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DLI UPDATE 2007-2008 Michel Séguin Statistics Canada December 13, 2007.

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1 DLI UPDATE 2007-2008 Michel Séguin Statistics Canada December 13, 2007

2 u Organizational changes u Changes in the DLI Community u Changes in the EAC and Education Committees u Changes in the DLI Collection u Present Projects – priorities u Listserv u Annual report 2006/2007 u Compleat Survival Kit u Improve quality and standardization of data and metadata for preservation u Database and Internet update project u DDI u Metrics papers u DLI contacts and designates survey u Citation Guide u Training Repository u Licensing Questions u Towards the open data concept u Training proposal for next DLI training

3 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Director of Communications and Library Services Division François Bordé retired on June 24 th 2007 New director of Communications and Library Services Division, Eric St. John joined on June 4 th 2007

4 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES André Blondin who was working on i mproving the quality and standardization of data and metadata And preparing SPSS codes Is now with Industry Account Division

5 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Marie-Claire has taken over the listserv, the DLI Update and the training Is working with DLI section but from the Halifax Office

6 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Linda Harding-Devries works on DDI Is becoming our DDI specialist Works with other divisions and Committees related to DDI Provides training to divisional staff on tagging DDI files

7 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Jocelyn Geha has completed the digitizing print metadata Worked on the expansion of the data collection – 1971 – 1986 Basic Summary Tables (Census BSTs) Left in September for a new job on Parliament Hill

8 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Renée Rocan does the administrative work Travel Claims, CD-ROMs, etc… Will also work on tagging DDI files

9 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Gaëtan Drolet works on metrics document Survey with DLI contacts and designates Works with various STC services areas on citation Going through the site and comparing English and French

10 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Jackie Godfrey takes care of : the FTP site the Web site the search tool registration on listserv passwords all of us

11 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Mike Sivyer is bookmarked through the Alumni Program at STC Works only a few hours a week for DLI Prepare the minutes from the EAC meeting Other work such as the Strategy Document Remains well connected to the DLI

12 ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES Other staffing plans for the beginning of FY 08/09 Another Marie-Claire Another André

13 In November 2007, Durham College joined the DLI This brings the membership to 72 Other institutions have made inquiries about joining DLI Follow-up have been done No decision yet to join Mostly a resource issue DLI MEMBERSHIP

14 Institutions that have not yet been visited Niagara College Nova Scotia Community College Durham College

15 EAC MEMBERSHIP Mario Bédard from Health Statistics Division has resigned A new STC representative will be invited to join starting at the next EAC meeting The executive will also look for another STC representative to replace Jeffrey Smith It was also decided to invite a guest representing colleges at the next EAC meeting Points discussed at the EAC are raised throughout this presentation Minutes from the EAC committee

16 Education Committee No change in the membership The committee met last September Minutes from the Education Committee Look at the future of DLI training Did an environmental scan Topics for future training activities

17 Education Committee Recommendations to EAC Data expertise gap across regions Web conferences with speakers from author divisions Issue of data preservation and archiving Business model that incorporates the possibility of an open data environment

18 DLI COLLECTION The regular updates to the collection for 2006 census Geography and 2006 Census, Postal codes files, CCHS files, etc… 1986 and 1981 census basic summary tables (BSTs) – 1971 and 1976 will be coming later. Presently working with International Trade Division to identify what could be made available (presentation on this tomorrow)

19 DLI COLLECTION Employment Insurance Coverage Survey KLEMS – Not new – Letter from John Baldwin See additions and changes to the FTP collection See additions and changes to the FTP collection Mirror site at the University of Alberta Plus other surveys not from Statistics Canada DFO – Catch and Effort Data (Fisheries and Oceans) Youth Smoking 2004 Canadian Addiction Survey

20 DLI COLLECTION Other initiative: Landings Data from Citizenship and Immigration Canada Working group in Statistics Canada is exploring access of PUMF from longitudinal files

21 PRESENT PRIORITIES LISTSERV Remains our first priority Best tool available for answering your questions Dont be afraid of asking questions on the listserv Present search tool may not be best at this point but work is being done to resolve this

22 PRESENT PRIORITIES Annual Report 06/07 Ready and printed DLI contacts to provide coordinates for Library directors to whom the annual reports will be sent DLI contacts will be receiving two copies Also being distributed by Mark Leggott to various Library Directors meetings across Canada COPPUL, CAUL, CRÉPUQ and OCUL at a later date Covering note to directors will indicate DLI contact

23 PRESENT PRIORITIES Compleat Survival KIT Will be tested for accessibility Standards from Treasury Board User name and password

24 PRESENT PRIORITIES Improve the quality and standardization of data and metadata This project is on hold until we can find another André Going through the collection, survey by survey Ensuring that the information is complete – data files, metadata, and other information such as SPSS codes All information meets the STC standards – bilingual Working with Divisions to complete the collection if required

25 PRESENT PRIORITIES Data base and Internet update project Talk about for quite a few years Data base built from existing information from online catalogue or IMDB Will be covered by Marie-Claire

