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New frontier s e r v i c e s RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE UK.

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1 new frontier s e r v i c e s RENEWABLE ENERGY IN THE UK


3 3 new frontier s e r v i c e s INTRODUCTION This presentation is an overview of information regarding renewable energy technologies in the UK, including: Information on renewable energy companies and agencies in The UK Tips and recommendations about saving energy and money for domestic and business consumption Public events

4 4 new frontier s e r v i c e s ENERGY SAVING TRUST The Energy Saving Trust is a non-profit organisation aimed at individuals Provides: Tips to save energy and money How to generate your own energy Tips to save energy when using water or travelling Advice on what to do with household waste Blog:

5 5 new frontier s e r v i c e s REUK - Renewable Energy UK Information on alternative energy generation Energies: solar, wind, hydro, waves, tidal, biomass and geothermal Renewable energy parts and products to buy Electric and hybrid cars Fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) and LED light bulbs Other renewable energy sites:

6 6 new frontier s e r v i c e s SEVERN WYE ENERGY AGENCY Founded in 1999 under the European Commission SAVE programme One of around 300 European local and regional energy 'demand management' agencies Partners: local authorities, health authorities, government agencies, regional bodies, the private sector, a range of voluntary agencies and other energy agencies across Europe Key Partner: Gloucestershire Environment Partnership (GEP) Services: Strategy development (energy, affordable warmth, and climate change), project management and development, training for professional staff and advisors, educational programmes, research, awareness, advice and information

7 7 new frontier s e r v i c e s ENERGY SAVE UK Energy preservation for businesses located in the UK Industrial and commercial solutions Free energy safe evaluation Installation units for electricity, gas and oil Every £100 spent will save you up to £40.00

8 8 new frontier s e r v i c e s Energy Saving Advice Information on alternative energy sources How to reduce your home energy bills Gas and electricity bills. More information available at: Where to find free home energy saving advice Alternative products to use Information on grants available

9 9 new frontier s e r v i c e s THE RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE (I) Provides links to other websites (i.e. Npower, EDF, REA, Segen, ppltraining) Information on: suppliers and contractors, conferences, exhibitions -UK and Worldwide-, teaching materials, courses, trade associations and journals, consultancies Information available on the following energies: solar heating, PV, ground and air source, wind, hydroelectric, rainwater harvesting, biomass, biofuel, wave and tidal power

10 10 new frontier s e r v i c e s THE RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE (II) Permanent events in the UK. Information available on: Centre for Alternative Technology Location: Machynlleth, Mid Wales Dates: Open all year Ecotech Centre Location: Swaffham, Norfolk Dates: Open weekdays 10am - 4pm Low Carbon Trust Location: Stanmer, near Brighton, Sussex Dates: Tours of their Earthship Project on 1st & 3rd Sunday of each month or by arrangement

11 11 new frontier s e r v i c e s THE RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE (III) SEA Energy Efficient Homes Location: Various Locations throughout England and Wales Dates: See their online diary for opening times Rheidol Hydro Power Station Public Visitor Centre Location: Cwm Rheidol, Aberystwyth, Wales Dates: Open 10.00 - 16.15 hrs, April – Sept

12 12 new frontier s e r v i c e s THE RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTRE (IV) UK Public Events. More information available on: Renewables countdown to 2020 Event Type: UK Public Events Location: London Dates: 29 November 2010 Ideal Home Show Event Type: UK Public Events Location: Earls Court, London Dates: 11 - 27 March 2011

13 13 new frontier s e r v i c e s UK ENERGY SERVING Costs-free suggestions available Grants available (i.e Home Energy Saving Programme in the UK) for domestic use Efficient products or environmentally-friendly for domestic or business use Energy saving products: washing machines, boilers, light bulbs, double glazing, cavity wall insultation or loft insultation

14 14 new frontier s e r v i c e s SOLAR POWER

15 15 new frontier s e r v i c e s SOLAR CENTURY London-based company, founded in 1995 Presence in UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany Capacity: Solarcentury solar panel is called an SC-M185 and produces 185 watts in peak power conditions Solar energy for buildings Homes, business, public sector Schools: Solar 4 Schools. More information available at: Products: photovoltaic panels, PV mounting systems and solar inverters. Some projects: CIS Tower in Manchester (2005) More information and pictures at: Sector/Commercial-Developments/Case-Studies/CIS-Tower%2C-Manchester

