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First Nations Portal Project NRT / FNTC – Idéeclic.

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1 First Nations Portal Project NRT / FNTC – Idéeclic

2 Introductions Name Role Prior experience with Portals and/or Content Management tools (name, projects) Write your purpose / goals / expectations of this training on a post-it

3 Administration Training material Use of computers for exercises Breaks (15 min in the morning & 15 min in the afternoon) Lunch (30-45 min) Please no emails and no mobile phones during the training Feel free to ask questions thoughtout

4 First Nations in BC – Portal Idéeclic had the mandate to implement a best practices information portal Some key features Communities of Practice Content repository for sharing best practices Event calendars Image galleries Mini-sites Etc.

5 Agenda (Day 1) Morning 1.Introduction 2.Foundations training 1.Drupal interface (login, edit, history, etc.) 2.Creating & managing content pages, taxonomy 3.Managing menu and hierarchy Afternoon 1.Advanced topics 1.Content Blocks 2.Content vetting / approval 3.Community of Practice 4.Mini-site

6 Agenda (Day 2) 1.Status meeting 2.Review of the Issue Log 3.Q & A 4.Administrative tools 1.Accounts management 2.Permissions 3.Paypal account 5.Content creation session

7 Introduction to Content Management Content Management Systems (CMS) are used to manage the different building blocks of a website without needing the expertise of a webmaster Design – Page look and feel – Branding, logos Content – Text, images, attachments – Can be specified in types Structure – Site navigation – URL Functionality – e.g. Search, contact form, integration with other applications Page Types – e.g. Home Page, Site Map, Content

8 Content Management System Allow, delete or update content Manage links between pages Enforce site consistency Allow multiple users to manage the site

9 Process

10 Introduction to Drupal Drupal is a CMS Drupal is open-source Drupal is secure Drupal is modular & flexible Drupal is widely used More than 350 000 installations from small site to large organizations including

11 Drupal interface

12 Idéeclic - What we do Digital solutions for cultural and educational institutions Web projects related to the dissemination of knowledge Universities, libraries, museums, archives Education, heritage, culture, and citizenship

13 Idéeclic - What we do IN-SITU Kiosk Multimedia integration ONLINE Web 2.0 application Research platform Corporate website Virtual exhibits Mini-site Interactive game MOBILE Podcasts tour GPS tour Cellular application Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Research Platform Content Management System (CMS)

14 Idéeclic - What we do Create strategies for the Internet Implement best practices for online development Develop storyboards Design and illustrate content and interfaces Build virtual-exhibitions, traditional exhibitions and tutorials Conceive and create exploratory and educational activities Develop cultural/educational institutions websites Research content and write scripts Plan, prepare and administer focus groups and usability testing

15 Some of our clients / Quelques clients

16 Ce qui est créé par lesprit est plus vivant que la matière. Charles Baudelaire, Fusées Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein, On Science

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