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Welcome to the MTLC MATH 100 Summer 2014 Instructors Section 100: Dr. Liem Section 101: Yuanyuan Song.

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1 Welcome to the MTLC MATH 100 Summer 2014 Instructors Section 100: Dr. Liem Section 101: Yuanyuan Song

2 Course Requirements Prerequisites Passing grade in Math 005 Placement Every student must have an active “crimson” e-mail account for computer/course login.

3 Access Codes Every student must have a MyLabsPlus access code. This should come packaged with the textbook or you can purchase one separately. First-time Math 100 students must purchase a code Most students repeating Math 100 do NOT need to purchase a new access code. You should be able to log in to the new course and begin work immediately. If you have any trouble, come to the MTLC for assistance. The code gives you access to an online textbook, video lectures, examples of assignments and many more useful tools to help you be successful in this course.

4 MTLC Information Hours of Operation Monday-Friday 8am – 5pm Closed on Weekends Phone Number: 348 – 2592 Website: Email: Note: All students must have an active “crimson” email account to access the software.


6 Course Grades Math 100 is a pre-requisite for your next math class so you want to do as well as you can! Grades will be assigned in this course. Possible grades in this course are A, B, C (+/-) or NC. A grade of NC means you receive no credit for this course. You must take the course again, but an NC does not affect your GPA. The last day to withdraw from the course is Wednesday, 7/23. No withdrawals will be given after this date.

7 Course Grades 3 tests (15% points each) 45% Final Exam 25% Quiz average 20% Homework average 8% Attendance 2%

8 Test Deadlines Test 1:Friday, July 11th at your scheduled class time Test 2:Monday, July 21st at your scheduled class time Test 3:Tuesday, July 29 th at your scheduled class time Final Exam Section 100:Thursday, July 31 st at 8am Section 101:Friday, August 1 st at 8am Only a CASIO FX-260-School calculator or the computer calculator may be used during tests! No one will be allowed to show you how to use a calculator during a test. It is your responsibility to learn how to use it ahead of time. Some form of ID is required when taking a test. Refer to the syllabus/emails for further Test Rules.

9 Replacement Policy Everyone will be allowed to replace his or her lowest test grade with the grade made on the final exam. Zero grades due academic misconduct will not be replaced. If a test is missed due to any circumstance, the zero will be considered your lowest test grade and will be replaced by the grade made on the final exam. Only one zero will be replaced.

10 Homework There will be graded homework assignments for each section (see syllabus for deadlines). The software automatically saves your work as you progress, but be sure to click on the “Save” button when exiting the assignment. Homework exercises may be worked and reworked as much as needed until the deadline. Click on “Similar Exercise” to rework an exercise. The lowest 3 homework grades will automatically be dropped at the end of the semester.

11 Quizzes There will be a graded quiz for every section. You will have UNLIMITED attempts on each quiz. The highest grade will be taken. Click the “Submit” button to record your score. Do not click the Submit button until you have completed the entire quiz. The lowest 3 quiz grades will automatically be dropped at the end of the semester.

12 Attendance Students will be required to attend each class session in its entirety to receive attendance credit for that day. Attendance is worth 2% of your grade.

13 Working at Home The Course Software does not work well with SAFARI. Use Firefox if you have an Apple computer. If you get a “Timeout Error” when using the sortware on your computer, delete your browser’s cookies and internet history and/or try a different computer/browser. If an assignment does not open correctly at home, the student will NOT be able to make up this work after the expiration date. No extension will be given to students because of issues with a home computer. To be safe, work well ahead of the deadlines at home, so that if there is any problem you will be able to go to the MTLC and complete the assignment before the deadline. Tests must be taken in theMTLC.

14 Extra Help Center for Academic Success(Osband Hall) Individual tutoring sessions by appointment. Go to to sign up. Note:Time spent in the CAS does not count toward attendance points.

15 Software Login Information Registration in the software has already been done for you. However, you will need your MyLabsPlus access code in order to get to the math content in the software. There are 2 ways to login. 1.Log into myBama, go to your Blackboard Learn courses, click on Math 100, click on “MyLabsPlus Bridge”. 2.Go to Your username: crimson prefix example: jksmith Your password: CWIDexample: 12345678

16 Final thoughts We are looking forward to your success in this course. Work hard every day. Get help whenever you need it. Enjoy the summer!

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