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Information literacy: Seven Pillars model - Exercise.

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1 Information literacy: Seven Pillars model - Exercise

2 Objective To gain an understanding of the seven skills which make uo the seven pillars model

3 Exercise In pairs discuss each skill Write two or three sentences about what you think each skill means Time – 30 minutes

4 Skill 1. Recognise and articulate a need for information

5 Skill 2 Distinguish ways in which the information need may be addressed

6 Skill 3 Construct strategies for locating information

7 Skill 4 Locate and access information

8 Skill 5 Compare and evaluate information obtained from different sources

9 Skill 6 Skill 6 Organise, apply and communicate information to others in ways appropriate to the situation

10 Skill 7 Synthesise and build upon existing information, contributing to the creation of knowledge

11 The Seven Skills model was established by SCONUL (the UK Society of College, National and University Libraries)

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