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Tavondia Burdett, RN, MA Vicki Whitehurst, RN, MSN

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1 Tavondia Burdett, RN, MA Vicki Whitehurst, RN, MSN
The Community College and Community Health Center: An Integrated Model for Student Learning and Training Tavondia Burdett, RN, MA Vicki Whitehurst, RN, MSN

2 Objectives Look at the similarities in the mission of the Community College System, local Community College and a Federally Qualified Community Health Center Using Pitt Community College and the James D. Bernstein Community Health Center as a model show how this partnership prepares students for a global advantage in the workforce and economy Look at Pitt Community College’s partnership with the city of Greenville and East Carolina University as another strategy in preparing students for community involvement and workforce training

3 Outline History of Bernstein Center Similarities in overall mission
Integrated Health Care Opportunities for students-medical, radiology, MOA, Pharmacy and Dental

4 James D. Bernstein Community Health Center

5 Founding Director of the North Carolina Office of Rural Health
James D. Bernstein Founding Director of the North Carolina Office of Rural Health


7 James D. Bernstein Community Health Center Mission Statement
The Mission of the Medical Centers is to provide primary health care to citizens of Greene County and the surrounding areas with emphasis on the medically underserved. It is intended that by this intervention the general health of the community will improve.

8 Integrated Model of Care
Offers Affordable medical and dental care to all residents of Pitt, Greene, and surrounding Counties. Service is “fee based on sliding scale” Medical Family Therapy Diabetes Health Educator/Nutritionist On site Pharmacy that offers reduced prices for medicines and supplies to clients of the Bernstein Center. Pitt Community College leases Ed. Wing Electronic Health Records

9 NCCCS Mission ACCESSIBLE educational opportunities that minimize barriers Maximize STUDENT SUCCESS GLOBALLY AND MULTICULTURALLY competent workforce

10 Pitt Community College Mission
“Educate and Empower People for Success” In life In higher education In the workforce In a global economy

11 Pitt Community College Strategic Plan 2007-2011
Engagement and Access Active Learning and Student Success Professional and Organizational Development Financial Resources and Facility Development

12 Beyond the Horizon……. Thinking “Outside the Box”

13 World Health Organization
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease.”

14 Engagement and Access Area “north of the river” has no public transportation access and limited community resources Northern areas of Pitt County and Eastern North Carolina also very limited resources

15 Engagement and Access Bernstein Education Center
Pitt Community College Education and Support Services

16 Engagement and Access Basic Skills (GED, ESL) Free Computer Classes
EKG Monitoring Classes Curriculum Classes (2-4) Home/Safety (Spanish) Spanish GED (Math and Reading) Free Monthly Stroke Screenings Free HIV Testing HIV Training (Bilingual) STD Training (Bilingual) AMEXCAN Mental Health United Way ECU School of Social Work Greenville Utilities Greenville Fire Rescue Pitt Community College ECU Family Medicine (H3D Project) ECU Brody School of Medicine NC Public Radio NC Justice Department

17 Engagement and Access

18 Engagement and Access “Wow! Who would have thought you could have all of this in one building!” “I’m so glad that Pitt Community College is in this area. We need more stuff like this out here.” “This is so much easier than taking my son all the way out to Pitt’s campus. Gas is too high to be driving all the way out there!” “Free computer classes in this area? That’s great!”

19 Active Learning and Student Success
PCC students have interned in medical assisting and when staffing and patient volume allows we hope to have nursing students and radiography students HIT students have done a class assignment at the medical clinic

20 Active Learning and Student Success
“So many different cultures. Not just ethnicities but cultures and socioeconomic status as well. Our populations vary. Some have little health insurance, some have none, some are migrant farm workers.” “I see people from all different countries like Iraq and Iran. Even our Hispanic population is not just from Mexico but Cuba and Columbia as well. I really rely heavily on the staff interpreting.” My communication skills have improved a lot. I have to really be mindful of all aspects especially body language. I am more mindful of differences and beliefs that are not my own.”

21 What Does the Future Hold?????


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