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Hand in Hand – Model of Hódmezővásárhely 26. February 2010, Rome.

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1 Hand in Hand – Model of Hódmezővásárhely 26. February 2010, Rome

2 Hódmezővásárhely – Facts before action The number of children enrolled to first grade dropped from 1000 to 400 in 10 years. 42 % of school aged children receive regular childcare support. 30% of the supported ones are multiply disadvantaged. Bipolar segregation (Roma population, population of poor families living on rural farms) in town.

3 Stages preparing the restructuring Review of institutions structure Evaluation of competency measurement Preparing public education concept Conscious analysis of circumstances Remedial of multiply disadvantaged Analysis of the quality of education Professional monitoring of institutions PREPARING AN ACTION PLAN Defining assessments

4 Multiply disadvantaged students in the town

5 DESEGREGATION! Disadvantaged children must not be educated in disadvantaged schools to become disadvantaged grown-ups! High strandard schools in all districts of our town. Students and teachers, who began to segregate even though EU tenders exist, must be transferred to all schools of our town.

6 Expectations of the Municipality Frugality Efficiency Quality Equal opportunities

7 The reform of education through integration I. Reform of content Integrated Pedagogic System management Scholarships: Bursa Hungarica, Bakay Lajos, Útravaló Arany János Dormitory Program Dual mentoring together with high schools Competency based education Conscious development of social competency Developing teachers methodological culture and attitude, trainings Student mentor program Physical education everyday

8 The reform of education through integration II. Restructuring We closed down all elementary schools, instead reorganized and established 5 institutions based on districts. Ceasing free choice school enrolment – districts are obligatory School bus service to provide equal opportunity for children on rural areas. Reorganization of school faculties (performance evaluation).

9 Areas of Elementary Schools before and after the reorganization

10 Prevailing of efficient actuation Several successful tenders (Human Resources Development Operational Program / HRDOP 2.1.projects, HRDOP 3.1.3., HRDOP 3.1.4., HRDOP 2.1.3., HRDOP 2.1.5.B project) that enabled the preparation of pedagogues for launching new programs, without using the towns budget. Sequence: Society Renewal Operational Program / SROP 3.3.2. – support of Equal Opportunity Programs. SROP 3.3.3- establishing reference institutions. SROP 3.1.4- Access to competency based education in innovative institutions. Operational Program for South East Hungary -2007-4.2.1/2F Developing the infrastructure of elementary and secondary educational institutions as well as high schools.

11 Results I. Prevailing of equal opportunities in education

12 Results II. Improvement of the educations efficiency Beginning stage: Results were under the country average in 2004. Present stage: All institutions perform above the country average.

13 Results III. Prevailing of the effective operation - a better capacity-utilization -

14 Integration on town level Anti-segregation Plan Plan for Equal Opportunities Establishing the Roma Council Eliminating Roma Settlements Building flats for socially indigents Vásárhely Health Program Public employment Developing a comprehensive social network Support system creating jobs

15 Conclusion The main structural reforms for the sake of the equal opportunities have already happened in Hódmezővásárhely, but the substantive reforms are a result of a long process, in which all the participants (children, teachers, parents, municipal, church,-fund maintainers, state direction) have an outstanding role and responsibility.

16 I have learnt that humans only have the right to look down on others when they lend a helping hand. (Gabriel Garcia Márquez)

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