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Community Learning Network R.A.I.N. Project Resource Access ` and Information Network.

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1 Community Learning Network R.A.I.N. Project Resource Access ` and Information Network

2 In 2000, The North Coast Region of British Columbia began experiencing significant economic challenges Downturn in the Pacific Salmon and forestry industry. Port activity was reduced as well we saw the closure of the pulp mill Most families were touched by this difficult situation RAIN Project ~ Overview

3 The communities involved in this project are: Gingolx (Kincolith) Lax Kwalaams (Port Simpson) Metlakatla City of Prince Rupert Dodge Cove District of Port Edward Oona River Gitkxaakla (Kitkatla) Hartley Bay RAIN Project ~ Overview

4 Hartley Bay is a small 1st Nations community of about 150 people. It is located south of Prince Rupert at the mouth of the Douglas Channel and is only accessible by air or water. Metlakatla - a Tsimshian community of about 80 people located on waters edge on Venn Passage in Prince Rupert Harbour. Access is only by water taxi or small sea plane. Community Computer and Internet access - Metlakatla

5 Dodge Cove - a small residential community on Digby Island, directly across the harbour from Prince Rupert Lax Kwalaams (Port Simpson) – a 1 st Nations community accessible only by small ferry or seaplane About 20 residences Commercial fishermen Some residents work in Pr Rupert Some successful home based artisans About 700 residents Many commercial fishermen Some tourism potential Limited resource enterprises

6 Port Edward is situated on the mainland, approximately 11km from Prince Rupert. A once thriving economy from fishing has all but slowed to a trickle, a small fishing fleet still functions. About 350 residents; many people live in Port Edward and work in Prince Rupert. Historic North Pacific Cannery Kitkatla – a First Nations community located southwest of Prince Rupert on Dolphin Island. Approximately 450 residents. Accessible only by water taxi, fishing boats or seaplane Commercial fishing Limited commercial activity Some commercial fishing Limited commercial activity High unemployment

7 Oona River A small community located on Porcher Island south west of Prince Rupert. About 45 residents Small sawmill industry Accessible only by water taxi or small seaplane

8 Gingolx The community of Gingolx has 400 residents and is located on the Nass River, close to the Alaska Panhandle. The community is accessible by water, air, and road (as of Dec 2002). The people who live in Gingolx are Nisgaa. The word "Git"means "People of," and Git-Gingolx means "People of Gingolx." Community Computer Access Prince Rupert - Prince Rupert is a coastal community of about 13 000 located on Kaien Island in the Pacific Northwest. Two organizations have hosted the RAIN Project - Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Prince Rupert/Port Edward Society - Prince Rupert Seniors Society Commercial fishing Negligible industry Remote community Largest community in project area Deep sea port facility Building tourism industry Prince Rupert functions as a commercial centre for the north coast area

9 RAIN Project ~ Overview The R.A.I.N. Project commenced in December 2002 RAIN Site at Gingolx – the only public computer/internet site in this remote 1 st Nations community

10 In an attempt to begin addressing these problems….. 17 North Coast community partners joined together to develop the: RAIN RAIN project A way to help many of the people whos jobs had disappeared A way to help people who are isolated, who are unable to access technology and who havent yet developed computer skills RAIN Project ~ Overview

11 Project area is 71% First Nations Within 1 st Nations communities, 84.1% were unemployed 25% of B.C.s Aboriginal population lives in the North Coast Region Within 1 st Nations communities, 61.3% that were employed had jobs that were in intermediate and less skilled occupations Within 1 st Nations communities, 67.9% of residents had employment income of less than $20,000 (College Region 12 – Northwest, Statistical Profile of Aboriginal People) RAIN Project ~ Overview

12 This project is a forum for: Empowering people through learning Accessing new personal, employment and business information Creating a new way for remote communities to connect to the world outside Fostering a sense of optimism about the future RAIN Project ~ Overview

13 Original 3 year Funding: Partner Contributions in Cash - Western Economic Diversification: Partner Contributions in-kind: Total Partner Contributions: Funding requested from OLT- HRDC (Open Learning Technology) Total Projected Project Cost: $183,250.00 $206,570.00 $389,820.00 $299,925.00 $689,745.00

14 RAIN Project ~ Overview Original Partners City of Prince Rupert Northwest Community College Prince Rupert Library Career Resource Centre Friendship House Community Futures of the Pacific Northwest Tsimshian Tribal Council School District 52 District of Port Edward Skeena Queen Charlotte Regional District Prince Rupert City Telephones Service BC – Government Agent Nisgaa Nation Human Resources Development Canada (Office of Learning Technology) Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce Hecate Strait Employment Development Society North Coast Economic Development Commission Various 1 st Nations Band Councils and Band Managers

