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Reflection Reflections on Marco Snoek HvA. Students Have you done your portfolio? Now I even have to reflect on my reflections! I get sick of all those.

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1 Reflection Reflections on Marco Snoek HvA

2 Students Have you done your portfolio? Now I even have to reflect on my reflections! I get sick of all those reflections Reflection? What does he want to know this time?

3 Why do we always have to reflect? Teacher educators What do you think yourself? Why do you ask this question?! Ach, Carla, she does not reflect at all. It is such a difficult girl. Ah, you know how she is. I did ask reflection questions, but she always has her respons ready. She just hasnt the right intellectual level. And anyway, there is much too less time in the curriculum to reflect.

4 The reflective practionner: what is the effect of reflection? Angle of incidence = angle of reflection Refraction

5 Does reflection lead to a clear image?

6 … or to blurred images? …

7 … or does it show something that is not there?

8 Does it give a warm feeling? …

9 … or does it helps to remove wrinkles?

10 Reflection Is not self-evident Does not work for everybody Is not always safe Leads to isolation Is static Is inward oriented Lacks good role models

11 Reflection does not work for all students

12 It appears that girls reflect on a higher level on what they have learned than boys. Most boys only apply the text on themselves and not on others or the world around them. In general, the boys in our research reflect on a lower. The role of reflection in identity development and the development or reading attitude by adolescents Walter Schlundt Bodien en Fransje Nelck-da Silva Rosa Not for all:

13 But also the content of the curriculum doesnt appeal to boys. The level of the course does not challenge them and they criticize the large emphasis on reflection. On the other hand is seems that boys are not attracted to reflection. And that aspect gets very much attention in the new didactics. The search for PTEboys, SBO Is reflection the cause for the feminisation of the teaching profession?

14 Reflection in masculine professions?? Debriefing is originally a military activity, following a military operation. In a groupsession the military unit looks back on the operation and formulates lessons to be learned for next operations. These lessons are included in the briefing that preceeds the next operation. In that way a learning organisation is created. (consequencesofwar) An essential part of the course is a good debriefing. Once back on the ground, all actions are evaluated throughly and advices are formulated for next sessions. Of course this is a serious part of the course, but often it is combined with a social activity. Often the debriefing ends at a more social place than the flying school. Helicopter Flyingschool Lelystad

15 A matter of learning style? Is systematic reflection self-evident for all? Learning styles of student teachers Inactive – survival oriented Closed reproductive Open reproductive Meaning oriented – external steering Meaning oriented – internal steering Ida Oosterheert

16 Reflection and safety? TrustControl Portfolio for control and assessment or for development? Fixed formats or freedom for the student

17 Reflection is an individual process?

18 Individual reflection Team reflection Group PDP? Teamportfolio? Mutual assessments (peerassessment)? Strengthening the isolation?

19 Reflection is a static process? Reflection is static There is no anticipation Reflect about history or proflect toward the future Reflection in action, reflection on action, reflection before action From reflection to proflection

20 ? ? ? ? ? ? Reflection is inward oriented? Much reflection is focussed on things a teacher encounters here and now. What happens in society? What are the consequences for the school/the teacher? Outward oriented reflection: future scenarios

21 Out-of-the-box thinking Individual central Formal learning Informal learning Community centraal TOPFORM COMMUNITY BASED LEARNING THE SKY IS THE LIMIT INDIVIDUAL EDUCASTING Future scenarios: Alternative, possible futures Disconnected from the here and now

22 The lack of good role models? Do you reflect explicitly and systematically yourself? Do you reflect together with your colleagues? Do you make your reflection excplicit to your students? Do you give feedback on the quality of reflection? Are we credible to our students?

23 Indicators Good reflection Takes different learning styles into account Starts with safety and trust Rises above the individual level Is focussed on the future and on change Looks at the world outside Has good role models

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