26 PRESENT PRIORITIES DDI – Data Documentation Initiative Since last April 2007 Working with: Dr Michelle Edwards from Guelph University Jane Fry from Carleton University Irene Wong from Alberta University Staff from Special Surveys at STC Staff from the DLI Unit at STC Develop: A best practice document for coding files in DDI Nesstar and the best practice document on Web CTUMS was made available for comments

27 PRESENT PRIORITIES DDI – Data Documentation Initiative ODESI – Ontario Data Extraction System Infrastructure Prepared also a best practice document Both best practice documents have been compared Are essentially the same except: Some fields are not required for STC files Examples in STC best practice document are strictly for STC files as ODESI document added examples for metadata from other sources than STC DINO (Data In Ontario) is having a hands on workshop with Ontario University participants related to the ODESI best practice document Comments related to fields applicable to STC files will be integrated in both documents

28 PRESENT PRIORITIES DDI – Data Documentation Initiative As of January 2008 Files from STC will be available on the Web Statistics Canada best practices document relating to tagging files based on DDI version 1- 3 Statistics Canada best practices document relating to tagging files based on DDI version 1- 3 The DLI site will be the official repository for STC PUMFs in DDI compliant format

29 PRESENT PRIORITIES DLI COLLECTION IN DDI The data files will be accessible to only the DLI Contacts and will be userid and password protected. The metadata will be accessible by everyone. Your patrons will be able to perform variable level searches to identify the files required.

30 PRESENT PRIORITIES Sherlock Metrics Paper Five years of use of Survey data from Statistics Canada DLI collection Use of Census of population microdata files Next: Use of GSS files in Quebec Universities Other systems: IDLS – University of Western QWIFS – Queens University Island – University of British Columbia Landru – University of Calgary

31 PRESENT PRIORITIES DLI Contacts and Designates Survey Obtain information from DLI members in terms of satisfaction, use of data and other useful information that will help improve services Questionnaire has been developed by Gaëtan and revised by Chuck, Wendy, Mike and Michel Population Research Laboratory will host the survey Test will be conducted early January, 2008 Survey will be conducted starting mid January, 2008 Report will be ready before end of March 2008

32 THE CITATION GUIDE This guide has been completed and is now an official STC guide 2-591-XIE/12-591-XIE2006001.htm 2-591-XIE/12-591-XIE2006001.htm Census Community Profile generates standard citations CANSIM and ESTAT generate standard citations

33 TRAINING REPOSITORY All DLI training materials from workshops are being collected and deposited in one central location - T- Space at University of Toronto This work is being done by Jane Fry and students at Carleton University It is not on DLI site because of language requirements Translation can be done upon request

34 TRAINING REPOSITORY All training coordinators have access in order to load all material e/1873/69

35 LICENCING QUESTIONS There is always questions concerning data access and use as defined under the DLI License Agreement. A series of questions and answers / situations that you can browse through and get some answers are posted on the site.

36 LICENCING QUESTIONS We have created a database with examples of different data use questions. These are from actual cases. We will continue to add to this database as we get additional examples.


38 u Static Maps u Maps at the Census Subdivision (CSD) level and higher geographic level (specifically: Census Metropolitan Area (CMA); Census Agglomeration (CA); Census Division (CD); Federal Electoral District (Fed); Province and Canada) may be placed on a DLI institutions website for general accessibility. u Static thematic maps at the Census Tracts (CT), Dissemination Area (DA), and Forward Sortation Area geographic levels may be published on a DLIs institutional website for general accessibility, without further consent from Statistics Canada, provided such maps constitute an integral part of analysis and/or research which was conducted using STC data products. Otherwise, maps at the CT, DA, and FSA must remain behind the institutions firewall and accessible only to authorised DLI users. u All maps disseminated freely on the Statistics Canada website can be replicated. u In all cases where there are maps containing Statistics Canada data, proper u Sourcing is required; u Approval for making an atlas available on the Web requires licensing permission from Statistics Canada. u Permission must be obtained from the client Services Division of Statistics Canada: u for all other types of request. Such requests will be handles on u a case by case basis and if approved a notice must be posted indicating that Statistics u Canada approval has been obtained;

39 LICENCING QUESTIONS Products from Secondary Distributors, Section 5.3 in the license agreement: Grants the licensee to provide copies of a derived information product(s) to educational institution(s) at a discounted price providing that: The products are used exclusively for educational purposes; The educational institutions are supplied with a copy of the condition of use statement The royalty fees are then based on the licensees discounted price :

40 Steps towards an open data model Since April 24, 2006 all electronic publications on the STC web site are available for free. This is a first step towards free information on the Internet Whats the future… working towards a new business model with open data

41 Training Proposal for Fall 2008 Presently developing a one day workshop on the Business side of STC Morning will start with the Business Registry and covering each block of STC, what it collects and what is the output The afternoon will provides hands on the PUMFs from the business side

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