16 16 new frontier s e r v i c e s HEAT MY HOME Founded in 2004 Presence just in the UK Aimed at household consumption Capacity: supplier of 26,000 approx. households Products: PV solar panels, solar tubes and heat pumps Solar heating installations: in-roof, on-roof, vertically on walls Partnerships with many organisations, like ActionAid, Sustrans

17 17 new frontier s e r v i c e s SOLAR TWIN 11 years of experience in the sector Presence in the UK and Ireland Capacity: domestic use Products: solar panel electricity PV systems, solar panels installed for hot water heating, zero carbon solar hot water, solar water heating panels for swimming pools Provides offers and discounts on several products and services Provdies information on grants

18 18 new frontier s e r v i c e s Coleshill Solar PV panels, tiles Manufactured in the UK The SolarTile model P4,4mm thick. More information available at:

19 19 new frontier s e r v i c e s WIND POWER

20 20 new frontier s e r v i c e s Wind & Sun Ltd Founded in 1984 International business with clients all over the world Energies: solar and wind power Design, supply and installation Products: grid connect inverters, off grid inverters, solar PV modules, PV mounting structures, PV charge controllers, solar estimation, wind turbines, wind monitoring equipment, batteries, wind and solar kits, solar pumps, low voltage lightening and solar models, kits and experiments Numerous projects. More information and pictures at:

21 21 new frontier s e r v i c e s Wind Power UK Company based in Gloucestershire Present just in the UK Capacity: household comsumption Energies: wind power and solar energy Products: wind turbines, photovoltaic solar panels, ground and air source heat pumps and water turbines The Carbon Trust offers 0% business loans of £3,000 - £100,000 for energy saving projects. More information at: loans/pages/loans.aspx

22 22 new frontier s e r v i c e s EVANCEWIND More than 10 years of experience in the sector International presence Capacity: farms, rural businesses, commercial business, telecom & off-grid, government, education and residential properties Products: R9000 small wind turbines Energies: wind power, PV, hydro and heat pumps Quality standards: IEC61400-2 Suitable for rural homes, schools, farms, schools and businesses Information available on funding and grants: 399&disposition=inline&op=view PAGE 13

23 23 new frontier s e r v i c e s BIOMASS

24 24 new frontier s e r v i c e s BIOMASS Energy Centre Information portal for UK individuals and Organizations on biomass fuels and conversion technologies Owned and managed by the UK Forestry Commission Activities: Project management and development, training for professional staff and advisors, research, educational programmes, strategy development, awareness, advice and information

25 25 new frontier s e r v i c e s WOOD ENERGY More than 20 years of experience Owned by the RES Group Presence in the UK and Ireland Capacity: systems range from 30KW to 5MW Wood heating systems in the UK and Ireland Boiler applications from 45kW to over 5MW Private residences, public sector, schools, hospitals, offices and industrial consumption. More information and pictures at: Installation of more than 200 projects, providing 50,000kW of renewable heating

26 26 new frontier s e r v i c e s ECONERGY Presence in the UK Capacity: large and small-scale projects Products: pellet boilers, log boiler, woodchip and pellet boilers and woodfuel processing and handling Services: design, consulting and energy services packages Different projects. More information and pictures at:

27 27 new frontier s e r v i c e s TALBOTTS Installations in over 20 countries 2009: partnership with Air Plants Dust Extraction Ltd of Leicester Capacity: The projects are small, medium and high scale; in industries, offices, farming and leisure Products: heaters, boilers, biomass generators. More information available at: Case studies available at:

28 28 new frontier s e r v i c e s GEOTHERMAL ENERGY

29 29 new frontier s e r v i c e s Earth Energy Ltd 15 years of experience Part of the GeoScience Group Experience in implementing geothermal projects in the UK, USA, Japan, Italy, Greece, France, Turkey, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Eastern Caribbean and Indonesia Capacity: projects of different sizes. They have made more than 2,000 installations Services: designs and installation Public sector, commercial and housing. More information and pictures at: Installations in 100 primary and secondary schools in the UK

30 30 new frontier s e r v i c e s GEOTHERMAL INTERNATIONAL Established in 2000 2010: Geothermal International España (Spain) Capacity: no limits to the size of installation that can be carried out Customers: private individuals and big corporations Products: more than 130 products including ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps, air handling units and dry air coolers Dealers all across Europe

