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What is a Computer ? What is the application of computer in Our Daily Life ? What is the application of computer in Teaching Field?

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1 What is a Computer ? What is the application of computer in Our Daily Life ? What is the application of computer in Teaching Field?

2 What is a Computer ? A Computer is an electronic device that can perform - Mathematical Operation. Logical Operation. Graphical Operation.

3 COMPUTER Speaker System Unit Monitor Mouse Keyboard

4 What is the application of computer in Our Daily Life ? Computers are widely used in several fields, such as – Education Communication Entertainment Banking Railway Business Medicine Weather Forecasting Scientific Research

5 What is an application of computer in Education ? Digital Media in Education. Digital Communication in Education. Online Tests and Publishing of Test Results. Data Tracking

6 What is the application of computer in Teaching Field? Computer to perform a verity of tacks such as– Drafting letters Performing Calculation Maintaining Records about Students Creating Question papers Analyzing Exam Results Creating Attractive Picture

7 Benefits of Computer High Speed Accuracy Storage Automation Diligence Versatility

8 Limitation of Computer Zero IQ (Intelligence Power) No Common Sense No Self Protection

9 Basic Concept of Computer Data Processing Meaningful Information (Raw Material) INPUT PROCESS OUTPUT

10 Computer system HardwareSoftwareUser

11 What is Hardware ? All electronic parts of computer that we can touch and feel are called hardware. Such as- Keyboard Mouse Monitor Printer

12 What is Software ? The set of instruction is called a program and a set of interlinked program is called software. Such as- Ms Power Point Ms Word Ms Excel Ms Paint

13 What is a User ? A person who uses computer is called a user.

14 Keyboard Motherboard Monitor Floppy Disk Mouse CPU Printer CD Scanner Video Card Speaker DVD Microphone Sound Card Hard Disk Web Camera Pen Drive HARDWARE INPUT DEVICE PROCESS DEVICE OUTPUT DEVICES MEMORY DEVICES

15 INPUT DEVICES Devices used to provide data and instructions to the computer are called input devices. Such as – Keyboard Mouse Scanner Microphone Web Camera

16 Keyboard The keyboard is used for typing text into the computer. Keyboard inputs data like letters, numbers and symbols etc. It is also known as the standard input device.

17 Mouse A mouse is a Pointing device. It is used to point to and select option displayed on the monitor. It is also used to create images, graphics and pictures etc.

18 Scanner A scanner is used to make an exact copy of a picture or a photograph.

19 Microphone AAAA microphone is a device used to record sound. Microphone converts sound waves into audio waves.

20 Web Camera A web camera is device capable of converting visual into digital form. It inputs data like still picture and motion picture.

21 Process Devices Process device is responsible for all the processing required to convert the input data into required output.

22 Motherboard The system unit contains a large board that has a number of electronic circuits and other components. It is known as the motherboard. It’s also known as PCB (Printed Circuit Board). It contains pre defined slots and circuits which can be used to connect one component to another component.

23 There are Two Parts of CPU CU is responsible for ALU is responsible controlling all hardware for all arithmetic operations. and logical operations CPU CU (Control Unit) ALU (Arithmetic & Logical Unit)

24 Sound Card A sound card enables the computer to record sound through a microphone, manipulate sound stored on a disk and output the sound through speakers.

25 Output Devices Any device that is capable of representing information on a computer is called an output device.

26 There are two type output devices Monitor Printer Speaker Output Devices Softcopy Output Devices Hardcopy Output Devices

27 Monitor A monitor is used to display information from the computer. The monitor displays text and graphics.

28 Speaker Speakers are used to play sound. Speakers allows you to listen to music and hear sound effects using your computer.

29 Printer Printer is used to processed data from a computer onto paper. Printer is Hardcopy output device.

30 Memory A computer stores a variety of data and information in it’s memory.

31 There are two types of memory Memory Primary Memory Ram (Random Access Memory) Rom (Read Only Memory) Secondary Memory

32 Primary Memory Primary memory is the main memory. It stores data and instructions for processing. It also stores the output data temporarily before it is sent to an appropriate output device. Primary storage or main memory is volatile. This means that the contents in memory will be lost when the computer is turned off.

33 Ram Storage area used for temporarily holding programs and data for processing. Data Stored is lost the moment the power supply is turned off.

34 Rom Storage area used for holding instructions needed for starting a computer. These instructions are stored permanently. They cannot be erased or modified. Information stored is not lost even after the computer is turned off.

35 Secondary Memory Secondary memory store data and information Permanently. Secondary memory have a large capacity to store programs and user data.

36 There are Secondary Memory Devices Floppy Disk Compact Disk Digital Video Disk Hard Disk Pen Drive

37 Floppy Disk A Floppy disk is a portable storage medium that can store a small amount of data. The storage capacity of a floppy disk is usually 1.44 MB. One disadvantage of a floppy disk is that t is to damage by heat, dust and magnetic fields. The Floppy Disk Drive is used to read form and write to a floppy disk.

38 Compact Disk Compact disk storage capacity of 650 MB or 700 MB. Which is also the reason why large software programs usually come with an installation CD. The CD- ROM Drive is used to read from a CD.

39 Digital Video Disk A DVD Drive is an Storage Device used to read from a DVD ROM, Although DVD drive are also able to read CD. A DVD-Rom is similar to a CD-ROM. DVDs that can store up to 17 GB are also available. Because of their capacity. DVDs are generally used to store very large multimedia presentations and movies that combine high quality sound and graphics.

40 Pen Drive Pen drive storage device.It can hold data ranging from 4 GB to 8 GB. It’s Portable storage device.

41 Hard Disk A hard disk storage capacity of Terabytes. typically have a capacity of less then 80 Gigabytes.

42 Unit Information Kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes and terabytes are units form measuring the capacity of a storage device. 8 Bits=1 Byte 1024 Bytes=1 Kilobyte (KB) 1024 KB=1 Megabyte (MB) 1024 MB=1 Gigabyte (GB) 1024 GB=1 Terabyte (TB)

43 Block Diagram of Computer CU ALU Input Unit Memory (RAM) Output Unit Data Result

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