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Sponsored by: September 2010 1 Developing the Market for Woodfuel Keith Richards TV Energy.

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1 Sponsored by: September Developing the Market for Woodfuel Keith Richards TV Energy

2 Sponsored by: September What have we learnt? Use of wood fuel Popular in many developed countries (e.g. Austria and Finland). Yet implementation is relatively slow in the UK ? Issues of existing infrastructure, historical practice, culture and expectations all have an impact. Seeing is believing ……

3 Sponsored by: Austrian Study Tour Delegates Buyers in St Margarethen Sellers in Kirchberg

4 Sponsored by: September Problems solved? Technology Excellent examples of small, medium and large scale systems for heat production. Sufficient to dispel most technofear. Not enough UK examples (particularly District Heating) but this is changing rapidly. Fuel Supply The region can show well developed examples of fuel supply. Supply can be supplemented by energy crops (e.g. SRC), although this needs addressing strategically. Ultimately, wood is traded internationally as a commodity. Environment / Quality of Life Positive gains of bringing woodland back into management, increasing biodiversity, tackling climate change….

5 Sponsored by: September Will it pay? Economics Many schemes are competitive now but ……. Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Should come in next April and will provide financial incentives to kick start the wood heat market (c.f. FIT for PV). Up to 9p/kWh currently proposed for small biomass (<45kW), 6.5p/kWh for medium (45-500kW) and large ( p/kWh). Small and medium scale will be deemed, large metered. Socio-Economics Provides new jobs, retains employment in rural areas, helps create wealth and reduces fiscal leakage (e.g. by buying in fuels from overseas). Also provides training opportunities for career changes, creates new businesses/ diversification opportunities.

6 Sponsored by: September Mainstreaming Address Market Needs Supply should focus on satisfying the demand for fuel in terms of quality, quantity and type. Seek Best Practice Not just in technology but by working together as an industry, we can share information to allow the wood fuel market to mature in the interests of everyone. Build into Targets & Visions (LAs) Under the new agenda of Big Society, wood fuel can provide a strong theme in local frameworks and development plans; Also empowers local groups – important feature in Big Society thinking.

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