HOW CARERS: An interview aimed to: (1) explore the post-caring experience and (2) detect acquired skills through the BEI method VOLUNTEERS: Focus groups aimed to explore the role of former carers within their organisations ENTERPRISE: Job requirements questionnaire

5 WHAT CARERS: 1)Mary Larkins three stages: The post-caring void The closing down Costructing life post caring 2)The post caring void can be filled (according to carers themselves) also thanks to volunteering / [professional care] work 3)Developed skills: Initiative - is the effort to act and do more, even if not requested, to improve and/or create new opportunities. Interpersonal understanding: it expresses the capacity to understand others, even through inexplicit signals. Customer service orientation: it expresses the desire to help others and answer to their needs. Self control: its the ability to control emotions and to limit negative reactions

6 Comparative analysis IT / GR CARERS: The BEI interview has been used with a sample of Greek former carers too – this in order to check similarities and differences between the two countries: The overall sample was of 18 former carers – rather small but representative (different ages – relations with care recipient – type of care provided) The research shows that, besides all the specificities due to local contexts, carers developed skills rather homogeneously. In fact skills owned by the majority of interviewed former carers are: Customer service orientation Interpersonal understanding Initiative Self control

7 WHAT VOLUNTEERS: -Caring for a family member develops sensitivity and awareness on the importance of being of help for someone -These feelings can be connected to the post-caring void: volunteering can be an answer to it -On the other hand, the availability to be engaged in volunteering seems strongly related with the caring experience. For instance, carers who assisted someone with Alzheimer disease are rarely available to be re-engaged in activities related with Alzheimer – they are more likely to donate money or to help in fund raising activities. -Being involved in peer-support groups seems to be strongly empowering for former – carers: this activity shoudl be supported and not too much delegated to professionals - None of the involved associations has a strategy for recruitment and retention of former carers

8 WHAT ENTERPRISES: -Our research focused on transition from post-caring to professional care work -The methodology could be applied to any kind of job -The matching between job requirements and competences developed by carers showed a relevant overlapping with these skills: * intiative * problem solving * flexibility * team work * self control

9 Results Carers do develop skills during the caregiving experience They are most likely to develop Customer service orientation Interpersonal understanding Initiative Self control These skills can be applied to several kind of jobs – including professional care jobs Former carers willing to re-enter the job market should be supported in identifying and enhancing the skills they develop while caring Social workers, recruiters, employers should be made aware of the legacy of skills developed by carers NGOs / Associations should be made aware of the importance to develop a former carers recruitment strategy in order to support those carers willing to join their organisations

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