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Feel Science, Enjoy Science Yan Jun Vice Director Beijing Development Center of Popular Science of BAST.

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1 Feel Science, Enjoy Science Yan Jun Vice Director Beijing Development Center of Popular Science of BAST

2 Instructor China Association for Science and Technology Host Beijing Association for Science and Technology Organizers Beijing Sci-tech Education Promotional Association Beijing Development Center of Popular Science

3 About Host Beijing Association for Science and Technology (BAST) constitute an NGO organization, the home for science and technology staff in Beijing area, more than 330 societies, foundations, county and district-level associations for science and technology, grass-roots organization 400,000 members. objective booming the popularization of science and technology, promoting Academic exchange enhancing the integration of S&T and economy.

4 As a lively and avant-garde science popularization method, Science Festival has won its recognition world widely. Until now, 94 Science Festivals have been held successfully in 18 countries every year all over the world. These Festivals providing science parties for all youths and citizens, thus to inspire the social passion on science learning and innovation, play a positive role in enhancing public scientific literacy. what is the Science Festival?

5 International Science Festival



8 Beijing Science Festival was successfully held in Beijing from September 16-23, 2011. 117 Chinese and foreign institutions from 12 countries including China, U.S., UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Belgium, South Africa and other international organizations participated in the main venue activities with 147 interactive projects, and the main venue events at the Beijing Olympic Park received nearly 80,000 spectators. The concurrent Beijing Science and Technology Film Week released nearly 50 3DIMAX films to the public in Beijing and set off a wave of digital technology. More than 60 television, radio, newspapers and online media coverage including CCTV "News Broadcast" reported and promoted the science festival and nearly 160,000 relevant pieces of news were published on the Internet. About Beijing Science Festival

9 Our Outstanding Influence – Participation of international science organizations, making grand event of global science popularization. Guide – Support of top 500 global corporations, releasing platform for advanced technology and products. Interaction – Short distance interaction with scientists, unchallenging scientific experience.

10 Our Outstanding The World Citys Carnival BSF tells you: to learn the science is not boring. Everything is so relaxed and enjoyable. Music, literature, film, food, a variety of performances and entertainments will make everyone feel the fun and charm of the unique science world.

11 Our Outstanding Focus on Youth and Future Young people aged 6-25 will be the future force of the urban development. Science Festival pays more attention on their participation in science. We will organize young people to visit the Science Festival through official channels. By estimate, more than 100,000 families will join in this event.

12 Our Outstanding Support of top 500 global corporations, concentrated display of advanced products and concepts. Global 500 enterprises will fully support the Festival activities, not only in providing Sci-tech experiencing zones, by sharing industrial Sci-tech elements with visitors, but also displaying their attitude towards technological innovation and social development, their responsibility of science popularization, and their love to the city!

13 Our Outstanding Great media attention, diversified channels of communication. Beijing Science Festival has attracted the attention of 60 different kinds of medias, including the CCTV News Broadcast, BTV, China National Radio, China News Service and the Xinhua News Agency. There are more than 160,000 reports in total published.

14 Xi Jin Ping, Vice chairman of the Peoples republic of China and several other national leaders have visited the main venue of Beijing Science Festival. Retrospection of 2011 Leaders Visit

15 Retrospection of 2011 International Activities

16 Retrospection of 2011 Area of Happy Learning

17 Retrospection of 2011 Sponsors Activities

18 Media Focus

19 2012 Theme activity regions 2012 Beijing Science Festival venue will be divided into five regions, with the themes of future home, green life, smart communication, world tour and happy education respectively. Organizations of different industries will put on the show and entertaining interactions in the corresponding region.

20 Home is a small cell of the world and people around the world never slacken the pursuit of furniture: more comfortable, more useful, more beautiful, more intelligent…How should our home be like in the future? Novel and beautiful design, healthy and environmental protection materials, furniture focusing on the ecological protection, climate change and energy crisis, will lead the new concept in future furniture design. Creating more comfortable, healthy and convenient life will bring about special experience for the people. Theme activity regions

21 Application of the PC in communication has changed the peoples life greatly. Appearance of the cell phone and internet is changing the communication style of people, as well as the share and distribution of the global information. Communication technique that is intelligent, safe, efficient, and fast is becoming focus of peoples attention. Theme activity regions

22 Harmony of the nature and the people is embodied in the sustainable development. Green life style is an inevitable choice of the sustainable development of the world. Green life is comprised of low carbon, environmental protection, frugality and healthy life style. Green consumption, green travel and green residence are influencing our everyday life Theme activity regions

23 From the Great Wall to the Pyramid, from the Forbidden City to the Louvre, from the South Pole to the Equator, from the Mediterranean to the Himalayas, people have never stopped their steps in touring the world. New energy automobile, high speed railway, airbus… They not only change the way people traveling around the world, but also make the global economies interact closely, diversified cultures blend deeply. Technological progress has united the world.

24 Scientific research will play an important role in the development of future society. And to meet the great challenge facing the world also depends on science. More scientists and engineers need to be cultivated in future world. Therefore, it is necessary to guide and foster the interest of youngsters to scientific research. Interactive display of scientific materials, open scientific experiments, scientific competition, scientific lectures…children can enjoy a happy space to learn science. Theme activity regions

25 Conference Lecture The Summit of World Science Festival The Forum of Science Communication and Science Education Series of topic lecture Science nearby us commerce Activity Science Popularization Resources Exhibition and Trade New Science Popularization Book Issuance Competition and Contest Automobile Model Skill Competition Climate Class· Green Campus National General Contest Relative Activities

26 THANKS Welcome contact us: E-mail : Website:

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