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Single Window (Regulatory Agencies One Stop Shop) Jamaicas Experience Working together to make Trade Easier 1.

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1 Single Window (Regulatory Agencies One Stop Shop) Jamaicas Experience Working together to make Trade Easier 1

2 Background Agricultural Health and Food Safety activities spans three (3) Ministries: – Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF) – Industry, Investment and Commerce ( MIIC ) – Health (MOH) Seven (7) Regulatory Agencies – Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Branch – Veterinary Services Division – Food Storage & Prevention of Infestation Division – Bureau of Standards – Pesticides Control Authority – Pharmaceuticals Division – Public Health Department 2

3 Background (contd) Overlaps and gaps among these entities recognized Logistical inefficiencies and complaints by traders Addressed by the Ministries through the Agricultural Support Services Project (ASSP) an IDB funded project within the MOAF in collaboration with the Office of the Cabinet. 3

4 Background (contd) Modalities are being introduce across government to: – eliminate duplication of processes – make doing business convenient and efficient Forms part of the thrust to encourage joined up government by establishing collaboration between government bodies for: – improved service delivery – Efficiency and optimum use of available resources 4

5 Interim Collaboration Memorandum of Understanding signed by the three (3) Ministers in 2005 Agencies agreed to carry out only those functions stipulated in the agreement. Offering customer service in a timely and efficient way. Regulatory Agencies under one roof designed to significantly reduce the time taken to complete inspection processes as the system was negatively affected by the scattered arrangement of regulatory agencies 5

6 One Stop Shop The Jamaica Import/Export Inspection Centre (JI/EIC) was established under the Government of Jamaicas Public Sector Modernization Programme (PSMP)through the Office of the Cabinet The Centre was officially opened on June 23rd 2009 6

7 7

8 Jamaica Import/Export Inspection Centre (One Stop Shop) The Centre was created to: – Serve as a central location to coordinate inspection of traded goods – Achieve quicker inspection processing time – Make representatives of Regulatory Agencies more accessible – More effectively protect the Jamaican border and safeguard animal, plant and public health – Keep pace with global trends in trade facilitation, boost competitiveness and attract investments 8

9 One Stop Shop Vision To be a world class Inspection facility that supports economic growth and development through international trade. Mission To offer high quality efficient service that advances trade facilitation, while protecting the Jamaican border; safeguard human, animal and plant health; promote food safety, food security and expansion of exports; assure environmental protection and wholesome products to consumers through the application of sound scientific principles and established standards enabled by a courteous staff, in a customer friendly environment. 9

10 Located Kingston Container Terminal Services Limited (KCTSL) Facility on the Port of Kingston

11 One Stop Shop The Centre is managed by a Client Service Officer, who facilitates the communication of all relevant information between the agencies and the Brokers/ Importer Administrative responsibility – PQ/PI in MOAF Funding provided by the three (3) Ministries Building and furniture provided by Ports Authority of Jamaica 11

12 One Stop Shop A comfortable Customer Service wait area, which will can accommodate approximately thirty (30) customers was opened in November 2012 Customer Service Area will be equipped with computers for customers use such as – Applying for their permits online, with the guidance of the Client Service Officer, and to access information on the various regulatory agencies. Installation of an electronic Logging System, which will seek to reduce turn around time for the inspection of containers. – It will also capture turnaround time of customers and used to improve the processes and make doing business with the government more convenient, customer friendly and efficient. 12

13 13

14 Initiatives Development of an integrated e-trade system that will include all the regulatory agencies responsible for trade including Trade Board and Customs All presently operate in silos, new system will integrate the systems Further modernizations of Customs One Stop Shop for Montego Bay Implementation of aspects of the Food Safety and the Plant Health Policies 14

15 Initiatives in Train A Food Safety Policy – approved by Cabinet drafting of food safety legislation to reflect the Policy Establishment of Inter-ministerial Agricultural Health and Food Safety Committee and the National Agricultural Health and Food Safety Council (NAHFSC) Plant Health Policy – – Approved by Cabinet – Implementation plan to be sent to Cabinet 15

16 Challenges Customs Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) System-: preferential treatment to companies that are compliant with Jamaica Customs rules and regulations and is deemed by Customs as low risk importers. – Containers are sent to the importers facilities and sometimes opened before the relevant agencies are present to conduct their inspection This is to be addressed under the new Customs Transformation Project 16

17 Challenges Inadequate staff to effectively carry out their mandate Statutory overlaps and reluctance of agencies to relinquish powers given to them under various Acts and Regulations The need for decision makers in the Regulatory Agencies to be at the table in discussions that will affect their authority 17

18 Benefits Access to multiple government services in a single location Shorter processing time Reduce overlaps and gaps in inspection process Minimize the need for importer/exporter to make multiple visits to Regulatory Agencies 18

19 Benefits Greater collaboration among agencies Monthly Agencies meeting – Quarterly stakeholders meeting PQ/PI collecting samples for PCA Agencies are better able to monitor as they are at the location Will assist in the determination of the type of single Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency to be considered by government. 19

20 Export Complex One Stop Shop Concept Providing the End Services for Agricultural Produce

21 Export Complex One Stop Shop Airlines Customs USDA – APHIS Police – Canine inspection MOAF Staff -Fumigation Staff -Inspectorate i.e. Plant Quarantine/Produce Inspection Inspectors - Accounting and Administrative Staff 21

22 Export Complex One Stop Shop Services Inspection and certification of imports and export of agricultural commodities Pre-clearance services for agricultural produce to the United States of America Conduct chemical treatments for agricultural produce Cold and ambient storage for fresh produce. Facility for Customs services for exports Export and import data on agricultural produce for market intelligence Plug-in facilities for the cooling of refrigerated sea containers 22

23 Export Complex One Stop Shop Benefits A central facility for handling exports in proximity to the air and sea ports Provide a sterile and sanitary environment for the inspection and processing of agricultural exports Enhances the security of the commodities Improve quality of produce due to reduced handling. 23

24 24

25 Conclusion Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agencies will expend every effort to facilitate exports and imports. Co-ordination of the inspection activities of the various entities will greatly improve activities at the ports. The agencies will keep abreast of impending changes to the import requirements of trading partners and transfer the information from the public sector to the private sector in the shortest possible time. Let us all work together to improve trade and Protect our Countries' Agriculture and Health Tel : 923-7018/ 937-7924 25


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