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Entre-pass: Personalising u-learning with Intelligent Agents

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1 Entre-pass: Personalising u-learning with Intelligent Agents
Gregory M. P. O’Hare, Bríd C. Doherty, Peter T. O’Hare, Michael J. O’Grady School of Computer Science and Informatics, UCD, Dublin, Ireland.

2 Ubiquitous Learning Anytime, Anywhere, Any media Learning
User sets their own learning timetable Content adapts to user’s requirements Same learning quality no matter which device is used

3 User Profiling On registration, explicit profile created
Profiler Agent extracts this profile, places it in User Profile Database Subsequent interactions cause implicit refinement through Listener Agent-Profiler Agent interaction

4 Benefits of User Profiling
More intuitive interactions Users feel system adapts to their requirements More comfortable user interactions Content is adapted to display and bandwidth restrictions

5 Considerations with User Profiling
Profiling must not be obvious or intrusive Users may feel their privacy is being invaded by aggressive profiling Profiling must be performed in an intuitive and non-invasive manner

6 Agent Factory A cohesive framework for the development and deployment of agent applications (Collier et al, 2003) BDI (Belief-Desire-Intention) agent development Inter-agent Communication language, based on FIPA standards

7 Agent Factory Features
Interpreted Agent Programming Language Agent Platform to support deployment of agents Lightweight agent implementation that can be deployed on PDAs Methodological support for agent fabrication

8 Moodle Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment Developed by Martin Dougiamas Open source ‘Social Constructionist Pedagogy’ Developed in PHP under a GPL license

9 Entre-pass Project Pan-European Project
Partners in Spain, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Britain and Ireland Aim of our project is to increase the number of people undertaking entrepreneurial training by increasing the visibility, accessibility and transferability of such courses and qualifications

10 Entre-Pass Project Entrepreneurial qualification development
Development of an on-line training course, undertaken in an enveloping internet hosted training environment, adapted to the needs of those contemplating starting up their own business. Successful completion of this course will lead to the award of the “European Certificate in Entrepreneurship.”

11 Entre-pass Project Output
Online u-learning system Personalised Content Presentation Electronic Record of Training Achievements Multi-language courseware: Danish, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, English

12 Video Content

13 Quizzes are used for Assessment

14 The Entre-Pass System Combination of Moodle and Agent Factory
Multi-Agent System constructed in Agent Factory

15 Entre-Pass Multi-Agent System
Listener Agent Detects user interactions Passes results of these actions to Profiler Agent e.g. Detects username and password on login

16 Entre-Pass Multi-Agent System
Profiler Agent Maintains, updates and analyses the user profile in a database Extracts Profile from Moodle Database, stores it in User Profile Database Assesses the user’s requirements Communicates these requirements to other Agents e.g. Detects required language and notifies Content Management Agent

17 Entre-Pass Multi-Agent System
Content Management Agent Controls Content Requirements are passed from Profiler Agent Content is then selected from Content Database according to this content e.g. If a user performs badly in an assignment, the preceding content is re-displayed for revision

18 Entre-Pass Multi-Agent System
Presentation Agent Adjusts display for differing screen real-estate of PC and PDA Applies different css (cascading style sheet) to content display

19 User Interface Web-based system (

20 Online Feedback Form used

21 Feedback Analysis Online Form used Relevance of Materials & Videos:
51% relevant, 38% neutral, 11% irrelevant Videos too large for dial-up or PDA viewing Navigation: 76% found it Intuitive or Very Intuitive

22 Conclusion Application of intelligent agents allows for greater profiling capabilities Courseware tailored to user requirements Both implicit and explicit profiling used Positive Feedback for the system

23 Contact Details and Additional Information

24 Questions??

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