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JSTOR – Journal STORage How to Get More, Out of JSTOR Prepared by: Walter Zimmerman Electronic Services Librarian The D. B. Weldon Library Summer 2006.

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1 JSTOR – Journal STORage How to Get More, Out of JSTOR Prepared by: Walter Zimmerman Electronic Services Librarian The D. B. Weldon Library Summer 2006

2 JSTOR: An Online Archive of Scholarly Journals


4 What is JSTOR? A collection of fully-scanned academic journals, front cover to back cover A fully searchable database containing 600 journals with another 150+ planned by the end of 2008 Linked by OpenURL from most of our bibliographic databases

5 JSTOR… covers from the first issue of a journal up to approx. 5 years ago – a moving wall is searchable by title, author, text words, abstract words (where available,) but has no standardized subject headings is browsable by volume, issue, table of contents contains all materials including book reviews, instructions to authors, covers, advertisements, etc. is a very good way to find book reviews, especially of older books

6 How Journals Are Selected The titles included in JSTOR have been selected based on the following criteria: the number of institutional subscribers a journal has citation analysis recommendations from experts in the field the length of time that the journal has been published.

7 Subject Areas* *As of July 2005

8 A Bit of History JSTOR began as a project of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Started with 10 journals in economics and history with ¾ million pages 1995 – incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation 1997 – added many more subject areas and opened up access to academic institutions/research libraries More subject areas are still being added New, improved search software introduced in January 2005

9 Advantages of JSTOR Complete journal runs are full-text searchable Saves shelf space and no re-shelving is necessary Available 24/7/365 Always in perfect condition: No markings or No curvature when printing (unlike photocopying) Never a missing page or article as with print highlighting Cross-disciplinary searching – e.g.: Classics with Philosophy History with Political Science Economics with Finance and Business Art & Art History with Performing Arts Sociology with Population Studies Or you can search ALL journals at once Reference Linking coming in next few years

10 Westerns JSTOR Collections* *As of July 2006

11 Here are some examples of some very long runs in just a few of the disciplines

12 Anthropology/Archaeology American Anthropologist (1888-1997) Journal of American Folklore 1888-1999) Folklore (1878-1999*) Journal of the Royal Anth. Instit. Of Gt. Brit. and Ireland (1872-present*) American Journal of Archaeology (1897-1999) Journal of Hellenic Studies (1880-1999) Journal of the American Oriental Society (1843- 2001) * indicates title changes, best-known title shown

13 Economics American Economic Review (1886- 2002*) Economic Journal (1891-1999) Journal of Political Economy (1892- 2000) Quarterly Journal of Economics (1886-1999)

14 Geography Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (1890- 1999) [566 volumes, 24,814 articles ] Geographical Journal (1855-1999*) Geographical Review (1859-1999*)

15 History American Historical Review (1895- 1999*) English Historical Review (1886- 1999*) William & Mary Quarterly (1892- 2000)

16 Language and Literature Modern Language Notes (1886- 2004*) ELH (1934-2004*) PMLA (1884-2001*) American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures (1895-2002*)

17 Law Harvard Law Review (1887-2001) International and Comparative Law Quarterly (1896-1999*) Yale Law Journal (1891-2001)

18 Philology American Journal of Philology (1897- 1999) Harvard Journal of Classical Philology (1890-2000)

19 Philosophy Ethics/International Journal of Ethics (1890-2001*) Transactions of the Philosophical Society (1665-1999*) Transactions of the American Philosophical Society (1769-1999) Mind (1876-1997)

20 Browsing JSTOR One can be led to JSTOR from the Shared Catalogue

21 Holdings available in JSTOR Note other electronic holdings

22 where you can browse the contents In this case, recent volumes are from Project MUSE

23 Suppose you are looking for an article in ELH, 2(3), pp. 267-89, Nov., 1935

24 which brings you to…

25 …or one can be led from a database search to a specific article

26 brings you to…

27 JSTOR as a Database You can also get to articles in JSTOR by searching JSTOR directly: Basic Search Advanced Search – more powerful Expert Search – most flexible

28 Basic Search Good for simple requests - e.g. Color Purple AND stereotyp??????? Canad???? AND "middle power" AND Pearson AND Holmes but does not allow for specifying where terms are found, which subject areas are searched, which article types you want, or between what dates

29 Basic Search/Help Topics

30 Help Topics for Search

31 Search Help Examples Help with wildcards/truncation Help with Phrase Searching

32 Advanced Search Screen

33 Journal Selection You can choose a whole subject category by clicking in the box

34 Journal Selection …or you can choose specific titles

35 Expert Search

36 Expert Search Example And if you only want articles and not book reviews,etc.

37 Search Results And you can sort in several ways

38 Finding Book Reviews Looking for a book review of Holding Government Bureaucracies Accountable by B. Rosen, published in 1982, 1989, and 1998

39 Book Review Search

40 Here are the first 3 of 5 reviews found in 0.39 seconds:

41 Viewing the Article There are six options. Click on… 1. underlined article title first page 2. citation bibliographic citation and stable URL 3. page of first match page where any of the search terms first appears 4. print brings up print in pdf format option 5. download brings up download options (pdf, TIFF, or PostScript) 6. save citation allows you to save several citations which you can then e-mail to yourself, save in RefWorks, or save to put on a web page 1 23456

42 Next and Previous Pages Click on icon to go forward

43 But to Print a Whole Article 1. Click on 2. and then on 3. and then on the Adobe Acrobat print icon

44 And here is the PDF result:

45 Things to Know Before You Go JSTOR is NOT part of the free internet, so… it must be searched either on campus or by using the proxy server – If you e-mail citations to print at home, you must send them to your UWO e-mail address, open the proxy server, and finally, open your UWO mail within the proxy, using Quick Links on the Western Libraries home page then

46 Saving Citations You can create bibliographies of desired articles or use stable URLs for other purposes by using the Save Citation feature which then lets you click on View Saved Citations

47 Viewing Saved Citations You have the option to e-mail, save as a text-tile, or open in a new window

48 RefWorks JSTOR is compatible with RefWorks Follow the steps on the next slide If you dont have a RefWorks account, you will be able to create one after sending the citations to RefWorks

49 Part of the Help for Saved Citations

50 Send to Your Western E-mail If you do this, you can print your articles at home

51 …and Open Your E-mail And clicking on this link (a) on-campus, or (b) within the proxy server, will open the article…

52 …and here it is:

53 Remember, JSTOR is… never up-to-date, but some databases are linked from JSTOR to other full-text sources such as Project MUSE so that you can sometimes browse in JSTOR beyond the 5-year moving wall

54 Recent Statistics on JSTOR

55 JSTOR Facts First Quarter 2006

56 Want More Information? JSTOR: A History, by Roger C. Schonfeld Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2003. ISBN 0691115311 DBW Stack PN4836.S36 2003

57 Thanks for Listening If you wish me to come to a class to present this or other electronic resources sessions, please contact me at: 519 661-2111 ext 84763 or zimmerma AT uwo DOT ca


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