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Taming the Tiger! A Saga of a License, Data Users, and Intrepid DLI Contacts DLI Sage Cram and Elizabeth Hamilton Atlantic DLI Training, University of.

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1 Taming the Tiger! A Saga of a License, Data Users, and Intrepid DLI Contacts DLI Sage Cram and Elizabeth Hamilton Atlantic DLI Training, University of New Brunswick February 27, 2003

2 Changes in the license New License Agreement Sign for life penalties for quitting –Destroy data –Not allowed back in for 5 years –Pay for years missed DLI

3 DLI Decision Chart DLI

4 Scenarios for discussion In the following scenario, identify whether the situation falls within the DLI license or not. What are the key issues and what do you use to guide your decision? DLI

5 Scenario #1 The moment that Julia walked into the department, you broke into a wide smile she is one of the brightest education students with whom youve worked and you attended her graduation only a few months ago. After catching up on her current job with the provincial teachers association, Julia asks if you can help her download the most recent NGS file. DLI

6 Scenario #1 She is on the program for a conference on education, sponsored by Statistics Canada, and wants to update one of the chapters in her thesis on urban-rural school leavers. Her PIN no longer works though, and if you could write the file to CD-ROM, that would be terrificshes always appreciated the help youve given her. DLI

7 Is the user authorized? Student University Researcher Professor University staff member DLI

8 Scenario #2 Professor Watkins at Boyko University, a good and loyal data user with whom you have a good relationship based on a long history of data use, mentions over coffee that his book on using data in the classroom is almost ready to be sent to the publisher. He smiles engagingly and says that you will be mentioned in the acknowledgements for providing all those great data sets used in the examples in the textbook. DLI

9 Scenario #2 As he offers to top up your coffee and puts a cherry Danish in front of you, he mentions that it is remarkable how technology has changed the teaching world. He can now include a CD-ROM with datasets used in the book, though having the data sets available on the publishers website is also sure to please students. DLI

10 A new Clause, and we aint talking Santa! There is a separate STC license for use of Statcan data in textbooks –Contact your regional office Education Liaison officer DLI

11 Scenario #3 The technical wizard at the Research Data Centre which is supported in large part by the Humphrey Research Institute, an affiliate institute of the university, sends you an email asking for all of the census geography files at all levels of geography in both MapInfo and ArcInfo formats. Hed like them on CDROM--when can he pick them up? DLI

12 Is it for authorized use? Teaching Research Publishing Planning of academic/educational services No redistribution outside the DLI institution DLI

13 Scenario #4 A graduate student is working with one of the researchers at the hospital and wants to know if she can use DLI data from CCHS to co-author a paper with Dr. Godfrey. DLI

14 Data use no-nos Contractual, or income-generating activity Identification or disclosing information about any person, business or organization Redistribution outside the DLI institution DLI

15 Coming up next… Case Law –Queries on boundary issues –Cases based on user contact –Decisions arrived at by DLI Unit, often in consultation with co-chairs –Appeal process is available DLI

16 Scenario #5 You are relieved that one of your most demanding economics professors goes off on sabbatical and he will be teaching and researching at the University of Michigan during the next twelve months. At lastpeace and quiet!--and no more demands of overnight delivery of datafiles for the Survey of Consumer Finance! DLI

17 Scenario #5 Your relief lasts two weeks. You walk in on Tuesday morning to find an email request for him asking for off- site download instructions for your web site. And, by the way, he has decided to work with the Canadian Travel Survey now; can you load those up on the website now? DLI

18 Scenario #6 It is a hot summer day when a group of excited high school students approaches the desk for assistance with a question on financial ratios for the wheelchair industry. You hesitateyou know that the Financial Performance Indicators for Canadian Businesses can help but that is a DLI product. Can these students be helped? DLI

19 Scenario #7 The nursing students are doing a report on the nature of the communities that would be affected by a disaster at a local nuclear plant. This is a partnership program where, rather than working on theoretical applications, the nurses work with a community organization on a particular health problem. DLI

20 Scenario #7 The report from the clinical nursing group will go to NBPower. Can the students use the Census data and corresponding geographical files at the DA level? DLI

21 Scenario #8 Professor Vincent is new to the campus and will be teaching a course for the Health Economics Research Institute, a newly created virtual tri-university teaching/research initiative between Boyko University, Watkins University and Humphrey University.. DLI

22 Scenario #8 He sends you an e-mail introducing himself and describes the course, and then asks if he can have the Health Promotion Survey to put on his WebCT site. Only students registered for the course will be able to have access to it. DLI

23 Questions to ask yourself What is the issue? –Multi-university use with web technology Is the user authorized? –Are all the students (end users) authorized? Is the use authorized? –Distribution with other institutions Is there a ruling on this? –Ask DLI

24 When in doubt… Get more information (clarify issues) Search DLI List for similar situations Refer to Data Use and Limitations web page (forthcoming!) Ask on the listwe all learn! Contact Mike and Sage if you need to talk it out DLI

25 Dont forget! STC must be cited there are other routes to get data Appeals can be made to the EAC DLI

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