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Corporate overview Portals 2.0. Our Company Mendix delivers a scalable portal framework that allows organizations to collaborate with customers, business.

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1 Corporate overview Portals 2.0

2 Our Company Mendix delivers a scalable portal framework that allows organizations to collaborate with customers, business partners and employees. Aggregate data and functionality in a consistent browser based transaction portal Mendix received broad market recognition by serving a variety of large corporate clients and winning several prestigious Business and Innovation awards. Backed by strong venture capital partner US headquarters in Boston, USA R&D in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Awards

3 References

4 What´s their problem? Partner Manager: I want provide my business partners with the tools to collaborate with my organiztion and maximize efficiencies by automating processes as much as possible Process analyst: I want optimize my processes without having to worry about technological limitations! Customer: I want more insight & online access to the data I need! Business Partner: I want acces the all the information I need and be able to fullfill my tasks as efficient as possible CEO: I need to collaborate with all my stakeholders in the most efficient way to reduce cost and increase profits. IT specialist: I need a scalable portal framework that supports industry standards and integrates wit h my existing systems.

5 What are organizations looking for... – Scalable platform for portal applications – A unified interface across multiple applications – Portal 1.0 vs Portal 2.0 – Focus on business functionality not on IT constraints – Web portal that allows end users to fulfill their role in a Business process. > – Automating data entry, validation and policy documentation

6 Mendix Business Modeler Mx Business Modeler allows Business and IT to collaborate seamlessly – Business Analyst, Developer & manager use the same model – Generates clean XML configuration files – Automatic consistency and regression testing – Fully supports open standards Functions: – 1: Meta model (object model) – 2: Design User Interface – 3: Design workflow – 4: Design Data mapping – 5: Design Business rules – 6: Design Reporting & KPIs requirements Mx Business Services library Open source Application Templates (by industry vertical and functionality) Open source Process templates

7 Mx Portal Platform Architecture 7

8 Mx Portal Solutions


10 Step 1 and 2 1. Start with a Business Process 2. Build your Meta Model & map with existing datasources

11 Step 3 and 4 3. Build your forms: Develop the User Interface 4. Define the Navigation & security model

12 Step 5 and finished 5. Deploy & test your Custom Business Application 6. Run & measure

13 Todays Business-IT challenge… Standard applications – Forced to adapt your processes to rigid applications – Stove pipe applications (multitude of solutions within your organization, redundant data and error prone) – Rigid (hard to change and adapt) – Expensive – Difficult to customize and maintain Custom (code-based) software development – Uncertainty (you never know what you get and I dont exactly know what I need) – Error prone (humans make mistakes) – Expensive (development time * high hourly rate) – Flexible in the initial project, rigid in the long run – Risky (unforeseen development challenges, reliance on small number of people with in depth knowledge)

14 The Mx Portal Platform Mx Model-driven Portal Platform – A robust and scalable model-driven portal platform – Process driven and application agnostic – Based on open standards – Business Analyst can do 80% of the work – What you want is what you get Easy development of portal applications – Focus on requirement analysis & modeling – Leading role for business with involvement of IT – Steep learning curve, no dependence on suppliers Model Driven Architecture (MDA) – Model driven development, model driven integration – Service Oriented Architecture – Open standards – The model = the application – Flexibility through reduced complexity

15 Mendix Insurance Portal Platform

16 Mendix Model-driven Application Platform Mendix in a Service-Oriented Architecture StudioServer Portal Service-oriented Business Applications (SOBA) BPA Enterprise Architecture Business rules Governance Processes Risk Service interface Business Process Management LifeCycle Enterprise Service Bus (optional) input feedback design & documentation custom application development, integration & execution analysis & management BAM Process Intelligence input

17 Positioning New business functionality Flexibility & Ease of use ERP & Enterprise Portal Code-based development Java/.NET MENDIX Model-driven Portal Platform Business Process Management Suites

18 Platform + Template = Customer Solution We offer a fast-growing open library of best-practices application templates (MXDN): – Standards-based industry-application models – Standardized business process & workflow templates – Integration scenarios (adapters) – Portal widgets Examples include: – Tender management – Lead2Cash (CRM) – Centralized order entry – Supplier Self-service portal – Timesheet management – Complaint management – Contract management – Salesforce automation (lead management) – Prebuilt adapters with SAP, Navision

