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Travel and Tourism Chapter 14 Customer and Employee Relations.

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1 Travel and Tourism Chapter 14 Customer and Employee Relations

2 14.1 Customer Relations Exemplary Guest service = is consistent hospitality service that exceeds guest expectations Must exceed so they will return Service Qualities – pg 284

3 Methods of Service In Person Service = most effective – face to face – Indirect Service = make reservations, inquiry, complaints Electronic Service = automated services or Internet

4 Guest Satisfaction and Loyalty Loyal Customer = a returning customer who refers others. Customer retention – an angry customer will tell at least 12 people see pg 287 fig 14.1 Guest Feedback- companies must know what went wrong to fix the problem – that is why this is so important

5 Handling a Complaint pg 288 Empowerment = granting of authority or power to front line personnel for handling and solving problems

6 14.2 Employee Relations Retaining Employees = lots of effort goes into finding good employees Job satisfaction Employee Expectations

7 3 External Factors to increase employee satisfaction 1. Compensation and Incentives 2. Company reputation – 3. Professional Development – training opportunities and advancement

8 Internal Factors for employee satisfactions 1. Motivation = the force that moves a person to action. Primary motivator is money 2. Leadership – ability to influence others to work towards the goals of an organization Pg 293-294 figure 14.2

9 3. Ethics and Leadership= Ethics = difference between right and wrong Policies= EEOA (Equal Employment Opportunity Act)- fairness in hiring process Ethics in the workplace = harassment and conflicts of interest

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