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Fatma Elsayed Meawad Dr. Geneen Stubbs Ray Kingdon

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1 Fatma Elsayed Meawad Dr. Geneen Stubbs Ray Kingdon
Faculty of Advanced Technology University of Glamorgan South Wales, UK

2 The Need A infrastructure for on-demand , personalized mobile learning at Scale. Issues: Organizational change Mobile operators Diversity & Limitations of Wireless technologies

3 Goals Operate at Scale Automation Simplicity Flexibility & Scalability
Deployment Administration Simplicity Easily installed and maintained Simplicity and Usability for staff and students Flexibility & Scalability Delivered Content Produce adaptive interfaces Controllable cost

4 Architecture Components
Conceptual Models of VLEs Course, tutors, students and administrators Learning activities (News, Events, Quizzes, Lessons, Workshops, assignments, Wikis, Forums, Participants, messages, Preferences, Personal Profile, etc. A J2ME Mobile Client Full Control Compact interface and use of learning activities Server Side Engine Seamless & centralized control Remote controlling the mobile client Automation

5 Architecture Web Interface VLE DB Java enabled device
Remote online learning systems Mobile Web Web Interface Sql Server Side Engine Local DB Central Point of control Web services Interface Interface

6 Deployment VLE registration (One Step)
Moodle with foundation students Web administration account Automated Mobile Client Installation Device Recognition Navigation adaptation

7 Pre Evaluation Supervised testing for students
Unsupervised testing for tutors 90% students use internet for games, tones, sports news All students are interested to use mobile learning

8 Post Evaluation Tutors used messaging extensively especially in replying to students query and feedback. Students were interested mostly in messaging, quizzes, feedback and sharing photos.

9 Student’s Literacy about mobile phones
The importance of interface components (input, font and navigation) All Students are willing to pay a little fee for using this system

10 Next Steps Cost issue Enhance adaptivity to include student profile.
Un-supervised testing with Students (final Release)

11 Questions?

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