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Woodheat Solutions Training Pack : Implementing Best Practice from Austria and Finland Alison Wilshaw TV Energy.

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1 Woodheat Solutions Training Pack : Implementing Best Practice from Austria and Finland Alison Wilshaw TV Energy

2 Woodheat Solutions Training Pilot programme of six training seminars about wood heat systems Foresters, woodland owners, and estate managers Planners, architects, M&E engineers, LA officers, etc 16 February, 2014 2

3 Successful Seminars Overview of key issues affecting wood energy projects Presentations included the woodfuel supply chain as well as biomass system design Foresters learned about biomass system design Building sector also learned about wood fuel handling Opportunities for networking between wood fuel suppliers and building sector professionals 16 February, 2014 3

4 Target Groups : Forestry Forestry professionals: To help them to recognise the market and opportunity for wood as a fuel, and To stress key points of wood fuel supply: the importance of fuel quality; how to measure moisture content; manufacturing and handling wood fuel, etc 16 February, 2014 4

5 Target Groups : Building Sector Building services professionals: To help them see the potential for wood heat systems in building design To help them understand some key points in successful biomass system design: matching the biomass boiler and accumulator to the design heat load correct sizing and construction of the fuel store ensuring there is adequate access for delivery vehicles communication with fuel suppliers when designing the fuel store – to ensure design is compatible with delivery vehicles 16 February, 2014 5

6 Autumn 2010 Seminars Surrey University, Guildford Hillfields Estate, Berkshire Lyndhurst, Hampshire The Living Rainforest, Berkshire Godinton Park, Ashford, Kent Flimwell, Sussex Around 150 delegates in total 16 February, 2014 6

7 Slovenia & Croatia - Training Training seminars in Slovenia and Croatia: Four seminars in Croatia Four seminars in Slovenia 16 February, 2014 7

8 Roll out to other regions Seminar pilots in England, Slovenia, Croatia Presentations and training materials made available for training providers in other regions The training pack is available free of charge A seminar will be held in March to promote the pack to identified trainers 16 February, 2014 8

9 Training Pack Contents Powerpoint Presentations cover: Lessons learned from Finland and Austria Wood fuel resource Wood fuel manufacturing European Standards for wood fuel quality Biomass energy system design Case studies of real biomass projects Wood fuel contracting models Socio-economic issues and financial incentives 16 February, 2014 9

10 Training Pack Contents Information sheets: Annual rates of harvest for different tree species Roadmap for Standards Useful facts and conversion figures: tonnes to energy, m 3 to tonnes (wet/dry), etc Guide to measuring moisture content ESCO guide Literature survey and links page 16 February, 2014 10

11 Future Training Providers Who do we want to train? Building services sector Forest owners and managers How can we reach them? Training authorities in the building sector: Sector Skills Council for building services engineering Architects through RIBA CPD Provider Network M&E engineers through CIBSE Renewable Energy Association (REA) Forestry training providers 16 February, 2014 11

12 Where to find it..... Training pack will be supplied to a selection of training providers Training pack will be supplied on request, by TV Energy and the Forestry Commission Slovenia and Croatia have their own training pack, to suit the requirements of Slovenian/Croatian target groups Also downloadable from the Woodheat Solutions web-site: 16 February, 2014 12

13 Thank you for listening, please spread the word! Alison Wilshaw TV Energy 16 February, 2014 13

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