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Janet Borgers & Pascale Waschnig Power Team 15 October 2009, Seville

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1 Janet Borgers & Pascale Waschnig Power Team 15 October 2009, Seville
POWER INTERREGIONAL PROGRAMME SEPT 2008 – MARCH How to develop a good project proposal? Janet Borgers & Pascale Waschnig Power Team 15 October 2009, Seville

2 WHO IS ELIGIBLE ? Public bodies Bodies governed by public laws
No industrial or commercial character Legal personality  The most part financed by the State, regional or local authorities or other bodies governed by public laws or  Management supervision of these bodies or  Administrative, managerial or supervisory board more than half of whose members are appointed by these bodies

3 Partnership development
Minimum of three partner regions Should demonstrate expertise in the subject tackled in the specs & with high policy impact. Balanced participation of partners (but also reflecting the different cost of living) Online partner search tool accessed via the website Emilia-Romagna has committed all its budget under first call- No Italian partners allowed under 2nd call

4 Activities & outputs Relevant to theme priorities &
chosen specifications SMART, measurable & achievable in the period Link to POWER policy working groups (policies adopted, participants at events, good practices transferred etc.) Required to be planned and reported every six months period

5 Preparing your Budget No shared cost allowed! Budget Headlines Details
Staff costs For the personnel employed by the institutions/organisations listed in the application form working on the POWER Project Administration costs For the personnel employed by the institutions/organisations listed in the application form & admin cost related only to the implementation of the POWER project Travel and accommodation Travel & accommodation incurred by the staff by the institutions/organisations listed in the application form working on the POWER project Equipment Small equipment (e.g computer, phone etc.) for the personnel employed by the institutions/organisations listed in the application form working on the POWER project External expertises & services External expertises & services related to project implementation. Note: travel and accommodation from institutions/organisations non-listed in the application form should be listed in this category. No shared cost allowed!

6 Preparation costs Preparation costs for the second call, of up to a maximum of Euros 2,500 per project, incurred from 25 February 2009 until 15 Jan 2010 (inclusive) will be eligible if included with the first claim. (These may for example, be travel expenses to attend the Partner Fair or meeting costs to form the partnership).

7 Submitting your application form
Closing date of the first call is: Friday 15 Jan 2010 at 4p.m. UK time. Application form to be submitted electronically with match-funding certificates at An unbound hard copy with an original wet ink signature (proof of sending is postal stamp, courier receipt or equivalent)

8 Evaluation Process Eligibility Check
Qualitative assessment: 6 criteria 1. Relevance to POWER Interregional Programme’s aims 2. Coherence of the project and quality of approach 3. Budget and finance 4. Cross Cutting Themes 5. Communication and dissemination 6. Legacy International Steering Committee Step 1 Step 2 Eligibility Check: Ste Step 3

9 MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Scoring & Evaluation Panel
POWER Secretariat & Network of Regional Correspondents Scoring & Evaluation Panel International Steering Committee Policy Group: Renewable Energy & Energy efficiency Policy Group: Eco-innovation & Environ Tech Policy Group: Behaviour Change Policy Group: Sustainable Transport Policy Group: Mainstreaming EU funds Sub-project Themes

10 Contractual & Legal Framework
Contract between POWER Secretariat and Lead Partner (in English & governed by English Law) LEGAL FRAMEWORK Partnership Agreements between project partners Grant letter of agreement between Regional Authority and Project Partners

11 Claims & payments First level control at each stage Reports submitted every 6 months Interreg JTS Payments in arrears every 6 months Lead Partner POWER Secretariat Regional /National Authority SEEDA Malopolska Provincie Noord-Brabant Emilia Romagna Andalucia Stockholm Tallin Project Leader Project Partner

12 Reporting & monitoring
6 monthly reporting on-line using a secure area on the POWER web site- Support available through the international network of Regional Correspondents Payment in arrears through regional authorities after acceptance of the claim Face-to-face monitoring visits

13 Tracking CO2 through the POWER programme
Simple tool Available soon on Send your data sheet to Stockholm region Results aggregated at the end of the programme Full detail will be issued by the end of the month

14 Key dates 11 & 12 Mar Launch event & opening of the first call for sub-projects (1) (Netherlands) 15 Oct 2009 Partner Fair/ Second Call for sub-projects (Spain) 25 Nov 09 Policy Event in Stockholm , aligned with EU Swedish Presidency 15 Jan 2010 Closing Date for second call sub-projects (2) March 2010 Appraisal of second call sub-projects (2)- International steering committee June Policy related results fed back to the Secretariat Sept Programme Closure Event in Brussels, Sept Sub projects cease spend Oct Sub-projects (1) & (2) end 1 Nov 2011 All Sub-projects submit their last report – finance, outputs activity March 2012 POWER Programme End Date

15 Learning experiences from previous sub-projects..

16 Communication, Dissemination & Exchange of Best Practices
Raise awareness and interest in your project activities Helping others to benefit from your activities, good practices and results achieved- Multiplier effect Increase transparency & awareness of the use of EU funds Aims of INTERREG IVC: Policy influence + Transfer of good practices

17 Communication Plan Your key to a successful communication strategy
Define appropriate target groups:  Who do you want to reach? Define your message (across all languages/cultures):  What do you want to say? Dissemination Channels:  How do I transmit/publicise my message? Agree timelines:  When are we going to implement it? Measure impact/evaluate:  Did it work?

18 Examples of communication activities
Publication & dissemination of leaflets/brochures/ newsletters and press releases (90% paperless target) Organisation of Project Launch, Events, seminars/ press conferences Dissemination of project outputs (good practice guides; policy recommendations) Participation at policy/thematic events, (outside your project with project presentation/ stand)  No development cost for project website funded under POWER

19 Logos requirements (Project logo), POWER logo, EU and INTERREG IVC logos plus slogans, Same as the above plus: Hyperlink to INTERREG IVC and DG REGIO websites, Power website EU flag displayed in meeting rooms, at conferences and exhibitions. (Project logo), POWER logo, EU and INTERREG IVC logos on all supports and documents PUBLICATIONS e.g. Brochures, leaflets, press releases, best practice guides E-Newsletter, AUDIO-VISUAL MATERIAL CONFERENCES, EVENTS, EXHIBITIONS

20 Roles and responsibilities
POWER Secretariat Advice Issue press releases about the POWER programme as a whole Publicise projects Offer one page per subproject on the POWER programme website POWER stands available on request Participation at sub project Steering Committees and major events Project Managers Check the story-line and planned press release with the POWER secretariat. Mention POWER as the funding stream Send a copy of the press release to the POWER secretariat with the number of copies distributed Contact the POWER secretariat and Regional Correspondents for advice on how to respond to media requests for further information on the POWER programme

Information on projects approved Partners search Facility Promotion of events Online monitoring Policy Forum/blog

22 Thank you for your attention & any questions?

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