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Travel Meadowhall… Mobility Management. Property Overview and Location One of the Super Regional Shopping Centres in the UK. Key factors; 4.8km east of.

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1 Travel Meadowhall… Mobility Management

2 Property Overview and Location One of the Super Regional Shopping Centres in the UK. Key factors; 4.8km east of Sheffield City Centre Easy access to M1 and public transport 140,000m² (1,500,000sqft) of flexible retail space Densely populated catchment area Over 300 units (quality and variety) 18 years of strong trading since opening in 1990 Bus, Train, Tram and Coach Interchange Almost 10,000 free car parking spaces

3 The Meadowhall Shopping Centre Opened 4 th September 1990 Fully enclosed twin level mall Gross lettable area - 138,379m² (1,489,516sqft) Valued at £1.4 billion 213 Retail shop units 10 Anchor Stores 34 Restaurants and cafes (with seating for 3,300) 26 Speciality kiosks 25 Mall kiosks 11 Screen cinema Employees up to 7,000 people Has up to 25 million customer visits per year Owned by British Land since 1999 74 acres of undeveloped land surrounds Meadowhall

4 Innovation … The Source Unique on-site training and conference centre Training and development facilities Available to local community and local businesses. Focus on increasing individuals confidence and potential Aids recruitment and retention of staff Dedicated Tram stop connection to the City and Meadowhall Interchange

5 Opportunity … River Don District Maximise the Areas Natural Heritage Value New Investment in Residential, Business and District Communities Mitigate impact of development using the Bruntland principle Develop an integrated Sustainable Transport Strategy Create movement opportunities and enhance choice Improve the local environment Move towards better Air Quality

6 Why Mobility Management Congestion will further increase on the roads already close to capacity. Economy can affect delivery costs, employee retention and customer visits. Land use and planning obligations require the minimum car parking spaces Meadowhall sits within an Air Quality Management Area Meadowhall has strong underlying CSR strategic principles. Meadowhall is unique in its offer of Sustainable Travel Choices

7 Why it makes good business sense… TELECONFERENCING AND VIDOECONFERENCING - reduces the travel costs and lost business hours for head office contact in London CAR / BIKE POOLING - reduces mileage claim allowance DISCOUNT TICKETS - increase moral amongst staff and staff retention COMPRESSED HOURS - reduces Controllers commute by over 10% CAR SHARING - is at a rate of 16% at Meadowhall... More spaces! CARBON FOOTPRINT - indicated our reduction in business travel miles is greater than our business carbon footprint for 2006 / 07 CARBON FREE SECURITY PATROLS – Will be the first in our industry CARBON NEUTRAL FUELS - means our business can significantly reduce our carbon impact in 2009 ACTIVE TRAVEL PLAN & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Travel is our BUSINESS…

8 The Environment Strategy… MEADOWHALL TRANSPORT PLAN -Transport Infrastructure (2000) ISO 14001 - Environmental accreditation (2001) ARC - Consolidation centre for retailers (2002) RESOURCE RECOVERY CENTRE (RRC) - Waste recycling plant (2005) BIODIVERSITY ACTION PLAN - Habitat protection (2005) SUSTAINABLE ENERGY SOURCE - Renewable electricity (2005) RAIN WATER HAVESTING AND BORE HOLE - Less water (2006, 2007) MEADOWHALL 2 nd GENERATION TRAVEL PLAN - ITB (2007) PATROL CYCLES - Increased efficiency & carbon free (2008) FUEL CELL TECHNOLOGY - Electric patrol vehicle (2009) BIO DIESEL - Fuel own vehicles from our waste (2009) Organisation alignment…

9 What a partnership with the Highways agency and other key partners in the transport industry brings… ATLAS – to understand current traffic conditions and planned events TRAFFIC CONTROL CENTRE – provides updates TRANSPORT DIRECT – Journey planning service with carbon conversion across all forms of transport on websites ITB – Programme to promote travel behaviour changes across the business district AREA TRAVEL PLAN – Sustainable travel choice development across business districts NBTN – A national business exchange network of good practice LOCAL AUTHORITY – Resources, expertise, services and an implementation tool for delivery of business community benefits Interagency Strategic Alignment…

10 Interagency strategy for change…

11 How did this work… Employees Introduced the concept of making small changes Populated a bespoke website aimed at the Retail Partners and there employees Set up a Travel Service Network for Retail Partner Managers Set up a stakeholder meeting Reviewed the DfT guidance to see what could be achieved Set SMARTER targets and objectives guided by the HAs ITB programme and JMP Engaged with the SYPTE business support team called TOPS Launched the Employee Travel Shop service

12 During the first year to September… 2008 Over 400 staff requested a personal travel plan and over 600 had try-before-you-buy tickets or car quit kits £50,000 worth of discounted tickets sold to employees of over 100 Retailers Car share data base for employees with terminals in store and our reception to register online the first 15 people who have registered can save 6 tonnes of C02 and a £1000 37 people joined the Biker User Group (BUG ME) Dr Bike Sessions increased to monthly for Staff, Customers and the Community 15 volunteered to cycle as part of the job 5 employees per month reported changing travel behaviour from SOC journeys

13 How this works… Customers

14 A picture says a thousand words …

15 Key Outcomes... Employees: Target of 10% modal shift by 2011 37 employees joined the Bike user group in 2008 and stand usage was up by 50% 2500 (+) were engaged in Travel initiatives during the year 2008 and almost 1000 took part 1% of employees reported changing there travel mode (during March – September 2008) Customers: Target of 14% modal shift by 2011 2004 compared to 2006 - indicated a 1.1 % increase in Public Transport usage = 330,000 additional journeys 2006 compared to 2008 - indicates that 90,000 less cars occupied the car parks 2007 compared to 2008 - the X78 service reported a 36% increase in usage at the Interchange 2008 (September to December) - indicates car occupancy levels between 2.4 and 3.4 on the peak shopping days with public transport usage up to 20%

16 Cost Benefit Analysis… Project costs 2006 to 2008 £18,000 from S106 existing transport budget – £4,500 from Energy Savings Trust Grant – £6,000 from Bus and other transport operators –£10,000 from Other internal budgets Cost for 2008 to 2009 £32,000 from S106 existing transport budget allocated in 2008/09 for new projects –£10,000 from Bus and other transport operators –£ 3,000 from Other internal budgets Business Benefits (per annum) 20% efficiency savings on external patrols – £3,000 30% reduction in business travel forecast (2006/07) – 10 tonnes of CO2 90% renewable sourced biodiesel for on-site vehicle usage – 300,000 litres of fossil fuels 100% saving on land fill taxes – 1,800 tonnes of waste diverted 45% reduction in Water Usage – £28,000 litres of valuable drinking water After payback potential savings in the region of £200,000 Lessons learnt: Commitment is everything If at first you dont succeed … be persistent!

17 THANK YOU Alice Truswell Transport and Environment Manager Meadowhall Centre Ltd Management Suite, 1 The Oasis, Meadowhall Centre. Sheffield S9 1EP Tel: 0114 235 4508

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