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Building Bridges How can we reach beyond the Mobility Management community?

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1 Building Bridges How can we reach beyond the Mobility Management community?

2 Our Clouded Transportation Future (USA) Financial Need (375 Billion) outweighs capacity to fund (175 Billion) Extension of current legislation for 18 months Unwilling to Increase Gas Tax Use of General Revenues Public Skepticism Political Dilemma Budget deficit not Sustainable Mid-term election facing an aroused public opinion

3 Recession has Hurt Public Transport Nearly 90 percent of U.S. transit systems have had to raise fares or cut service in the past year.

4 Dont Waste A Good Crisis Petroleum use in the US has declined or remained flat except in the transportation sector. The increased use of petroleum for transportation has more than compensated for declines in other sectors. Transportation, which accounted for a bit over half of petroleum consumption in the 1970s, now accounts for two-thirds…

5 National Policy Reform Transportation Planning Requirements Performance Measurement and Evaluation Focus on Metropolitan Mobility Inclusion of Environmental Criteria Inclusion of Energy Conservation Criteria

6 Preaching to the Choir


8 Legislative & Policy Strategies Develop a Package of Legislative Recommendations Annual Legislative Conferences Held on Capitol Hill In conjunction with annual ACT Board of Directors spring meeting Leadership Academy Build an Army of advocates (36) Meet in Washington DC

9 ACT Legislative Summit Third Annual Event Started small and growing 25 35 50 participants Developed and packaged our recommendations Two-day Event: Morning: Speakers Afternoon: Hill Visits

10 All Politics are Local Invite sympathetic legislators to speak Invite professional staff to attend Make administrative agency staff aware of your efforts

11 ACT Legislator of the Year Personally visit your elected officials Find your Champions and reward them Always ASK for support of your initiatives

12 ACT Leadership Academy Third Class of Graduates (36) Develop Commitment Enlist Educate Empower Stress importance of advocacy Set them on their path Watch the Results

13 Successes: Commute-to-Work Tax Benefit USA Version of Salary Sacrifice Year 1986 - $15/month (~10/month) Year 2009 - $230/month (~175/month) Parity with Parking Benefit Allowance Federal Govt Employee C-T-W Incentive Year 2009 - $230/month (~175/month) Commuter Benefits Equity Act Make permanent C-T-W & Parking - Parity

14 Commute-To-Work benefits have increased transit ridership TRB: Analyzing the Effectiveness of Commuter Benefits Programs: 1989-2004

15 Successes: Dedicated Funding Capital Investment New or expanded transportation projects to reduce emissions Operating Assistance Traffic flow improvements, transit, ridesharing, bicycle and pedestrian programs, auto inspection and maintenance programs, travel demand management (TDM) measures Emission Reductions Expected to result in tangible reductions in CO and ozone emissions Public Good Funds can be used for services which benefit a specific entity, such as a major employer, only for short trial periods to test the viability of a project. Public-private partnerships are allowed if a project will benefit both the public and elements of the private sector.

16 Successes: Dedicated Funding ~7 Billion over 6 years

17 Projected Successes: ACT Legislative Initiatives Commute LESS Act Creation of regional Employer Councils Tax credit for private investment in provision of C-T-W incentives for employees Private Investment in Commuter Vanpooling Act Reward for private capital investment in public transportation by vanpool Green Routes to Work Act Twelve TDM measures (most preferential tax treatments)… C-T-W, Vanpool, Telework, Bicycling

18 Preaching to the Choir

19 Building Bridges Jon Martz Chair, Public Policy Council Association for Commuter Transportation Contact: ECOMM 2010 – Graz

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