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Business Intelligence (BI) at Work November 2, 2010 Timothy Hinds and Lisa Jenkins.

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1 Business Intelligence (BI) at Work November 2, 2010 Timothy Hinds and Lisa Jenkins

2 2 Agenda The BIAC – Timothy Hinds OSWER Projects – Lisa Jenkins –Cleanups in My Community (CIMC) –OSWER Performance Assessment Tool (OSWER PAT) Questions

3 3 What is BI? Business Intelligence (BI) is about getting the right data to the right person in the right format at the right time. BI is a broad category of applications & technologies that: –Gather, –Store, –Analyze, –and provide Access to data BI applications enable and equip decision-makers, analysts, and other information workers

4 4 BI Functional Areas Query and Reporting –Reporting –Scorecards and dashboards –Alerts –Ad hoc query OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) –Multi-dimensional analysis –Integrated drill-down & drill-through ETL –Data integration –Data profiling & cleansing –Interoperability Databases –Data warehouse, data marts –Metadata repositories Analytics and Modeling –Statistical analysis –Data modeling –Data mining –Advanced visualization

5 5 What is the BIAC? The Business Intelligence & Analytics Center (BIAC) was formed to enhance the Agency s analytical & decision-making capabilities by: –Providing enterprise leadership and perspective –Facilitating the sharing and reuse of knowledge and experience –Achieving economies of scale for BI tools and applications –Supplying BI solutions, tools, and consulting

6 6 What BI Products Are Available? The BIAC offers various BI products: –BusinessObjects XI –Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) –Informatica PowerCenter –SAS The BIAC offers centrally shared hosting for: –BusinessObjects XI –Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) –Informatica PowerCenter

7 7 What BI Services are Available? Shared Environment Hosting Advisory and Assistance Support IV&V (Independent Verification and Validation) Consulting Support Deployment Support

8 8 Who Does the BIAC Support? Office of Technology Operations & Planning (OTOP) Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) Office of Information Collection (OIC) Office of Water (OW) Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance (OECA) Office of Research and Development (ORD) Office of Administration and Resources Management (OARM)

9 9 How is BIAC Support Provided? Methodology - Agile ETL - Informatica Minimal Custom Code - Oracle Application Express (APEX) Database – Oracle BI – Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)

10 10 What is Agile? An approach to development that emphasizes collaboration, iteration, and adaptation Alignment of development with a customers needs, goals, and budget Rapid adaptation to evolving requirements Rapid delivery of high-quality solutions Working solutions delivered within days or weeks rather than months or years Frequent collaboration between developers and business analysts

11 11 Agile Solutions

12 12 Typical BI Application Architecture Pg 6

13 13 ETL - Graphical User Interface

14 14 Dashboards

15 15 Reports

16 16 BIAC Project Highlights BIAC Engaged by OSWER –Agile Methodology –Oracle Application Express –Informatica –Oracle Business Intelligence

17 17 OSWER Overview EPAs Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response (OSWER) has several applications being developed and/or maintained by the BIAC. We will focus on 2 that are managed under the OSWER IMO and SIO: –CIMC –OSWER PAT

18 18 OSWER BI Project - CIMC Cleanups in My Community (CIMC) –Web application that allows the public to locate cleanups in their communities from a variety of environmental programs, and to drill down to cleanup-specific data of interest…Glorified Mashup! –Primary users: residents, concerned citizens, potential buyers and the real estate industry (bankers, insurers, etc.).

19 19 OSWER BI Project - CIMC Business Problem –Were spending $23K/month just on maintenance (no development). –Some development cost/time estimates were exorbitant! –Needed to reduce the maintenance and development costs. –Decided that updating the technology would be good, too.

20 20 CIMC – Data ETL Data is obtained from multiple sources –Envirofacts: A central source for EPA data intended for the public (ACRES, CERCLIS, FRS, RCRA). –FRS: To determine multiple program cleanups. –OWs web service: To show water monitoring stations. –Near future: Web services for state cleanup data, RCRA facilities that arent cleanups, and EPA removals. –System then links back to profiles in OECAs ECHO, OWs monitoring data, Superfund CPAD and Envirofacts and, in the future State web sites and

21 21 CIMC – Geospatial Connection Integrated GIS –ESRIs ArcGIS Server – query and filtering. –ESRIs JavaScript API front end. –Earlier version integrated with Bing and, alternatively, you could integrate with Google as well. Could enable us to integrate many layers from ESRIs web service as well.

22 22 CIMC – Dashboards/Reports OBI allows reports that integrate data with boilerplate language – without a lot of custom coding. And to do the development very quickly. We also get the drilldown capability as a built in feature which requires much less custom coding (saves money and time).

23 23 CIMC – Interface Pg #

24 24 CIMC – Interface Pg #

25 25 CIMC – Interface Pg #

26 26 OSWER BI Project - OSWER PAT OSWER Performance Assessment Tool (OSWER PAT) provides OSWER management/staff with a tool that: –Reduces burden by automating several aspects of a previously very manual process of reporting. –Improves QA by pulling data directly from source systems (where possible), allowing central review of the data and pushing the data directly to ACS.

27 27 OSWER BI Project - OSWER PAT OSWER Performance Assessment Tool (OSWER PAT) provides (continued): –More timely access to the data throughout the year. –Enables drill down to detailed data that support reported measures. –Enables ad hoc reporting to end-users for faster and better responses to Congressionals and FOIAs.

28 28 OSWER PAT – Data ETL Data is obtained from multiple sources –ACRES, CERCLIS, LUST4, ICIS (and OECA system), new RCRAInfo web services. –Allows for manual data entry by specific authorized users for measures that have no source systems. –Meets OCFO requirements for batch upload to ACS. Plan to enable drill down to data in CIMC and other source systems.

29 29 OSWER PAT – Data Entry Oracle Application Express component: –Edit records as needed. –Use placeholder records to add data for measures with no source system. –Flexible to accommodate different program requirements. Oracle Access Manager –EPA system manager manages user authorizations. –Linked to Web Access Management system (so users can use their LAN ID and Password).

30 30 OSWER PAT– Dashboards/Reports Pg #

31 31 OSWER PAT– Dashboards/Reports Click on a region to drill down to a site list supporting the accomplishment!

32 32 OSWER PA – Dashboards/Reports Pg #

33 33 OSWER PAT – Dashboards/Reports Pg #

34 34 Questions

35 35 Contacts: Timothy Hinds BIAC Program Manager 919-541-3584 Lisa Jenkins Architect, Web Infrastructure Liaison, System Manager, GIS Coordinator, OSWER 202-566-1941 BIAC Website

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