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Polarisation as a tool to study the solar system and beyond COST Action MP 1104.

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1 Polarisation as a tool to study the solar system and beyond COST Action MP 1104

2 Why do we need a COST action? 1)Lack of interactions –Not enough cooperation between polarimetrists working on different objects –Not enough cooperation between groups observing at different wavelengths –Not enough cooperation between theoreticians, observers, instrumentalists and experimentalists

3 Why do we need a COST Action? 2) Bypass the feeling that polarimetry is a complicated topic 3)Need more spectropolarimeters on ground-based and space observatories INDUSTRIAL PARTNERSHIP

4 Main objectives of this COST Action Promote polarisation among scientific community. Specific attention given to Early Stage Researchers. Make recommendations for ESA / ESO / National Space Agencies / Policy-makers to add spectro-polarimeters to future ground-based facilities and space missions. Foster collaborations between various communities, as well as multi-wavelength and cross-disciplinary activities.

5 Participating EU Countries : 18 AT, BE, CH, CZ, DE, ES, FI, FR, HU, IE, IT, LV, MT, NL, PL, RS, SE, UK Current state of the MP1104 network > 140 participants 1 COST-neighbouring country (Ukraine) 2 countries with reciprocal agreements (South- Africa, Argentina) ~ 70 institutes, universities or industrial partners

6 Organisation of the Action MC SC WG1WG2WG3WG4 EB Chair Vice-chair 2 experts ObservationsTheoryInstrumentationExperimentation Chair + Vice-chair WG leaders Grant Holder Dissemination/outreach coordinator « Horizontal » interactions « vertical » interactions

7 Scientific work plan WG1WG2WG3WG4 ObservationsTheoryInstrumentationExperimentation STSM WG 1 meetings 1/y WG 2 meetings 1/y WG 3 meetings 1/y WG 4 meetings 1/y Joint meetings (2 or 3 WG) International Conference Years 2, 3 and 4 Summer School (co organised) Years 2 and 4 Outreach activities

8 Members of an Action A country intends to join an Action One or two delegates to MC are nominated by COST National Coordinator (CNC) The MoU is accepted on behalf of the governments of the COST countries or cooperating states. More than one year after the approval of the Action by the CSO (27/05/2011), the participation of a new country has to be approved by the MC via written procedure or at a MC meeting with decision in the minutes

9 Reimbursement procedure I need copies of the tickets and bills onlu for the travel expenses. They should be given to me DURING this meeting. No need for hotel invoice! Travel by car : please provide a proof of distance (Mappy, Google map, etc..) together with the reimbursement form Taxi expense : additional justification is required for each taxi expense if total amount is above 40. However, prepare to justify why you used taxi and not public transportation (they might ask…) Receipts for return journey (taxi, shuttle, parking, …) to be submitted by e-mail or by fax at the latest by Monday June 4. Attendance list to be signed for each day of the meeting.

10 Travel Reimbursement Request Form

11 Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) Target young scientists (but not only…) Duration : min 5 days – max 3 months Fixed grant requested by the applicant and approved by the SC. Max : 2500 EUR per STSM Procedure explained in details on our website 1st call : 4 STSMs funded for a total of 3900 EUR Dates for the 2 nd call and deadlines will be decided at the MC meeting. At least 12000 EUR available. So please apply!

12 Our website

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