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László Berényi vice-chairman National Roma Council (NRC) 10-11 November 2011.

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1 László Berényi vice-chairman National Roma Council (NRC) 10-11 November 2011

2 Main features at takeower: Rundown building Imperfect infrastructure, Missing professionalism Limited possibilities caused by several hundred million deficit S imilar features at the 4 institutes of NRC

3 National Roma Lybrary, Letters and Documents Its specific searchable books, documents and files National Roma Public Museum Collection and Exhibition Galery Conceptual art and antiquities collection, storage, presentation National Roma Cultural and Media Center Supporting the media appearances of NRC, documentation + documentary National Minority Cultural and Methodology Institute for Employment Network 23 offices countrywide, Organizing programs for NRV, methodological foundation, Local cooperation possibilities; Regional advocacy to build and strengthen; Civil partnerships to strengthen; Co-operators tenders (NFÜ-k, VÁTI, RFÜ, Sándor Wekerle Management, etc.)

4 Problems of Previous programs and strategic objectives: Not linked to a comprehensive monitoring, it is not possible to measure success. The use of resources in many ways it was doubtful (Report of National Audit Office, Ministerial Commissioner's Report of Flórián Farkas). Not to follow the named funds (so-called "Roman coins") use. It is not known how many people became involved in programs. It is not known how many of the sources of Roma reached. The Framework Agreement, building on new foundations, professional collaboration creates an opportunity which has not happened.

5 Responsibility for the government, responsible for the NRI, but responsibility for the Union, as the efficient use of resources must be assured. Some Corporate : 100 thousand Roma employment features 10 thousand young maturity of benefits Five thousand young people in higher education is delivered to 80 thousand adult skills development 150 thousand health screening Create a Roma Cultural Centre Create Community centers Etc. The most important aspect is that many real-sector collaboration can take place. It is paramount that the Framework Agreement, the philosophical basis for the mechanism for co. For the first time realized that the Roma people actually participate in decisions concerning them in the preparation, implementation and monitoring.

6 The Structural Funds, is equally important that direct representation of Roma have appeared. The NDA in connection with construction already had begun in the year 2010, when the country's biggest Roma organization Lungo Drom was able to connect the civil work. First significant step in the SROP and Monitor SIOP committees lungo dromos participation, which is a result of the MA-HEP could emerge within the so-called "Roma Sub". NRI lineup since the continuous representation.

7 Currently, 25 representatives of ORO monitoring committees and sub-ups. In addition, it is worth highlighting that 23 Program Preparatory Working Group (PEMCS) representatives will participate. This cooperation will also be new, but the bureaucratic burden should be reduced. We need to find a practice that some MAs between ORO and direct communication in order to develop the institutional and professional. Thank you! +36 1 322-8903

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