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Web Development Services Web Application Development Team WebDev

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1 Web Development Services Web Application Development Team WebDev
XPages Presentation Web Development Services Web Application Development Team WebDev

2 Agenda Housekeeping Technical Architecture
Demonstration of XPages in Designer Discussion of XPages & Future Uses Resources – Training & Reference Wrap Up

3 Presenter Background Bob McGregor - Web Development Services
BS – Computer Science - SUNY Potsdam “Rich” Career – Mainframes, Networks, PCs Certifications – CNE, LCNS, MCP Lotus Notes – Admin./Developer since 1994 Supporting the Agency since 1996 NCC's First Lotus Domino Web Server BUT....

4 Truth in Lending (Presenting)
I am a novice with XPages Why am I talking about XPages then? Lotusphere 2009 – XPages Presentations Very Impressed with Power & Flexibility Sneak Peak of Web & Notes Client Capability Wait for Roll out on Servers & Clients Advocate for Notes Rapid App. Dev. (RAD) Preserve Investment Domino Apps.

5 Audience Background Check Audience Experience level: An Page is:
What is in the X Files? A new design element finally allowing Domino developers to use XML? (no, could do that way back as pass-thru) a New Powerful Design Element/Eclipse IDE !! Show of Hands: Domino Developers?, Eclipse Experience? Programmers? Questions Please!!

6 What Are XPages A New Powerful Design Element
Eclipse Integrated Development Environment Based Page architecture is Java Server Faces (JSF) XML is the ‘X’ in XPages Domino 8.5 server's web server engine converts Page markup to HTML & JavaScript Notes client renders XPages via XULRunner runtime - Mozilla/Firefox

7 Page Benefits XPages decrease the time for writing Web Applications
Write-Once for Browser and Notes Client Access to Multiple Data Sources JavaScript - Server Side and Client Side Easy Ajax - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML Range of New Options for Validating Fields And more...


9 Des


11 Live Demo Contrast 7.x to 8.x GUI Differences
Drag & Drop a Table – Re-size – Units 1st Drag & Drop/Create Fields -Edit & Date Illustrate Built-In Validation Choices Server or Client side JavaScript Show Generated HTML,XML, JavaScript Show Both Web & Notes Client Code

12 Future Application Preserve Existing Application Investments
Leverage Design Benefits – Faster, Easier “Out of the Box” Features * Type-ahead * Field Validation * Partial Refresh * Date Time Picker * One UI theme - so great default UI without any work * Others – File Upload, File Download controls, Dojo Rich Text Editor Component Integration

13 XP Resources - Tutorials
“New Page Tutorial" - August SiteFinderDemo.ntf d/86ed5d51aa7abdeb852574bf00479c7d?OpenDocument Introduction to XPages Tutorial - XPages in the Notes Client XPage_Components_in_Notes_851_Videos.htm &nva= &t=0486ca6d 8378c3a91f940

14 Page Resources – Tutorials pg. 2
Creating an Page Component nts/XPage_Components_in_Notes_851_Part1.html Integrating Page Components with Other Notes and Web Controls /XPages/Components/XPage_Components_in_Notes_851_Part2.html Introduction to the Source window - Notes In 9 Xpages- Introduction_to_the_Source_window SearchDomino - Setting up a Domino 8.5 XPages example ml?asrc=SS_CLA_303636&psrc=CLT_4 SearchDomino - An introduction to using XPages in Domino ml?asrc=SS_CLA_303636&psrc=CLT_4

15 Page Resources - Documents
XPages straight up Harness the power of XPages in Lotus Domino Designer How to Web 2.0 enable your Domino application - ddxpages-pdf.pdf

16 Page Resources - Blogs, Wikis
The XPages Blog - YouatNotes XPages Wiki - Master_Table_of_Contents_for_Building_Domino_Web_Applications _using_Domino_8.5.1 namepicker-for-xpages-ready-for-release-online-demo.htm

17 Web Development Services
Web Site Development and Maintenance OPA Guidance & Standards Compliance Web Graphics Web and Database Application Development Calendaring Applications Online Training Extranets for Collaboration with External Partners Data, Document, and Media Repositories Product Ordering (Shopping Cart) Workflow Management Listserv Subscription Management Web File Inventory Management and Usage Monitoring Search Integration Consultation

18 XPages – Wrap Up Questions? Thank You for Attending
Brought to you by: Web Development Services Contact DeShelia Hall for your Web Development Needs via XS Services

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