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Edgar Allen Poe “ Father of the Modern Short Story”

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1 Edgar Allen Poe “ Father of the Modern Short Story”

2 BR- Do the Vocabulary on page 69. Choose from the words on page 58.

3 The Short Story… Is a distinct genre with its own special artistic advantages

4 Poe believed a short story … Should be read within an hour with no interruptions to break the author’s spell Held the soul of the reader in writer’s control. Should be read with no external or extrinsic influences

5 Poe believed a writer should… focus on a single effect invents incidents, and combine them to accomplish this effect should begin with the first sentence to create this effect AND each word should work toward this effect

6 QUESTION… What preconceived effect did Poe settle upon? Terror? Passion? Horror? How did he select the ideal words and details to achieve this effect? How does the first sentence begin the effect?

7 What do these words have in common? Organize them logically, then try to determine what the story we are about to read could be about… palazzo puncheons mason flambeaux nitre trowel recess gesticulation immolation

8 Childhood: Birth: born 1809 in Boston, Mass. Parents: Traveling actors Father abandoned the family Mother died before Poe was 2 He was taken in by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan- Richmond, VA

9 Poe was… very smart Very athletic Very moody And very irresponsible (caused friction with John Allan)

10 Education: He attended University of VA $ Ran up large debts which the Allans refused to pay. $ He left at end of first year.

11 Army… Enlisted in army (fake name) became Sgt. 2 years later entered West Point Provoked a court martial & was expelled John Allan disowned him

12 Marriage… 1836 … Married Virginia Clemm 13 year old cousin Moved to NYC

13 Work… He worked as an Editor and a writer. (lost some jobs because of drinking)

14 Writing… His first attempt to publish proved to have little support. After he married, he became more successful.

15 Works… Raven Annabel Lee The Bells (poem) The Black Cat The Fall of the House of Usher The Pit and the Pendulum The Murders in the Rue Morgue

16 Died… 1849 - (two years after his wife)

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