19 Highly scalable Load balancer XAS Load balancer Keep alive sync XAS

20 Mendix multi-client portal environment Mendix features a rich, multi-client portal architecture: Mendix Server Mendix Client System Architecture.NET Client Mobile Client PHP Client AJAX Client Open library of ajax widgets, CSS & Mendix Portal Services XML API JSR Client

21 Mendix AJAX portal Fully web-based, zero-install Cross-browser support: compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 6/7, Safari Role- & user based Rich User Experience: – Personal dashboard – Advanced navigation (tree, multi-level menu, toolbar, quicklaunch) – Drag & Drop – Advanced graphics, charts, gauges, reports – Event-based alerts Developer mode – Meta browser – Object tags description

22 Mendix is committed to the use and support of both open & industry standards. Examples include: – Web services SOAP, WSDL, UDDI – Database support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MySQL, SQLite, Informix, DB2 – Query Xpath, SQL, OQL – Platform Unix, Windows, Linux – Application Servers Tomcat, JBoss, Jetty, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server J2EE – Browsers Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla FireFox (Gecko), Opera, Safari – Open standards XML, BPMN, BPEL, WSDL, XSLT, Xpath, OQL – Java Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, Java Connector Architecture (JCA), Java Message Service (JMS) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)

23 Define, Model, Build, Deploy & Improve your business Business Performance Management

24 A 6-step approach to building a SOBA 1.Start with a business process & business rules 2.Design Metamodel, validations 3.Design user interface & navigation 4.Mapping: integrate with existing apps 5.Deploy, test, change, deploy 6.Run (and go back to 1)

25 Fasering Quickscan Go/No-Go Proof-of- Concept Mendix installatie & systeemintegratie Opstellen FO/TO Implementatie fase 1 Implementatie fase n Customer Productie omgeving KPI monitoring & business process optimalisatie 1 tot 3 dagen 1 tot 3 weken Kickoff workshop

26 System design System Implementation TestDelivery Implementation flow 26 Metamodel (modelling) Form builder (GUI design) Workflow (Flow design) Datamapping (mapping) Deployment (Mendix platform) Custom functionality (Java) Business rules (Actions) Specification test System delivered Acceptation test Documentations & planning (e.g. use-case, flow-diagram, meta-model, test scenarios etc.) Prototype Working app and test reports Final system Outputs Mendix framework Phase Reporting Integration (Connection Bus)

27 Customer Success Stories

28 Agis: Foreign claims process The Challenge The demand for international healthcare provision is growing fast, therefore Agis is investing heavily in international subsidiaries from where its customers are serviced when treated abroad. However, a challenge arose when Agis processed foreign declarations that didnt comply with a law imposed by the Dutch government in It requires healthcare providers and insurance companies to use a new government-regulated system for pricing healthcare treatments. Each day huge numbers of declarations arrived at Agis by mail or , using Excel or plain text to be translated, processed and filed manually. Not only was this a costly process, it was also subjective and error-prone. And because it was a manual exception process, it was nearly impossible to structurally report on to the Dutch governing bodies. Requirements Solution for automating foreign claims process, significantly reducing handling costs and meeting compliance regulations Solve the issue of manually translating foreign claim specifications to the Dutch DBC code standards Provide real-time insight in key performance indicators of distributed declaration process Solution has to be integrated with a variety of existing systems and webservices Reduce internal management costs by offering Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Do it quick, realization within 3 months Results The entire international claims handling process is automated, providing foreign healthcare providers access to their own Self-Service Portal The translation issue was solved, dramatically reducing error-margin and human workload, by using an intelligent decision support solution Agis is now able to provide maximal transparency to authorities and has the right tools to comply with future DBC rules and regulations The solution was integrated with several external systems, thereby reusing master data and existing functionality Agis now has a scalable and flexible process solution that paves the way for international growth Turn-key within 8 weeks Technology: Mendix Business Modeler, Mendix AJAX Portal, Mendix Reports, Mendix Dashboard, Mendix XML Application Server, Mendix Connection Bus

29 Thank you Contact us at

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