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Windturbines vs Radiosystems Stefan Mattsson Swedish Telecom Agency (PTS)

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1 Windturbines vs Radiosystems Stefan Mattsson Swedish Telecom Agency (PTS)

2 Content Deployment Impact Protection Responsibility Web-site Vindlov Permission process FS-deployment in the surroundings to Onsala

3 Deployment of the wind Sweden (2007) : 1 % of the countrys net electricity consumption Corresponds to 1.4 TWh Political decision (2002): Production of 30 TWh prior to 2020 Germany: 7,5 % (Source: GWEC, Global Wind Energy Council) Spain: 11 %

4 Impact on radiosystems Conducted studies confirms that fixed systems like Radar-, RadioRelay, Brodcasting-systems and RAS may experience disturbances due to obstruction and/or reflection caused by turbines. In the case of Radars, shadowing and/or reflexions is the main problem when considering off-shore windturbines vs coastal surveillance radars. The potential for these disturbances depends on the size of the turbine, material, location in relation to the victim etc For RAS, even EMC caused by the generator may cause disturbance in case the separation distance is not sufficiently large.

5 Protection Exclusion zone around the RAS-site may provide sufficient protection if the zone is large enough. Guidance on this zone, given by international recommendation(s), would be useful?

6 Responsibility of the Swedish agency Provide, to the operator of wind turbines, a list of potentially concerned operators of radiosystems in a certain geographical area. The intention with this procedur is to establish a marriage between concerned operators with the objective to create a fruitful environment for coordination. It should be noted that the agency is not responsible for the licensing of turbines. This issue is handled by the local authorities. The agency is responsible for the protection of radio services only.

7 Web-site Vindlov ( - Swedish Energy Agency responsible for this site developed in cooperation with 20 authorities (incl the telecom agency) - The objective is to provide information covering all aspects of the complicated process of licensing

8 Permission/licensing process -Classification of wind turbines OnshoreOffshore Mini turbine 1 piece, < 20m, rotor ø < 3m Farm turbine* 1 piece, 20-50 m, rotor ø > 3m Wind park – M 1 piece > 50 m OR 2 pieces 150 m Wind park – L 2 pieces > 150 m OR 7 pieces > 120 m Internal waters All internal bodies of water Territorial sea Swedens Economic Zone * incl. building mounted turbines

9 Permission/licensing process - guiding legislation & requirements P&B Act Building permit P&B Act, EC/FMHa, code C 40.100 Building permit & notification acc. Environmental Code EC/FMHa, code B 40.90 and B 40.95 Environmental permit & municipal grant EC/FMHa, CS Act Environmental permit, water activity permit & municipal grant (veto) SEZ Act, CS Act Government permit Onshore Mini Farm Park - M Park - L Offshore Int. waters Terr. Sea P&B Act No permit required Building notification All classes except for Mini turbines and Territorial sea!

10 FS-deployment in the surroundings to Onsala

11 Windfarm in the northern part of Sweden 1 101 # of turbines 2 500 – 4 000 MW total power 8 – 12 TWh energy/year

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