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Example policy elements and their role in bandwidth management and optimisation.

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1 Example policy elements and their role in bandwidth management and optimisation

2 Warning These are not all necessarily recommended elements and approaches Presented just as ideas and suggestions Adoption should only be considered on a case by case basis

3 UNAM Electronic communications facilities (such as e-mail) are for company related activities only. –Could be used as the basis to block Web sites or protocols that are not deemed within the core business of the organisation –Monitoring of traffic might show certain entertainment Web sites being high users if bandwidth, these could then be blocked using a proxy cache MP3 traffic could be blocked using your firewall and only opened to users who could demonstrate a business need for such information –The emphasis could then be on the blocked user to demonstrate the business need of the activity in question

4 University of Bristol The following will also be treated as contravening these regulations: (a) any action that would impair the function or security of the University's computer network; –Could be used as the basis to take appropriate action against anyone who attempts to work around any BMO technologies you put in place E.g. someone trying to disguise traffic through your firewall Someone not using your proxy cache server (although if well implemented then that should not be possible)

5 University of KwaZulu-Natal scanning all incoming message and file downloads for malicious codes such as viruses or Trojan Horses –This would allow you to configure your mail server to reject infected email messages without the need to inform users –A security issue –No need to accept complaints that users are having their emails rejected

6 UCT the University reserves the right to restrict or otherwise control the use of any of the internet protocols (This right to restrict may include the right to set a limit on individual usage by volume for undergraduate students, postgraduate students and staff) –Allows for the implementation of user quota system –Restrict users (individuals or groups) to set volumes and that these volumes could differ between users or groups

7 University of Natal Violations of this policy will be handled in accordance with procedures established in the Conditions of Service or the Rules for Student Discipline. –Regular abusers of any rules or regulations can be reported by the ICT department to the appropriate authorities to take further action –Or they can be contacted directly with the warning that the appropriate disciplinary procedures will be started if their behaviour does not change

8 But things need to be two way UCT reserves the right to interrogate electronic records held by UCT, but this right will not be exercised without the written permission of the Vice- Chancellor –You can monitor users Web traffic and act on any patterns that you deem appropriate –But, this will not be done just at the discretion of the system administrator

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