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Wind turbines and LOFAR

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1 Wind turbines and LOFAR
Hans van der Marel ASTRON Wind Turbine meeting, Chalmers ASTRON is part of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

2 LOFAR Low Frequency Array 10 - 90 MHz (LBA) 110 - 250 MHz (HBA)
Arranged in stations Station connected with fibres Station correlation Central correlator (Groningen)

3 LOFAR locations Core Remote stations International stations

4 LOFAR core and environment
Large receiving surface Short baselines Susceptible to interference Radio quiet zone coordination zone of ~ 6 km Wind turbines!

5 Wind turbines in Drenthe
Up to 200 MW in 2020 At least 3 MW per wind turbine Clusters of at least 5 wind turbines No wind turbines in LOFAR zone 1 (radio quiet zone) Only wind turbines in LOFAR zone 2 (coordination zone) if they do not impede the LOFAR project

6 Windfarm ‘Hondtocht’ LOFAR monitoring survey in October 2006
Local authority: Dronten (Flevoland) Wind turbine: Vestas - V66 - 1,75 MW Number of wind turbines: 8 Installed capacity: 14,75 MW Rotor axis height: 67 metres Rotor diameter: 66 metres Measurements by: Mark Bentum and Harm-Jan Stiepel Processing by: Rob Millenaar and Albert-Jan Boonstra

7 Measurement set-up R&S ESMB monitoring receiver (9 kHz - 3 GHz)
R&S HE010 active antenna (9 kHz - 80 MHz) VULP 9118G passive antenna ( MHz) Miteq MHz amplifier (18 dB) Rotors for azimuth and polarisation (R&S FSP spectrum analyzer (9 kHz - 3 GHz))

8 Measurements Scatter measurements of FM transmitters
Spectrum measurements wind turbine ON / OFF MHz MHz ‘Standard’ LOFAR monitoring measurements Spectrum analyzer measurements Amplitude Emission

9 Spectrum Measurements (1)

10 Spectrum measurements (2)

11 Amplitude measurements on FM transmitter frequency

12 Emission measurements (inside wind turbine near electronics cabinet)

13 Emission measurements (2)

14 Emission measurements (3)

15 Conclusions Electronics is potential source of emission
Partly shielded by wind turbine structure Might be different for other wind turbines Amplitude modulation due to variable reflections For LOFAR frequencies AM on already distorted channels due to dispersion More investigations needed: Emission and reflections of bigger wind turbines and other types Dispersion and reflections at higher frequencies

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