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The Eight Branches of Philosophy By: Kurt Boling and Casey Fannell.

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1 The Eight Branches of Philosophy By: Kurt Boling and Casey Fannell

2 Instructions  This presentation is interactive.  There will be action buttons at the bottom of every slide that must be pressed to move forward and backward.  The Main Menu has buttons that when pressed lead to one of the 8 branches.  Certain slides will have a home button that take you to the main menu. This button looks like a house.

3 Main Menu Eight Branches of Philosophy Metaphysics EthicsAesthetics Logic Theory of Knowledge PoliticsScienceReligion

4 Metaphysics  Metaphysics is the study of origins.  Asks why we are here and what is our purpose in life.  Study of time.

5 Metaphysics Continued  The Melisians believed the universe was made of fire, water, earth, and air.  Aristotle created the “Great Mover and Shaker” theory of our origins. (Big Bang)

6 Epistemology: The Theory of Knowledge  This is the branch that deals with where knowledge comes from.  Asks how do we obtain knowledge.

7 Rationalism and Empiricalism  Rationalism is the idea that knowledge is obtained through logic and reason.  Empiricism is the idea that we obtain knowledge by use of our senses.

8 Religion  This Branch deals with why people believe in a higher power and an afterlife.  Meaning of life  Rituals and how people should act.

9 Examlples of Religion  Dualism  Christianity, Judaism, Islam  Monotheism  Polytheism  Buddhism  Hinduism

10 Ethics  This branch deals mainly with morality.  It helps people determine what is right and wrong and how we can achieve the “good life”.

11 The Good Life  This is where a person has balance between happiness and virtue.

12 Aesthetics  The Study of what makes Beauty.  Art and its significance.  What shapes the opinion of beauty.

13 Beauty  Beauty is perceived as being relative to most.  Some would argue that there is universality in beauty and that we all feel the same emotion when observing good art.

14 Politics  Study of how people interact with each other.  What is the purpose of government.  Why people need other people.

15 Political Philosophies  Conservatism  Liberalism  Marxism  Social Darwinism  Communism  Socialism  Capitalism

16 Science  The philosophy of Science describes the way in which science changes the world.

17 Examples of How Science has Changed the World  Evolution has changed the way in which people have viewed origins  Theory of Relativity has dramatically changed physics  The internet has changed the way people exchange information.

18 Logic  The use of reason in argument.  Critical thinking and problem solving.  How to apply evidence to an argument.

19 Example of Logic  Mathematics: –5 + X = 9 –X = 4  Syllogism: –Girls have long hair. –Ariel has long hair –Ariel is a girl.

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