15 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Community Trainers were established in each community and organization site Trainers provide one-on-one training opportunities for community residents (up to 40 hours per month) Computer skills Internet skills E-mail and attachments On-line educational opportunities Home based economic research Job search WEB page development RAIN Trainer at Nisgaa site in Prince Rupert

16 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Acquire 19 community owned computers with assorted software for 9 public sites Acquire 10 printers in 9 public sites Access to over 60 additional computers for community residents through co- operation with RAIN partners Hartley Bay RAIN Site – the only public computer & internet site in this remote 1 st Nations village

17 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Metlakatla featured artist Rachel Ryan – WEB Page Ms. Ryan is an accomplished artist creating Cedar Rose designs in red and yellow cedar. Each piece she creates is an amazing example of superb hand craftsmanship. Her art is appreciated by the local market and she has recently been making her designs available to the many cruise ship passengers who regularly visit the Prince Rupert Harbour. Woven Cedar Rose

18 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments meetings held between community members Celebrated the successes Networking Acquire new training techniques Kincolith Prince Rupert

19 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Over 1,500 people per year took advantage of the opportunity for personal training at the community R.A.I.N. sites (the average RAIN Project community size, outside of Prince Rupert is 275 people)

20 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments High speed T1 internet portals provided (by BC Government) : Hartley Bay Kitkatla Lax Kwalaams

21 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Gingolx - Satellite internet access purchased for use at the public RAIN site Dodge Cove - ADSL internet access negotiated for use at the public RAIN Site Port Edward – high speed internet access available at the 2 public RAIN sites (by BC Government)

22 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Presentation to the BC Government Finance Committee – September 2003 As technological advancements are achieved in our society these advancements are first made available to larger, more affluent segments of our society – segments of our society that have the population or financial base to pay for these advancements. Highspeed, broadband Internet service is such a technological advancement and our more isolated communities with smaller population bases either cannot afford to access these advancements on a commercial basis or, as is the case in most of our RAIN communities, cannot access this service simply because it isnt available to them due to their isolation or small population base. August 2004

23 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Community Artisans have recognized the value of the internet in reaching a larger customer base … Artisan Web pages developed (Metlakatla, Dodge Cove) Community Web pages developed (Nisgaa, Gingolx, Oona River) On-line training developed by RAIN trainer for community members (Dodge Cove)

24 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments Contract with Industry Canada (CAP - Community Access Program) as Regional Co-ordinator for 2 years 19 CAP sites in the region including ALL RAIN Project communities $80,000 funding for equipment and supplies for RAIN sites over 2 years. Access to funding for youth interns to assist at RAIN/CAP sites

25 RAIN Project ~ Accomplishments January 2004

26 Winner of the 2005 Ministers Award for Excellence and Innovation The RAIN project was awarded the Award at the Community Futures Conference in March 2005 for Demonstrating relevancy to the Economic Development goals of the Community Futures program.


28 RAIN Project ~ Future Goals The economy of the Pacific Northwest is beginning to emerge from the depression which resulted from the collapse of our resource economy A container Port is currently being constructed Ridley Terminal is expanding (Coal Terminal) Shellfish Aquaculture currently being initiated by the local First Nations Communities. Tourism (Cruise ships) has become a major player. Investors investigating which is creating a much more diverse economy from a resource based economy.

29 RAIN Project ~ Future Goals The changes will result in increasing demands for a skilled workforce Our residents have limited skills beyond those used for resource extraction or processing Our residents are under educated and not prepared for the New Economy that is emerging in this area.

30 RAIN Project ~ Future Goals Strengthening human capital Empower citizens through learning Access new personal, employment & business information and skills Create a new way to connect to the world outside remote communities Foster a sense of optimism about the Regions economic future Our new Goals must include :

31 RAIN Project ~ Future Goals Ridley Island Terminals Prince Rupert Port Authority Canadian National Railway West Coast Oil & Gas Industry Tourism Industry Indian and Northern Affairs Others? (If youre in the audience, lets talk) We are seeking new partners in addition to those who already support this project

32 The main goal of the new R.A.I.N. Project is to build individual and community capacity ….this has the potential to create increased economic development opportunities in each community and ….it will increase and enhance individual skills and abilities so residents will be able to take advantage of the increased employment opportunities that will be created in the North West Regions emerging New Economy.

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