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The Future of Information Lisa Sloniowski, Information Literacy Programme Coordinator York University Libraries.

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2 The Future of Information Lisa Sloniowski, Information Literacy Programme Coordinator York University Libraries

3 Free Writing Exercise Take out a piece of paper and a pen In 5 minutes, write about one trend (in research and/or technology) that you think will have the most impact on the future of information

4 What do you see?… Predictions of the future are never anything but projections of present automatic processes and procedures, that is, of occurrences that are likely to come to pass if men do not act and if nothing unexpected happens … Hannah Arendt

5 Outline Why predictions matter Scarcity of information to abundance Information as a conversation Finding Preserving Managing Fee vs Free

6 Why predictions matter: An observance of what stakeholders and skeptics are saying at the dawn of a new communications age is vital in the formation of policy and thoughtful planning. Future of the Internet - Pew Internet & American Life Project

7 Pew Findings… attacks on the infrastructure of the Internet, will become more pervasive more broadband/high speed connections, more deeply integrated into our physical lives increased government and workplace surveillance as devices become more ubiquitous

8 ...continued… more online learning telecommuting and home-schooling increasing … work/leisure boundaries will diminish and family relationships will be affected continued, easy music file-sharing

9 Biting, Incisive Quotations Computers will no longer be a place to hide from girls or zits or lack of social skills, as it was for many of us. - David Liddle, 1993 …matters have reached such proportions today that for the average person, information no longer has any relation to the solution of problems... Our defenses against information glut have broken down; our information immune system is inoperable. We don't know how to filter it out; we don't know how to reduce it; we don't know to use it. – Neil Postman, 1990

10 From Scarcity to Abundance Papyrus The Printing Press The Internet

11 Whats happening? Googles digitization project Scholarly journal backfile digitization Objects being born digital Content in the hands of individuals Affordable access More access to the previously ephemeral

12 Problems for the researcher? Filtering will become increasingly important – personal and technological Information literacy will become crucial, specifically …critical reading, understanding tools and types of information

13 Information as Conversation A form of filtering … looking for existing conversations, rather than single items New technologies have emerged which enable more interactivity on the part of the researcher/reader

14 Newish technologies with Biggish Implications Blogs/RSS … Citizen Journalism Blogs/RSS Pods/Podcasting Wikis Sharing software..., FlickrDel.icio.usFlickr Folksonomies

15 One ring to rule them all.. Federated SearchingScholarly examples: Illumina Google Scholar Non-scholarly Meta-search engines Feedster

16 Problems with information as conversation Are the popular kids the smartest? Ideological blinkering? And of course … issues of analyzing bias, accuracy, and reputation are just as important if not more in this environment

17 Preserving the historical record No paper trails Digital obsolescence Who owns the backfiles? Archiving the blogosphere

18 Some hope… Wayback Machine

19 But… What about Privacy? Do a Google search on yourself … anything there that you dont want? Is your email safe?

20 Managing Your Information Email Documents Book, article citations Music files Bookmarks

21 Management tools Google Desktop Refworks

22 Free or Fee? Open Source vs Proprietary Software File Sharing vs File Buying Open Access Movement vs Publishers

23 Further Reading Pew Future of the Internet Survey: of_Internet.pdf Predictions Database

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