31 31 new frontier s e r v i c e s TND Drilling Essex-based company Capacity: commercial, industrial and domestic installations Products: ground source heat pumps and water borehole drilling installations

32 32 new frontier s e r v i c e s HYDROPOWER

33 33 new frontier s e r v i c e s FIRST HYDRO COMPANY Based in the UK Electricity generator Owned by International Power Plc. and Mitsui and Co (joint venture) Management of two storage plants in Wales (Dinorwig and Ffestiniog in the Snowdonia region) Capacity: each of Dinorwig's six generating units can produce 288MW of electricity, offering a combined station output of 1728MW. Ffestiniog's four 90MW units have a combined generating capacity of 360MW

34 34 new frontier s e r v i c e s DHP 20 years of experience Present just in the UK Capacity: small-scale projects Installation of 30 small hydro systems in England, Scotland and Wales Services: consultancy and design If you own land with the potential for hydropower but do not want to provide all of the necessary investment we may consider helping with the funding, depending on the site. In return for any investment we would normally expect to take a share of the electricity generated

35 35 new frontier s e r v i c e s Black & Veatch Founded in 1915 35 years of experience in hydropower Global presence with more than 100 offices worldwide Capacity: 4,800 megawatt power generation facility in South Africa Energies: hydro, wave, tidal, biomass, geothermal solar and wind power Services: data acquisition and review, hydrological & hydraulic analyses, development of project layouts, plant selection, cost estimates, performance analysis, economic design analysis, economic evaluation, environmental studies, permitting studies, construction and reporting

36 36 new frontier s e r v i c e s TIDAL POWER

37 37 new frontier s e r v i c e s TIDAL ENERGY Immense potential in the UK Tidal power could meet around the 33% of the UKs energy needs Long term returns, these are not immediate Tidal stream system. Information and picture available at:

38 38 new frontier s e r v i c e s TIDAL ELECTRIC Designers and consultants Offices in the UK and US The United Kingdom has the second highest tidal range in the world and a strong commitment to renewable source power. The total potential capacity of power from U.K. tides using the offshore tidal generation technology is roughly 8000 MW Illustrations and information on tidal power: illustrations.shtml

39 39 new frontier s e r v i c e s TIDAL GENERATION Founded in 2005 Bristol-based company 2009: subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Plc Design, development and manufacture Capacity: The turbine consists of a 3-bladed, upstream pitch controlled rotor with a relatively standard drivetrain and power electronics. The turbine unit itself is buoyant to allow it to be retrieved to shore for maintenance within a single slack water period (30 mins)

40 40 new frontier s e r v i c e s TOCARDO INTERNATIONAL BV Young company founded in 2008 Based in The Netherlands with a branch office in the UK Tocardo is an in-stream energy generating technology and business concept, developed by Teamwork Technology BV over the past 10 years Products: Turbines T50, T150 and T500

41 41 new frontier s e r v i c e s BIOFUEL

42 42 new frontier s e r v i c e s UK manufacturer Capacity: our processors can produce biofuel in 150, 300, 450, 600, 1000 or 2000 litre batches. Our unique production plant can process 8000 litres of biofuel in 8 hours Prices: from £1,299.00 for 90 L processor Installation of biodiesel processor. More information at: Supplier: Gaia Commodities

43 43 new frontier s e r v i c e s BIO UK FUELS Sheffield-based company Products: Fuel (biodiesel, diesel), biodiesel manufacturing (methanol, methylate, sodium hydroxide, amberlite, fuel pod 2 used, cooking oil) Services: consultancy, biodiesel testing and glycerol disposal Free waste oil collection service in the UK

44 44 new frontier s e r v i c e s GREENFUELS International biodiesel supplier Capacity: commercial biodiesel plants and larger scale FuelMatic systems Products: Fuelpod2, Fuelpod3, Fuelpod4, Fuelmeister 150, Fuelmeister 2, Fuelmeister 3, BP-6 Purification Rig, BP-12 Purification Rig, BP-6 0 Purification Rig, BP-120Purification Rig, Cold Flow 350, Bioboost 1000, GF- 20 Centrifuge, GF-25 Centrifuge, GF-20 Centrifuge Kit, GF-25 Centrifuge Kit, Pumped Filtering Kit, Fulermaker, Fuematic and Fuelsonic Small and high scale products for households and companies Dealers all around the world

45 45 new frontier s e r v i c e s Legal disclaimer: The sole responsibility for the content of this presentation lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EACI nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.

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