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Using Department-Wide Themes to Promote Globalism and Multiculturalism Sampson Community College Early Childhood Department JoEllen Axthelm, Susan Baxter,

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1 Using Department-Wide Themes to Promote Globalism and Multiculturalism Sampson Community College Early Childhood Department JoEllen Axthelm, Susan Baxter, Torwanna Coe, Perry Gillespie, Kristina Quay, Teresa Wolf


3 The Concept Semester Themes were created to better demonstrate to students the kind of experience we want them to offer children. It is intended to help make us stronger in the do as I do area instead of the do as I say. Each semester we have a preselected theme. ALL early childhood classes incorporate the theme into the class content. This might be achieved by having the theme shine through in assignments, or using the theme in examples or class activities. Bulletin boards and the office area are decorated to go along with the themes.

4 The Concept We created a shared folder on our schools server where we put the resources we find, ideas we want to share, or web pages that are helpful. The students collect ideas for the theme all semester long from all their classes. At the end of the semester, they have a detailed theme to keep and use in their work. The Early Childhood Educators Club enhances the theme experience through field trips, lecture series, and other theme-related activities.

5 Globalism and Multiculturalism It was very important to us that the theme concept encourage and support our department globalism statement as well as demonstrate a strong sense of multiculturalism in all EC classes. Example Global Education Statement: Throughout this course we will explore diversity and inclusion as it relates to each topic and/or project to broaden students knowledge and understanding of a global world. The department made a conscious decision to only select theme topics that would support these important issues.

6 Selecting a Theme The selection process occurs months before the semester actually begins. This allows the entire department to collect resources and supplies to prepare for the upcoming theme. Early selection also allows faculty to build anticipation with the students in advance. In selecting the theme, the department brainstorms ideas and discusses each. Each idea is evaluated on its ability to incorporate globalism and multiculturalism as well as the ability to weave into all EC classes.

7 Selecting a Theme Themes we have used so far: Rain Forest/Jungle (mini theme in only two classes) Travel Celebrations Other Theme Ideas Picture This (photography) Weather Space Oceans

8 Making a Plan We consider it our job to set the stage for the students. Once a theme is selected, we have a brainstorming session where we come up with ideas of how to implement the theme. Individual classes Common thread weaved throughout all classes Department wide theme events We strive to start off right – we all begin discussing the theme the first day of class.

9 Using Our Travel Theme as an Example We would like to share some actual examples with you. During the Spring 2008 semester we incorporated the Travel theme into all EC classes. Here are some of the ways we did that:

10 We Incorporated It Into Offices


12 We added the theme to our syllabi, our handouts, our assignments.....

13 In The Hallways....

14 We tried to make every class and every departmental activity relate in some way to the travel theme. It was like a semester long vacation!!

15 EDU 131 – Child, Family, Community A Fun and exciting opportunity to involve families at home! What you will need… o Suitcase/ Container o Activities with a common theme o Journal for Families to share o Letter to the parents describing the activities

16 EDU 145 – Child Development II Berk textbook provided numerous examples of developmental issues from around the world Provoked lively class discussions of the many differences among cultures of the world (and within the U.S.) Promoted appreciation and respect of diversity

17 EDU 145 – Child Development II Other ideas…. Map posted in classroom Use of news/internet articles dealing with child development issues from around the world Multicultural holiday traditions discussed monthly Week of the Young Child display on Mexico Just have fun!

18 EDU 262 – EC Administration II Traveling Ad Boards

19 EDU 262 – Traveling Ads and other travel assignments This was a great activity for students to showcase their perspective child care centers or family child care homes and become a traveling ad for their business. Other travel themed ideas for EDU 262: - students made their own field trip policy for their center or family child care home. - field trip photo album – students gathered pictures of different places they would take children on a field trip. Examples of these assignments are here for you to view.

20 EDU 280… Traveling through Literacy The Hug Project Write requesting a hug Wait… wait… wait Read and enjoy the hugs Plot on the map See where we traveled to Prop Boxes with a travel theme…

21 Traveling with Puppets… Selecting the piece of poetry to travel with… outside here we come!

22 Traveling with… flannel story aprons Selecting a good story… travel based… make your own set and make a pre-made set

23 Traveling with… small groups and pillowpacks Pillow Packs are filled with science or math activities linked to literacy… travel home with the children.

24 Week Of The Young Child 1.During Week of the Young Child, an extra credit assignment was offered to students. 2.A Country and Its Children. 3.Each class selected a country to study 4.Flag, Map of Country, Games, Holidays, Celebrations, Traditions. 5.A class-wide project was constructed and displayed in the hallway. 6.Enjoyed By All!

25 Week of the Young Child

26 Early Childhood Educators Club… Theme Tie-In to Travel Field trip to Marbles Museum

27 How This Might Work in Other Curriculums English Paper topics related to travel Produce travel guides Math Travel Expenses Trip Planning History Transportation History of various travel locations Sociology The cultures of various travel destinations

28 Our Current Theme for Fall 2008

29 We are incorporating all celebrations: Personal, Family, Department-Wide, School-Wide, Community, State, National, World-Wide

30 We Celebrate our Graduates and Completers

31 We wanted to demonstrate to students how we would move children from personal celebrations outward We celebrate special occasions, seasons, and holidays. We are trying to bring in a wide variety of cultures and countries to the theme.

32 EDU 235 – School-Age Class Each Class meeting we consult our Celebration Calendar I tell about a celebration going on somewhere in the world on that day SCHOOL-AGE DEV. AND PROGRAM-HS-FALL08 (EDU235-HS-FALL08) > COURSE DOCUMENTS > 9-22-08SCHOOL-AGE DEV. AND PROGRAM-HS-FALL08 (EDU235-HS-FALL08)COURSE DOCUMENTS EDIT VIEW 9-22-08 Ongoing Activity You will continue to work on the new ongoing activity - Making tissue paper art, described on page 410 of your text. Website of the Day For today's website, I found something that would relate to the celebration calendar today, it is the farmer's almanac site. This site gives lots of good factual information, as well as some old farmer's superstitions as well. You can really do a lot with this kind of information with the children. Celebration Calendar Today we will celebrate the autumnal equinox Then, tying back into the website of the day, here is some tradition of this celebration:

33 Celebration Calendar We look to see where on the map the celebration is taking place. We learn a bit about the celebration We may watch a YouTube video of the celebration

34 Terriffic Theming! We have found using department-wide themes has helped to demonstrate to our Early Childhood Students how to make the various curriculum areas tie together. The theme has also helped the students to apply their new knowledge to their work with children more readily. It has been a great way for CC instructors to work together as a department.


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