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Chapter #11 Circulation Human Heart.

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1 Chapter #11 Circulation Human Heart

2 Chapter 11.1 Notes Circulatory system- is made of your blood, blood vessels, and heart. Blood delivers oxygen, H20 and food to cells and picks up waste (carbon dioxide). Heart is the pump. Simple animals NO circulatory system examples sponges, sea anemone, hydra Complex animals have circulatory systems examples earthworms, insects, animals.

3 Open circulatory system No blood vessels travels without being in vessels. Insects.
Closed circulatory system blood is inside vessels. Humans and earthworms.

4 Chapter 11.2 Notes Atria-the small, top chambers of the heart.
Ventricle- the large, bottom chambers. Bicuspid valve Tricuspid valve

5 Beat each pump of the heart caused by the valves closing.
Blood only moves 1 way. Artery carries blood Away from heart. Vein carries blood to the heart. Valves are flaps in the heart that keep blood flowing in 1 direction.

6 Tricuspid valve between right atrium and ventricle.
Bicuspid valve between left atrium and ventricle. Semilunar valves located between ventricles and their arteries. Lub-dup sound caused from valves closing lub= tricupid and bicuspid valves dup=semiluar valves Heart murmur (swish) is caused from blood flowing backward in the heart.

7 Vena Cava largest vein in the body.
Aorta largest artery in the body. Pulmonary artery carries blood away from the heart and to the lungs. Pulmonary veins carry blood from the lungs to the heart.

8 Path of blood in human heart
Vena cava right atrium right ventricle pulmonary artery lungs pulmonary veins left atrium left ventricle aorta body and head vena cava

9 Chapter 11.3 Notes kilometers of blood vessels in the human body. 2 ½ times around the earth. Blood pressure is the force created when blood pushes against the walls of vessels.

10 Arteries Carries blood away from the heart Carries blood under high pressure Round in shape and have thick muscular walls.

11 Veins Carry blood to the heart Carry blood under low pressure Flat in shape and have little muscle Have valves to keep blood flowing 1 way

12 Capillaries are the smallest kind of blood vessels. 1 cell thick
Capillaries are the smallest kind of blood vessels. 1 cell thick. There are more capillaries than any other blood vessels in the body.

13 Chapter 11.4 Notes Hypertension (High blood pressure ) occurs when blood pressure is extremely high. Caused by narrow arteries. Can cause damage to body organs, heart failure, stroke (broken blood vessel).

14 Cholesterol is a fatlike chemical found in foods
Cholesterol is a fatlike chemical found in foods. Causes plaque to form in blood vessels.

15 Coronary vessels are the blood vessels that carry blood to and from the heart. Carry oxygen and nutrients. Heart attack the death of a section of heart muscle.

16 Preventing heart problems
Exercise Proper diet Do Not Smoke Artificial heart is made of plastic and metal. They have been used for people waiting for a donor heart.

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