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Information Society Programme Trust & Security Trust & Security Unit Information Society Directorate-General.

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1 Information Society Programme Trust & Security Trust & Security Unit Information Society Directorate-General

2 RESET IST: Trust & Security Contents 1. EU eSecurity activities 2. R&D for eSecurity: IST Programme 3. IST proposals evaluation criteria 4. Implementation issues

3 RESET IST: Trust & Security Regulatory Framework Regulatory Framework Policy eEurope 2005 Cybersecurity Task Force Culture of security Justice & Home Affairs: initiative on secure visa International Fora OECD, GBDe, G8,... R&D Activities Trust & Security: 67 R&D projects (~85 M) Dependability: 16 R&D projects (~28 M) Joint EU-US task force R&D in information security key in FP6 (IST) Deployment (eTEN) Electronic Signature Directive Data protection in electronic communications Council Resolution on Information & network security Council Resolution on EU approach to a culture of security Prop. Regulation of EP and Council establishing NISA Framework Decision on attacks against information systems Framework Decision on combating terrorism EU activities on IT Security 1. EU & IT Security

4 RESET IST: Trust & Security IST - Information Society Programme IST = R&D on ICT Technology (a part of FP6) 3.6 Billions IST Work programme: 23 Strategic Objectives over Strategic Objective #5 - Towards a global dependability & security framework: –to strengthen security and enhance dependability of information and communication systems and infrastructures; –to ensure trust and confidence in the use of IT by addressing new security and dependability challenges. 2. R&D eSecurity

5 RESET IST: Trust & Security Strategic Objective Focus Security & mobility Virtual identity management Privacy enhancing at both application & infrastructure level Dependable network and information systems Decision support tools for critical infrastructure protection Crypto technologies Next generation secure devices (smart cards, …) Products, systems, methods for security certification Biometrics and its applications Protection and trustable distribution of digital assets Forensic technologies to combat cyber-crime 2. R&D eSecurity

6 RESET IST: Trust & Security Main FP6 Instruments (= types of projects) Integrated Projects (IP) –Ambitious objective driven research –Critical mass of players Networks of Excellence (NoE) –To integrate long term European expertise & research resources Specific Targeted Research Projects (STREP) –Research or demonstration projects (similar to FP5) –Support research activities of more limited scope & ambition than Integrated Projects Support Actions 2. R&D eSecurity

7 RESET IST: Trust & Security Possible Scenario for Call 1 Trust & Security Indicative pre-allocated budget55M Expected total budget M New Instruments (2/3 of budget) ~40M –4-5 IP [7 - 10M each] –1-2 NoE Classical Instruments (1/3 of budget)~20M –6-10 STREP [2 - 3M each)] For information only – just to give a flavour 2. R&D eSecurity

8 RESET IST: Trust & Security Proposal Evaluation Criteria (1) Criteria adapted for each instrument 1. Proposal relevance to objectives of work programme 2. Proposal potential impact –Reinforcing competitiveness, solving societal problems, added value of doing the work on EC level, … 3.A S&T excellence (IP, STREP) –Clarity of objectives, innovation, sound technical approach 3.B Degree of integration & quality of programme (NoE) –Sufficient integration to justify NoE, deep and durable integration –Well conceived joint programme of activities 3. Criteria

9 RESET IST: Trust & Security Proposal Evaluation Criteria (2) 4. Quality of the Consortium –High quality partners suited to the tasks, complementing each other, critical mass of expertise & resources –Adequate involvement of SMEs when applicable (STREP) 5.A Quality of Management (IP, STREP) –Organizational structure, Project management, Knowledge management (IPR) 5.B Organisation & Management (NoE) –Quality of management, capability for structural decisions, promotion of gender equality. 6. Mobilisation of resources (IP, STREP) –Critical mass of resources (personnel, equipment, finance, …) –Convincing integration of resources, Sound financial plan 3. Criteria

10 RESET IST: Trust & Security Evaluation Criteria - Thresholds CRITERIAIPSTREPNoE Relevance3/5 Impact3/5 Sc. & Tech. excellence (IP, STREP) / Integration level (NoE) 4/5 Consortium3/5 Management3/5 Resources3/5 - OVERALL THRESHOLD24/30 80% 21/30 70% 20/25 80% 3. Criteria

11 RESET IST: Trust & Security Timing: from Evaluation to Contract Roadmap –Call 1: Opened 17 December Closes 24 April 2003 –(Call 2: Opens June Closes October 2003) Schedule: –April, 24 : 1st call closing date –May, 17-23: Proposal evaluation –June, 1-13: Consortium hearings (IP & NoE) –June, 24 : Evaluation results –June, 30 : Invitations to negotiations –October: Starting first contracts (if possible) 4. Implementation

12 RESET IST: Trust & Security Reference Documents Bibliography: –Council Decisions adopting the FP6 & its specific programmes –Rules for participation (Regulation (EC) 2321/2002) –Call text (FP IST-1) –IST Workprogramme –Guides for proposers (one per instrument) –Model Contract –Evaluation Manual –Financial Guidelines (not yet available) –Negotiation Guidelines (not yet available) Links: –FP6 / IST: –eTEN: 4. Implementation IST helpdesk IST helpdesk Fax :

13 RESET IST: Trust & Security 6 6 Thank You for your attention PS: New Independent States can now participate with EU funding!

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